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Pokémon: Sun & Moon

Vast Poni Canyon - Part 2

Vincent Lau

Youre roughly halfway there.

Pokémon Encounters - Cave Waters

Name Type Location (Encounter Rate)
Golbat Poison/Flying Surfing (80%)
Golduck Water Surfing (20%)
Magikarp Water Fishing (59% 50% Bubbling Spot)
Barboach Water/Ground Fishing (40%)
Dratini Dragon Fishing (1% 10% Bubbling Spot)
Gyarados Water/Flying (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Magikarp
Whiscash Water/Ground (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Barboach
Dragonair Dragon (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Dratini

You’ll start off towards the south of the cave, up on higher ground. Cautiously head down the slope to the west. Below, there’s a series of 4 small dens, with 2 burrowing Pokemon weaving in and out of them. Between the middle dens is a Zygarde Cell (80) .

If you time it right, you can skip past the burrowers unscathed. Even managing to grab the Zygarde Cell. What you should do is wait and patiently observe the movements of the burrowers. Once both burrowers are out and moving, that’s your cue to run.

Although if you’re trying to rescue the Zygarde Cell, your timing needs to be even better. After grabbing it, you can hide between the two small dens until you’re ready to make your next move. That said, the burrowers aren’t strong, so there’s no real harm in bumping into them.

Past the small dens, head down the slope leading east. Here you’ll find another charming puzzle where you need to use Machamp Shove to push the boulders into the correct spots. Start by going around to the north side of the first boulder.

Summon Machamp and give the boulder a good push all the way to the south, where it will fall into a gap in the floor. Cross over the sunken boulder and pick up the Full Restore in the nearby corner. Next, head south from the sunken boulder.

Approach the south-most boulder from its west side and shove it east into the nearby hole. Hop over to the opposite side, where there’s an exit to the south. Outside, you’ll be at the side of the canyon, to the east of the long, wooden bridge, further down.

Carefully grab the Dusk Ball by the edge of the mountain ledge. Next, make your way west through the tall grass to rescue the Zygarde Cell (81) at the far end. After that, return inside the cave and head north from the second boulder.

Call Machamp again and shove the boulder north, where it’s immediately fall into a gap. From here, climb up the ladder a short distance to the east. There’s another of those statues to let you know that you’re going the right direction. Upstairs, there’s a trainer wandering around the side.

Scientist Ikaika

Pokemon Level Type
Muk (Alolan) 43 Poison/Dark
Magnezone 44 Electric/Steel

This fan of Professor Birch has a pair of industrial Pokemon. You should be familiar with the rainbow-coloured gloop by now. This one is weak to Ground-types only, but Pokemon that resist Poison or Dark (such as Steel-types) can handle it fine.

Magnezone is the final evolution of Magnemite, only available in this very canyon. Like its earlier forms, it takes 4x damage from Ground-types and the standard 2x damage from Fire and Fighting-types. It has excellent Special Attack and Defence, but poor Speed. Watch out for Sturdy.

The finish line is almost within sight.

Further south is the next exit. You’ll emerge back outside, next to a giant mound of soil. Head east to discover another long, wooden bridge, this time with a Pokemon trainer diligently watching guard.

Punk Girl Anna

Pokemon Level Type
Persian (Alolan) 44 Dark
Honchkrow 44 Dark/Flying

A Dark-type fan, it seems. Your should recognise Alolan Persian from your battle with Nanu. This chubby-faced feline doesn’t have much going for it, but don’t waste any time and allow it to boost its Special Attack with Nasty Plot.

Meanwhile Honchkrow is the evolution of Murkrow. Like its premature form, it’s weak to Electric, Ice, Rock and Fairy-types. It has high offensive stats, but middling defences. Hit it with a powerhouse and it’ll be toast in a flash.

Halfway across the bridge, you’ll bump into a fresh face. She’ll introduce herself as Mina, the only captain on Poni Island. Not that you’ll be facing her island trial anytime soon. Instead, she heads off, but not before handing you her prized Fairium Z .

On the opposite side, there’s another statue to inform you that this is the correct direction. Just ahead is another dubious trainer walking around looking for a beating. If you’re patient, you can sneak past him when he’s looking to the east.

Punk Guy Adam

Pokemon Level Type
Pangoro 44 Fighting/Dark

Another Dark-type user. His Pangoro is the evolved form of Pancham. Having gained the Dark-type, it’s now doubly weak to Fairy-types and typically weak to Flying-types. It’s one heck of a powerhouse, but it has mediocre defences and Speed, so not a tricky foe at all.

From here, head south-east along the back of the canyon. Soon, there will be a third wooden bridge leading further east. On the other side, search the rock at the end to discover a rare PP Max . After that, step onto the giant tree branches to the north and follow them down towards the east.

You’ll arrive on the canyon floor, with a row of tall grass to the north. Start by heading east until you’re clear of the large rock. Next, step into the tall grass below and go west up the nearby slope. At the end, jump over the ledge. After landing, grab the **** Full Heal to the south-west.

Make your north-east back towards the large rock. Near the south-east corner, there’s a Pokemon trainer searching for an opponent. If you want to avoid his gaze, you’ll need to keep to the north.

