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Pokémon: Sun & Moon

Route 16 - Build a Zygarde

Vincent Lau

At last, the true purpose of the Zygarde Cells and Cores revealed.

Pokémon Encounters - Route 16

Name Type Location (Encounter Rate)
Raticate* Dark/Normal All grass (30%, Night only)
Slowpoke Water/Psychic All grass (20%)
Pelipper Water/Flying All grass (50%)
Gumshoos Normal All grass (30%, Day only)
Crabrawler Fighting Berry Tree Pile (100%)

*** indicates Alolan form.**

At the top of slope, coming from Route 15, there’s a patch of tall grass to the west and the corner of the Pokemon Centre just visible to the east. Since you came all this way, you should go and visit the Pokemon Centre.

If it’s day, you can find a Zygarde Cell (54) to the west of the entrance, where the fence rows meet. Inside the centre, there’s an Aether Foundation employee by the cafe area who wants to see a Mimikyu. You can catch one at the Thrifty Megamart (Abandoned Site).

Back outside, head east from the Pokemon Centre. Nearby, there’s a trailer, where a trio of zany Spinda are busting their moves below the stairs. Head inside the trailer to discover it’s the Aether Base that Sina and Dexio were talking about if you collected enough Zygarde Cells and Cores.

If you’ve collected a fair number, Sina and Dexio will be inside, ready to tutor you about Zygarde, the Legendary Pokemon from Kalos that has decided to occupy Alola for some reason. This beast is composed of 100 parts–95 Cells and 5 Cores.

Using the Reassembly Unit towards the east side of the room, you can reconstruct Zygarde using the Cells and Cores you’ve collected or break down Zygarde into the constituent parts. Rather than explain, it’s much easier to try it yourself.

Approach the console in front of the Reassembly Unit. You will have two options: “Assembly” and “Separation”. Pick Assembly; this allows you to create a Zygarde using the Cells and Cores you’ve collected.

From here, you can choose two forms of assembly: “Using Zygarde and the Zygarde Cube” or “Using the Zygarde Cube only”. Pick the second one; this allows you to create a brand new Zygarde using the remaining Cells and Cores in the Zygarde Cube.

To do so, you’ll need to have at least 10 Cells and Cores. This will allow you to create Zygarde 10% Forme , the dog-like and weakest form of Zygarde, but still a formidable creature in its own right. Afterwards, 10 Cells and Cores will be subtracted from the Zygarde Cube.

If you’re incredibly thorough, you can have over 50 Cells and Cores right now. In which case, instead of Zygarde 10% Forme, you can create Zygarde 50% Forme , which looks like the serpent-like Zygarde found in Pokemon X and Y. Afterwards, 50 Cells and Cores will be subtracted.

Having created a Zygarde, you can now pick the “Separation” option at the start to destroy the Zygarde and return its Cells and Cores to your Zygarde Cube. Doing so will erase everything about this Zygarde–experience points, EVs, moves, memories… everything!

Zygarde is a poor mans Legendary, but a Legendary nonetheless.

After you’ve collected a substantial number of Cells and Cores, you can pick the first assembly option “Using Zygarde and the Zygarde Cube” to add more Cells and Cores to an existing Zygarde (one you’ve already created), to upgrade it into stronger forms.

So a Zygarde 10% Forme will upgrade to a Zygarde 50% Forme after 40 more Cells and Cores are added to it. That’s just simple Maths, right? Not exactly rocket science!

Finally, a Zygarde 50% Forme will upgrade to its final form after the remaining 50 Cells and Cores are added to it. This Zygarde gains the Power Construct Ability and can shift between 10% and 50% forms.

You can also make the ultimate Zygarde right off the bat if you have 100 Cores and Cells in the Zygarde Cube. Finally, any remaining Cells and Cores in the Zygarde Cube can be used to make more Zygarde 10%. So you could have up to 10 Z-dogs roaming around if you really wanted.

That’s not all; with each Zygarde Core you collect, you can use the Zygarde Cube (Key Item) to teach a special move to any Zygarde in your party. This includes Zygarde’s signature moves Thousand Waves, Thousand Arrows and Core Enforcer, plus some others.

Once Zygarde has Power Construct, you can also use the Zygarde Cube to change it from 50% Forme to 10% Forme and vice versa. 50% Forme is overall stronger, but has less Speed compared to the 10% Forme. Plus it’s useful for those who prefer the look of the 10% Forme.

Our suggestion? Zygarde 10% Forme and 50% Forme are both valuable allies to have. They may not be the best Legendary Pokemon, but they’re still extremely powerful. Especially if you picked up all of the Cores available so far. Just keep them away from Ice-types.

That’s… a lot of Z’s. Outside, go around to the east side of the trailer. Where there’s a patch of dirt on the ground, go up to the trailer and press the A button to crawl underneath. On the other side, grab the TM81 X-Scissor that was teasing you earlier. Then crawl back to the front.

Next, head south-east. Around here is a patch of tall grass with a researcher inside searching for a test subject. That’s you, by the way.

Scientist Reid

Pokemon Level Type
Charjabug 32 Bug/Electric
Muk (Alolan) 33 Poison/Dark

Both of his Pokemon are ones that you should have encountered. Charjabug is weak to Rock and Fire-types only, while Alolan Muk goes one step further with a single weakness to Ground-types.

East from here is a rare PP Up on the floor, by the base of the cliff. Finally, to continue on your trek to Po Town, head north west from the Pokemon Centre. Along the way, there’s a berry pile above the tall grass if you need some light snacks for your Pokemon.


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