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Pokémon: Sun & Moon

Route 10 - To the Bus Stop

Vincent Lau

A straightforward route at the base of Mt. Hokulani.

Pokémon Encounters - Route 10

Name Types(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Raticate* Dark/Normal All grass (30%, Night only)
Fearow Normal/Flying All grass/Shaking Plants (30%/80%)
Gumshoos Normal All grass (30%, Day only)
Ledian Bug/Flying All grass (20%, Day only)
Ariados Bug/Poison All grass (20%, Night only)
Skarmory Steel/Flying All grass/Shaking Plants (10%/20%)
Pancham Fighting All grass (10%)
Crabrawler Fighting Berry Tree Pile (100%)
Pangoro Fighting/Dark (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Pancham

*** indicates Alolan form.**

Your adventures in Ula’ula Island begin proper! By the way, you may have noticed Ula’ula Island is lot bigger than Akala Island, but actually it’s mostly an illusion and the two islands are about the same size. You see, a lot of Ula’ula is places you don’t actually visit.

Still, you’ve got a lot of distance to cover before you reach your third grand trial, so enough with the chit chat! Start by heading west. Immediately by the entrance is a lady who’s lost her Stufful. All 8 of them. Of course, being the nice guy or girl you are, you’re going to lend a hand.

Next is the route signpost. To the left of here is possibly a tree that’s violently shaking. Get close and you’ll be ambushed by a bird Pokemon. Yowzers! Between the tree and the signpost is a Black Belt who warns you about ambushing Pokemon. Oops, too late!

Anyway, head directly south from the route signpost. Search the shrubbery down there to discover a hidden Lemonade . We’ve heard about roadside drinks, but… After that pecular discovery, carry on west along the dirt road. Before long, you’ll reach a trainer by the side of the road.

Firefighter Alex

Pokemon Level Type
Poliwhirl 28 Water

A Water-type; well, of course! Grass and Electric Pokemon are good, although if it’s raining, you should send out a Grass Pokemon for the additional resistance.

Before continuing, check the shrubbery south from the Firefigther to discover Stufful #1. After that, carry on following the road west. As you pass the grass island, watch out for an ambushing Pokemon from the shaking grass.

Go north, past the second shaking tree. At the end is a berry pile. To its west is a trial guide who will offer to heal your Pokemon. Oh yeah! Be sure to make a note of her location; it saves a long trip back to the Pokemon Centre. Before leaving, search behind the berry tree for Stufful #2.

That’s not all; head east from the berry pile. It’s hard to see from most angles, but Stufful #3 is hiding directly behind the tree. Sneaky bugger… Further east, at the end of the tall grass is a Paralyze Heal . Next, head directly south from the berry tree.

Search the corner above the foliage for a hidden Tiny Mushroom . After clasping your hands, travel north-west along the main path. Around here is a wandering Beauty along the south side of the road, between the shrubbery and the next grass island.

Beauty Andrea

Pokemon Level Type
Steenee 27 Grass

The middle evolution of Bounsweet. Mow it down with your Fire, Flying, Ice or Poison Pokemon. Before it tries to confuse you with Teeter Dance.

Meanwhile to the north is the third shaking tree. May as well get it over with… Lurking behind this tree is Stufful #4, thinking it’s a clever master of disguise. Well, do we have news for you! From here, head north towards the Trainers Tip signpost; behind it is Stufful #5.

Route 10 isnt that big, but the Stufful sure are good at hiding.

Further north is a Zygarde Cell (37) glistening in the corner, behind the Ace Trainer. After nabbing both, head south-west into the tall grass. Stufful #6 can be found lazying around the middle of the grass. Past the lil’ critter is an X Accuracy lying in the corner that’s free of grass.

Just a bit further to go. Head north past the non-battling Ace Trainer. Along the east side of the road is a row of tall grass, where a police officer is patrolling. If you search just above the halfway point, you should bump into Stufful #7 as well.

Police Officer Mitchell

Pokemon Level Type
Growlithe 28 Fire

A policeman’s best friend, in the Pokemon world anyway, Douse it with Water-types or send it packing with Rock or Ground-types.

After taking on the law, head directly west to find Stufful #8, the last one, just… there, by the side of the road. Well, that was anticlimatic. Having found all 8 Stuffuls, return to the lady by the entrance to receive your reward: a Never-Melt Ice . Um… Oh, and 15,000 Poke Dollars . Yay!

To finish off, continue north from the last Stufful and the police officer. Be careful of the shaking tree above the tall grass along the east side. Towards the west, there’s a suspicious pair in front of the bus stop. Seems like you won’t be catching the bus without first bashing some skulls.

Team Skull Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Golbat 27 Poison/Flying

An evolved Zubat; you already witnessed one used by Plumeria. As before, nail it with Rock, Electric, Ice or Psychic Pokemon. Steel-types are good too if you prefer the immunity to Poison attacks.

Team Skull Grunt

Pokemon Level Type
Raticate 27 Normal/Dark

You’re given no time to rest, but it’s only a Raticate so no need to worry. Fighting-types are ideal, while Fairy and Bug-types are also solid choices.

After the skulls flee the scene, Kukui will rendezvous with you. Go up to the bus stop and inspect the timetable to catch a bus up to the top of Mt. Hokulani. Trying to continue along this road by foot will lead you to a blockade, so best you give up that thought.


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