Black Belt Earl

Pokemon Level Type
Poliwrath 46 Water/Fighting

One of Poliwhirl’s two evolved forms; this one is gotten by using a Water Stone. It has gained the Fighting-type, so it’s weak to Grass, Electric, Flying, Psychic and Fairy-types. Pick one and keep attacking it, other it will slap you silly with Dynamic Punch.

From the eastern-most rock, head west above the row of tall grass. Along the way, you should find another statue towards the north. Past the statue is a slope going downward. At the very bottom, there’s a row of Pokemon trainers to the north.

After creating this shortcut, going back is a doddle.

Before going in all guns blazing, head directly south towards the exit at the end. You’ll emerge on the other side of the very first cave entrance. Call up Machamp and have him shove the nearby boulder east to fill in the gap. Now you can easily return to the entrance of the canyon!

In addition, having moved the boulder, you can rescue the Zygarde Cell (82) above where the boulder was originally. Return to the row of trainers to the north. This is kind of easy to miss, but just before the first trainer, the male Ace Trainer, check the tree branches to the west.

Underneath, there’s a gap you can crawl through. On the other side, you’ll emerge in a hidden area with tall grass. Follow the path around the rocks where there’s no grass. In the corner east from the north patch of grass, search around for a hidden X Defence .

Towards the north is a cave entrance; inside, there’s water up ahead. Approach the water’s edge and summon Sharpedo or Lapras so you can traverse the water. In the north-east corner, there’s a small area of land, where a Pokemon trainer is exercising.

Black Belt Terry

Pokemon Level Type
Machamp 46 Fighting

The final evolution of Machop, only available by trading a Machoke to another player. It has sky-high Attack and decent bulk, but is plagued with poor Speed. A sturdy Pokemon that can resist Fighting-types is thus ideal.

Afterwards, continue jetting west along the subterranean stream. In the opposite corner, there’s a Rare Candy lying on the ground. Next, approach the water to the south and summon Lapras this time. If you want, you can fish in the bubbling spot that Sharpedo would scare away.

In any case, continue south to reach the final corner of land. Here, you can find TM35 Flamethrower . That’s all in terms of exploration. Patiently make your way back out the cave and back to the row of Pokemon trainers. Finally, it’s time to challenge the gauntlet!

Ace Trainer Hiroshi

Pokemon Level Type
Absol 46 Dark
Lapras 47 Water/Ice

The Disaster Pokemon has high Attack, but its other stats are mediocre. Pretty much any strong Fighting, Fairy or Bug-type move will be able to knock it out. So long as it doesn’t try to stall with Detect. It also knows Sucker Punch, so be careful if your Pokemon has low HP.

Lapras is weak to Grass, Electric, Rock and Fighting-types, although Grass and Rock are themselves weak to Lapras. It has high HP and decent bulk, so a durable Pokemon is recommended to withstand its inevitable attack(s).

One down, two more to go. Heal your Pokemon if required and don’t hesitate to swap your lead Pokemon to an advantageous one.

Veteran Heather

Pokemon Level Type
Stoutland 47 Normal
Tsareena 47 Grass
Klefki 47 Fairy/Steel

Stoutland is the final evolution of Lillipup and you’ve probably relied on its help to look for hidden items. It’s a Normal-type so it’s not inherently dangerous, but it does have Intimidate to lower Attack and good all-around stats. It also loves using Roar.

Tsareena is the final evolution of Bounsweet. Its Type is nothing special, but it has high Attack and fairly OK bulk. If you think you’re going to take a hit, you should send out a fairly bulky Pokemon or one that resists Grass-types.

Finally, Klefki is a nuisance as always with its status moves. This keyring pixie is weak to Fire and Ground-types only. However since it has next to no offensive presence, Pokemon that aren’t weak to Steel and Fairy should do just fine.

The last trainer of this area is just ahead. No time to falter now!

Veteran Eric

Pokemon Level Type
Granbull 47 Fairy
Golem (Alolan) 47 Rock/Electric
Gengar 47 Ghost/Poison
Cloyster 47 Water/Ice

Granbull is a common sight in Poni Wilds. It has high Attack, decent HP and average everything else. Mow it down with super-effective Poison or Steel-type moves so you can quickly move on. Or try to resist it with Fire-types.

Golem is the final evolution of Graveler; like the non-Alolan form, it’s only available by trading Graveler to another player. It’s super weak to Ground-types and typically weak to Grass, Water and Fighting-types. Water-types of course should be wary of its Electric-type moves.

Gengar is the final evolution of Haunter and again another Pokemon only available via trade evolution. Like its predecessors, it’s weak to Dark, Ghost and Psychic-types. However, in Sun and Moon, Gengar has lost Levitate, so it’s weak to Ground-types too.

Finally, Cloyster is the evolved form of Shellder, obtained by using a Water Stone. It has insane Defence and formidable Attack, but its Special Defence is abysmal. Pretty much any strong special move can one-shot it; use fast Grass, Electric, Fighting or Rock-types if possible.

Past Eric is a cave beyond the captain’s gates. Although it’s slightly unorthodox, there’s indeed an island trial waiting deep inside. Approach the gates and Lillie will finally catch up. Like before, she’ll fully restore your team. Good timing since you’ve got a trial ahead!


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