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Pokémon: Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 12-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 20-02-2020 / 01:21 GMT

Pokémon: Sun & Moon Guide

4 months ago · Guide Information

Poni Island

Ancient Poni Path

A crossroad-of-sorts near the centre of Poni Island.

Pokémon Encounters - Ancient Poni Path

Name Type Location (Encounter Rate)
Raticate* Dark/Normal All grass (30%, Night only)
Exeggcute Grass/Psychic All grass (10%)
Granbull Fairy All grass (20%)
Pelipper Water/Flying All grass (30%)
Gastrodon (East Sea) Water/Ground All grass (10%)
Gumshoos Normal All grass (30%, Day only)
*** indicates Alolan form.**

Go forward a few paces to see the back of a familiar creature. Yup, it appears you’ve found the right place. You’ll be told to go to the Ruins of Hope, which is not too far from here. In addition, Machamp Shove will be added to your Ride Pager.

What Strength!

Machamp Shove replaces the Strength HM found in earlier games. After calling Machamp, you can push big cube-shaped boulders by holding the B button. You can only push in the direction you’re facing and there must be space ahead or a gap in the floor.

To reach your next destination, you need to head for the south-east corner. Again, there’s no hurry, so let’s take a look around this new area shall we? If it’s day time, go up and grab the Zygarde Cell (73) in the corner. It was basically teasing you while you talking.

Go back towards the western entrance and go up towards the house ahead. Before entering, if it’s day time, head east to the area with the farming plots. In the north-west corner, behind the well, is another Zygarde Cell (74) waiting to be taken on an adventure.

Inside the house, head to the far east of the corridor to reach a bedroom. Beyond, there’s a Zygarde Core (5) , the last one, in the back. This one teaches Core Enforcer, a brand new signature move that deals special damage. It looks pretty spectacular by the way.

If you’re brave, you can sleep in the bed in the north-west corner. You’ll receive an Awakening for your curiousity. Afterwards, return to the corridor and leave via the north exit, near the entrance, or the exit further in, in the living room.

Outside, you’ll be behind the house. Search the north side of the tree in the middle for a Revival Herb . From here, you can go around the back of the house, west from the Machamp, to return in front of the entrance. Back at the central crossroad, where the direction sign is, head south.

At the far end, past the row of tall grass, is an Adrenaline Orb . Return to the crossroad and head north. As the stone walls end, turn left. There will be a statue with a strange symbol here. Past the statue, to the west, is a hidden area where you can pick up an elusive Shiny Stone .

Those items won't find themselves!

After that impressive find, return to the main path. Further north is the entrance of Vast Poni Canyon, but it’s currently off-limits. If it’s night time, head west towards another peculiar statue. Beneath it is the last Zygarde Cell (75) in this area.

Finally, travel east from the central crossroad. Eventually, you’ll reach a slope leading down to the black-floored coast. There will be a TM lying just out of reach nearby. Continue down the slope to reach the next area. Otherwise, follow the path east and around.

As you pass the corner, you’ll be ambushed by a trainer on the other side of the wall.

Collector Raymond

Pokemon Level Type
Turtonator 43 Fire/Dragon
Drampa 43 Dragon
Raymond has the Sun-exclusive Turtonator and the Moon-exclusive Drampa.

The former is weak to Rock and Ground-types only. Physical attackers should beware of its Shell Trap. Drampa is pretty straightforward, but watch out for its sky-high Special Attack and decent bulk.

Carry on following the path around to the north. Halfway along the north-most wall, there’s the entrance to Poni Grove. You can enter it, but a Veteran on the other side won’t let you past until you’re a Champion. Instead, continue on past Raymond.

Search the far end, above the palm tree to discover a hidden PP Up .

Pokemon Checklist

Mostly the same Pokemon found in Poni Wilds. Minus the stuff in the sea of course.

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