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Pokémon: Sun & Moon

Route 3 - Road to the Meadow

Vincent Lau

This is the final route of Melemele Island.

Pokémon Encounters - Route 3 North

Name Types(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Spearow Normal/Flying Grass north of the bridge/airborne shadows (40/70%)
Mankey Fighting Grass north of the bridge (20%)
Rattata* Dark/Normal Grass north of the bridge (10%, Night only)
Yungoos Normal Grass north of the bridge (10%, Day only)
Delibird Ice/Flying Grass north of the bridge (10%)
Cutiefly Bug/Fairy Grass north of the bridge (20%)
Rufflet Normal/Flying Airborne shadows (30%, Sun only)
Vullaby Dark/Flying Airborne shadows (30%, Moon only)

*** indicates Alolan form.**

This route is a bit mountainous, but not particularly perilous. From the entrance, follow the trail north-east to find a hiker staring ahead. He’ll explain that wild bird Pokemon will attack you if you end up under their shadows. Whoa.

To continue, you’ve got two choices. You can follow the path to the left of the route sign, which sends you towards a bunch of Pokemon trainers. Meanwhile, taking the path to the right of the sign will send you to bird Pokemon territory.

Both paths converge later on and, of course, you can visit both. We’ll pick the “exciting” route first. So head up the path to the right of the route sign. Immediately, there’s a circling bird Pokemon shadow. If you’re careful, you can run past it or you can just run straight into it.

Past the shadow, the area ahead is patrolled by bird Pokemon that fly clock-wise around the large rock structure in the centre. Therefore, if you continue east through the lower, narrow path, you’ll inevitably run into bird Pokemon going the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, heading along the upper path, by the cliff edge, allows you to easily outrun the bird Pokemon as you’ll be going in the same direction. We’ll be taking the upper path first. Halfway along, there’s an alcove to the south; stop and check it thoroughly for a hidden Stardust .

These items serve no hidden purpose, so dont hesitate to sell them.

When you pass the giant rock structure, follow it around clockwise and pick up the Sharp Beak in the nearby alcove. If you’re quick, you can potentially run back east before the next wild Pokemon comes along. Although, even if you get caught, it’s not like they’re that strong.

On the other side, the two paths will converge. Assuming you took the bird Pokemon path, you can now go north-east and visit the Pokemon trainer path. Strolling to and fro near the ocean side is the first (or last) trainer along that path.

Rising Star Tatiana

Pokemon Level Type
Petilil 13 Grass

A Grass-type Pokemon, so keep your Water-type Pokemon away. An easy enough victory for any Fire or Flying-type Pokemon, such as Rowlet (or its evolved form), Growlithe, etc. Try not to leave it alone for long, as Leech Seed and Sleep Powder are particularly annoying.

Around halfway along this path, there’s a slope leading to a secluded area of tall grass. Head on in and wade through the grass to the east-most corner to retrieve a Heal Ball . Back on the main path, to the left is the last (or first) trainer of the path.

Rising Star Ian

Pokemon Level Type
Psyduck 13 Water

Psy… duck… Poor Psyduck isn’t a Psychic-type, so relax and give it a good beating with your Grass or Electric-types. If you didn’t pick Rowlet, Pichu or Magnemite will easily get the job done. Otherwise, just keep your Ground and Fire-types away.

That’s everything on this side. Head back to where the two paths converge and continue south from there. Very soon, you’ll find a sign to the left and beyond it, the entrance to Melemele Meadow. Heading south from here will lead you to Kukui blocking the bridge.

Left of Kukui is a Pokemon trainer who will only face you once you’ve defeated all of the other trainers in Route 3. Unfortunately, you can’t reach the others right now, what with Kukui in the way. Instead, head east from Kukui to reach an area with tall grass.

Chat to the man staring south to receive a Soothe Bell . Have a Pokemon hold this and it’s Happiness with you will increase quicker than usual. Handy for Pokemon like Pichu or Meowth that require high Happiness to evolve.

By the way, Happiness is completely different from the Affection stat in Pokemon Refresh. Yeah, it’s pretty confusing. Anyway, we’ll return to Route 3 later, but for now, head back north and enter Melemele Meadow to continue your journey.


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