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Pokémon: Sun & Moon

Aether Paradise - Lab Area and Entrance

Vincent Lau

More battles await further inside.

Downstairs, Hau will give you a Max Revive before running off. If you want, you can inspect the elevator controls to return to the entrance or docks if you’ve got unfinished business there.

To proceed, follow Gladion’s instructions and head east from the elevator. After passing through the door, you’ll be stopped by a trio of helmet-wearing Aether employees if you try to continue ahead.

Aether Foundation Employee

Pokemon Level Type
Muk (Alolan) 37 Poison/Dark

Nothing new if you explored the Malie City Outer Cape. The Alolan Muk is weak to Ground-types only, but Types that resist Poison or Dark will also do fine. It has high Attack and Special Defence, so a bulky physical attacker is ideal.

No time to rest, as you’re immediately challenged by the next employee.

Aether Foundation Employee

Pokemon Level Type
Magneton 37 Electric/Steel

The middle evolution of Magnemite. Ground-types can take out this trio of magnets just by sneezing, although it does have the Sturdy Ability so you need at least 2 hits to KO it. Failing that, Fire and Fighting-types will work just as well.

Strike one, strike two…

Aether Foundation Employee

Pokemon Level Type
Porygon2 37 Normal

The middle evolution of Porygon. It’s a bit more modern now, with a nice sleek appearance and improved capabilities. However it’s still a Normal-type, so it’s not good at handling Fighting-type moves. It also has the Trace Ability, which copies its opponent’s Ability.

…Strike three and you’re out!

After the trio’s rather amusing exit, make your way to the far east of this long corridor, where Secret Lab B is. You’ll pass by Gladion along the way, in front of Secret Lab A, but he won’t budge an inch. Before entering, pick up the Zygarde Cell (63) near the corner.

Inside Secret Lab B, you’ll be ambushed by a pair of zealous employees.

Aether Foundation Employee and Aether Foundation Employee

Pokemon Level Type
Machoke 37 Fighting
Vanillish 37 Ice

You will fight alongside Hau during this battle. Just like when battling against you, he starts off with his Alolan Raichu.

The employees have a pair of middle evolutions; the middle form of Machop and the middle form of Vanillite.

Machoke is weak to Flying, Psychic and Fairy-types, but the former is weak to Vanillish. It’s very likely Hau’s Raichu will one-shot this muscle man, so focus on Vanillish instead.

Vanillish is weak to Fire, Fighting, Steel and Rock-types. Machoke will do big damage to the latter two, but you should be safe with Hau’s Raichu around.

Once the coast is clear, inspect the PC in the south-east corner of the room. Hau will run off to inform Gladion of your findings. While you’re here, you can also check out the bookshelf to the north. Once you’re done, leave the lab to regroup.

Doh, it turns out you were following a false lead. You’ll have to return all the way back to the main elevator. Although now that Gladion has stepped aside from the Secret Lab A entrance, you’ll free to take a gander. There’s a Full Restore to be found inside as well.

As you arrive back in the entrance area, you’ll be surrounded by a group of Aether Foundation Employees. Yikes, things are going to get ugly.

Aether Foundation Employee and Aether Foundation Employee

Pokemon Level Type
Mudsdale 37 Ground
Pelipper 37 Water/Flying

Like before, you will fight alongside Hau during this battle.

Mudsdale is the evolved form of Mudbray; you may be familiar with it after using it to gallop around. It’s weak to Grass, Water and Ice-type moves. Hau’s Raichu is weak to Mudsdale so try to lend a hand.

Pelipper takes 4x damage from Electric-types and 2x damage from Rock-types, although the latter is weak to Water. With luck, Hau’s Raichu should be able to swiftly take care of it.

Once you’ve sent the employees running away in a panic, Wicke will come over. She’ll even heal your Pokemon party; how kind! Afterwards, follow Hau and Gladion towards the far north, where you’ll immediately be met with opposition.

Aether Foundation Employee and Aether Foundation Employee

Pokemon Level Type
Magmar 38 Fire
Electabuzz 38 Electric

For this battle, you’ll fight alongside Gladion. He will lead with Golbat.

The employees have the rare Fire and Electric-type Pokemon from the first Pokemon games. Back then, they were standalone Pokemon, but nowadays they’re the middle evolution of Magby and Elekid respectively.

Anyway, Magmar is weak to the usual Water, Ground and Rock-types, while Electabuzz is weak to Ground-types only. Ground-types are thus recommended, such as Zygarde if you dragged it along.

Without a moment to rest, you’ll then be challenged Mr. Arrogant once more.

Aether Branch Chief Faba and Aether Foundation Employee

Pokemon Level Type
Slowbro 39 Water/Psychic
Bruxish 39 Water/Psychic
Hypno 40 Psychic
Ledian 38 Bug/Flying

You’ll team up with your buddy Hau for this climatic battle.

Faba has 3 Pokemon. His first, Slowbro, is weak to Grass, Electric, Bug, Dark and Ghost-types. Use special moves if possible as the dopey creature has insane Defence.

His second Pokemon, Bruxish, has the same Type combination so it’s weak to the same Types. This rainbow-coloured fish (if you think it’s ugly, wait till you see the shiny version) has increased biting power.

Finally, Faba has his Hypno, which you should be very familiar with. Meanwhile the lackey just has a Ledian. Rock-types can instantly take it out of commission, while Fire, Flying, Electric and Ice-types are also good.

That’s the first hurdle cleared. Continue north from Faba to reach the exterior of the facility.


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