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Pokémon: Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 12-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 05-07-2020 / 08:02 GMT

Use this route to make your final preparations for the coming trial.

Pokémon Encounters - Route 2 South

Name Types(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Rattata* Dark/Normal Grass in the south (10%, Night only)
Meowth* Dark Grass in the south (30%)
Abra Psychic Grass in the south (20%)
Drowzee Psychic Grass in the south (20%)
Smeargle Normal Grass in the south (20%)
Yungoos Normal Grass in the south (10%, Day only)
Name Types(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Rattata* Dark/Normal Rustling grass south/north (70%, Night only)
Makuhita Fighting Rustling grass south/north (30%)
Yungoos Normal Rustling grass south/north (70%, Day only)
Crabrawler Fighting Berry Tree piles (100%)
*** indicates Alolan form.**

Start by heading straight ahead, stopping just after the route sign on the right side and near the man staring at the grass on the left side. Speak to him to learn about pouncing Pokemon. In some routes, aggressive Pokemon can be found in shaking grass; get too close and they'll chase you!

On the plus side, pouncing Pokemon often drop their held item after being defeated in battle. When this happens, you'll hear a sound effect and a shiny item will be lying on the floor nearby. Simply approach it and press the A button to pocket it. Some held items are useful, so keep this in mind.

To progress, you'll need to get past the Pokemon trainer at the base of the hill. There's no way to avoid this trainer, so ready yourself!

Beauty Krystal

Pokemon Level Type
Gastly 9 Ghost/Poison
Normal-type Pokemon beware as Gastly is immune to Normal-type moves. Rowlet users should avoid using Leafage and swap to Peck instead. Otherwise, this ghost isn't too bad. Dark-types in particular will have a field day.

After taking her down, ascend the slope ahead. When you reach the top, there's a lady pondering to the right. If you continue south-east from her location, following the tall grass, you'll arrive at the spooky Hau'oli Cemetery.

Before that, carry on following the dirt trail north. Eventually, you'll find the path branching off to the east and partially to the west. If you go west, you'll reach a motel area.

Here, make your way to the far north-west corner, below the west-most part of the motel building to find a Super Potion sitting comfortably above the lone truck parked outside. Next, go up the nearby steps to the right and enter the door to the right, with a mat outside.

Inside, speak to the man on the seat to receive 2 Nest Balls . That's all for this side; return to the dirt path. If you go east, there's a house you can visit, but nothing of major interest at this current time. From the house, head south along the cliff face, through the tall grass and over the ledges.

After passing the tall grass below the first ledge, slow down to pick up the Heal Ball above the second ledge. Then hop over the second ledge and continue east towards the cemetery.

Hau oli Cemetery

It's hidden items galore in Alola!

Pokémon Encounters - Hau oli Cemetary

Name Types(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Zubat Poison/Flying Tall grass (20%)
Gastly Ghost/Poison Tall grass (50%)
Misdreavus Ghost Tall grass (30%, Night only)
Drifloon Ghost/Flying Tall grass (30%, Day only)

Brrr, you definitely don't want to come here at night. As soon as you enter, run to the nearby lamppost and search it carefully for a hidden Great Ball . Once you've amassed enough courage, carry on east along the dirt path. Eventually the path will branch to the north and partially to the east.

First, head east through the tall grass, then north at the corner. At the far end, you'll find TM100 Confide ripe for the picking. Return to the branch in the path and slowly head north, further into the cemetery. Gulp. Up ahead is a crossroad; search carefully in the very centre to uncover a buried Ether .

After that, head west to battle the eager trainer standing to the right of the hedge.

Pokemon Breeder Ikue

Pokemon Level Type
Pikachu 9 Electric
Okay, it's time to beat the Pokemon mascot black and blue. No hard feelings, Pikachu. Needless to say, like against Hau's Pichu, Popplio isn't a recommended choice here. Grimer is ace here, while other mons that aren't weak to Electric should do fine as well.

Before you forget, continue west and swipe the Paralyze Heal in the corner. Handy if your Pokemon got shocked by Pika just then. After that, run in the opposite direction, towards the east side. Talk to the man facing the gravestone to challenge him to a duel.

Gentleman Stanley

Pokemon Level Type
Makuhita 9 Fighting
Easy pickings for Rowlet or other Flying-type Pokemon. Other Pokemon except Dark-types and Normal-types should do fine as well.

Moving on, head north past Pokemon Breeder Ikue. Before long, you should notice another trainer facing a gravestone. It might seem rude to interrupt, but don't forget they're actually looking for a battle!

Officer Worker Jeremy

Pokemon Level Type
Diglett (Alolan) 9 Ground/Steel
This isn't your standard Diglett, although it's easy to overlook its unique strands of hair. Popplio and Litten should have an easy time. Rowlet can do pretty OK as well, if it uses a Grass-type move. Definitely don't use Pichu or Magnemite though, since Electric-type moves do no damage to Ground-types.

Almost done here and you're hopefully not half scared to death. Head a few paces east from poor Jeremy and grab the Big Mushroom lying on the floor. Finally, run all the way west and cautiously pick up the Super Potion below the gravestone.

That's it for now. Make your way back to the cemetery entrance and exit back to Route 2.

Pokemon Checklist

It's all spooky here. Ghosts are pretty cool because they're immune to Normal and Fighting-type moves. Definitely worth grabbing one for your party if it's currently a bit empty. Gastly is probably the best choice, but you do need to trade its evolution Haunter to make it evolve into Gengar.

As common as they are, Zubats aren't half bad either, especially after one has evolved into Golbat and finally Crobat. If you need a solid Poison or Flying-type, give it a gander.

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