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Pokémon: Sun & Moon
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Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 12-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 10-08-2020 / 01:43 GMT

Everything that Kukui tells you is nothing new for series fans. Inside the Pokemon League, four super-powerful trainers known as the Elite Four await. Only after defeating all of the Elite Four members can you become the Champion of the region.

From the entrance where you start, there are four ways you can go: west, north-west, north-east and east. The Elite Four members you'll meet at the end of each path are:

  • West: Hala the Fighting-type master
  • North-west: Olivia the Rock-type master
  • North-east: Acerola the Ghost-type master
  • East: Kahili the Flying-type master

After defeating an Elite Four member, you can step into the teleporter behind them to return to the entrance. Once you've defeated all four of the Elite Four, the circle in the middle of the entrance area will light up and become a teleporter that leads to the final area.

As with recent entries, you can tackle the Elite Four in any order, but we'll start from the west and work clock-wise.

Elite Four Hala

Pokemon Level Type
Hariyama 54 Fighting
Primeape 54 Fighting
Bewear 54 Normal/Fighting
Poliwrath 54 Water/Fighting
Crabominable 55 Fighting/Ice
**Note** : Hala has Full Restores and Full Heals.

Hala is holding no punches this time.

His Hariyama will use Fake Out to flinch your Pokemon on the first turn. Use a battle item if necessary so as to not waste a turn. Otherwise, Pokemon with Inner Focus or Ghost-types can bypass Fake Out. Ghost-types need to be wary of Knock Off though.

Primeape doesn't play dirty, relying on its high Attack and Speed to knock the wind out from you. On top of a powerful Cross Chop, it has Dragon-type and Dark-type moves as well. Therefore Ghost and Psychic-types should be careful; use Fairy-types if you have any.

Bewear is part Normal, so Ghost-types are useless unless they have a useful second Type. This burly bear has high HP and Attack, but mediocre Special Defence, so try to field a sturdy and/or healthy special attacker. Like Hala's previous Pokemon, it has a Dark-type move in Brutal Swing.

The final evolution of Poliwag, Poliwrath is weak to Electric, Grass, Flying, Fairy and Psychic-types. It only has Water and Fighting-type moves, but that's enough to cause some serious damage. Decidueye and Primarina will be laughing, however.

Finally, Hala's crown jewel is his Crabominable. Having gained the Ice-type, it's now weak to Fire, Steel, Fighting, Psychic, Fairy and Flying-types. It only has Ice and Fighting moves, but both pack a punch. In addition, it's carrying Fightium Z. A job for Solgaleo or Lunala perhaps.

Elite Four Olivia

Pokemon Level Type
Relicanth 54 Water/Rock
Probopass 54 Rock/Steel
Golem (Alolan) 54 Rock/Electric
Carbink 54 Rock/Fairy
Lycanroc (Midnight) 55 Rock
**Note** : Olivia has Full Restores and Full Heals.

Olivia's taken the kid gloves off.

Her first Pokemon Relicanth is incredibly weak to Grass-types and typically weak to Ground and Fighting-types. It has amazing Defence, so hit it with special attackers unless you're confident. Fail to KO it and it may use Yawn to force you to switch or risk falling asleep.

Probopass is exceptionally weak to Ground-types and typically weak to Water and Fighting-types. It has no Steel-type moves, but has an Ground-type move for some reason. It also has Sandstorm to slowly damage your Pokemon and Thunder Wave to annoy.

Alolan Golem is another Pokemon that takes huge damage from Ground-types. Otherwise it's weak to Grass, Water and Fighting-types. Grass Pokemon should be careful as Golem has Steamroller, a Bug-type move. Like Olivia's previous Pokemon, it has huge Defence.

Carbink is doubly weak to Steel-types and weak to Water, Ground and Grass-types. Of Olivia's Pokemon, it's the least threatening, with poor offensive stats. However it has high defensive stats and can support its team mates with Reflect, which halves physical damage.

Finally, her trusty Lycanroc is back to cause some pain with its high Attack. Besides a powerful Rock-type move in Stone Edge, it has a Dark-type move and Counter to return physical damage. Plus Rockium Z. Take it down with durable special attackers if possible.

Elite Four Acerola

Pokemon Level Type
Sableye 54 Dark/Ghost
Dhelmise 54 Ghost/Grass
Froslass 54 Ghost/Ice
Drifblim 54 Ghost/Flying
Palossand 55 Ghost/Ground
**Note** : Acerola has Full Restores and Full Heals.

Hang on, this isn't Nanu. Oh, of course he'd be too lazy to come...

Despite her age, Acerola is no pushover. Her first Pokemon, Sableye, is only weak to Fairy-types and likes to surprise you with Fake Out on the first turn. It has no Dark-type moves, instead a Psychic-type move and Confuse Ray to make you dizzy.

Dhelmise, the sea anchor, is weak to Ghost, Dark, Fire, Flying and Ice-types. It has high Attack and Defence, but middling Speed and no good physical attacks (unless you count Slam). It does have Whirlpool, which can trap your Pokemon if it connects.

Froslass, the female-only evolution of Snorunt, is weak to Ghost, Dark, Fire, Rock and Steel-types. That's a lot of weaknesses, but it's fast with decent stats and a powerful Ice-type move in Blizzard. If low on HP, beware of Ice Shard and Confuse Ray.

Drifblim is weak to Ghost, Dark, Electric, Rock and Ice-types. It has amazing HP, but poor defences, making it a punching bag of sorts. That said, beware that it likes to boost its Special Defence and critical hit rate, before handing the boosts to another team mate with Baton Pass.

Last on the scene is Palossand, an evolved Sandygast. It's weak to Ghost, Dark, Water, Grass and Ice-types. Water-types should be cautious because it has Giga Drain and gets increased Defence when hit by Water moves. It also has Ghostium Z to cause a major fright.

Elite Four Kahili

Pokemon Level Type
Skarmory 54 Steel/Flying
Mandibuzz 54 Dark/Flying
Crobat 54 Poison/Flying
Oricorio (Baile Style) 54 Fire/Flying
Toucannon 55 Normal/Flying
**Note** : Kahili has Full Restores and Full Heals.

Well, well, a new face and very much the opposite of Hapu who you might expect to be here.

Kahili leads with Skarmory, a bothersome bird that's weak to Electric and Fire-types only. You can bet your money it will try to spam Spikes and it'll probably be successful since it has Sturdy, preventing one-hit KOs. Spikes causes damage to ground-based Pokemon that switch in.

Mandibuzz is weak to Electric, Rock, Ice and Fairy-types. It has solid defences, so expect a few hits to down it. However its offensive stats are poor, although it does have Bone Rush to scare Electric and Rock-types. It's also fond of using Flatter to cause confusion.

Crobat you've seen in Gladion's party; this fully evolved bat is weak to Electric, Rock, Ice and Psychic-types. It has exceptional speed as always and potent moves such as Air Slash and Poison Fang. If you're struggling, Steel-types are reliable counters.

Quite possibly the worst Oricorio, but still a threat if underestimated. It receives 4x damage from Rock-types and the usual 2x damage from Water and Electric-types. Its most annoying trick is Teeter Dance, which causes confusion and Feather Dance, which drops Attack by 2 stages.

Finally, Kahili's Toucannon is a physical powerhouse with a strong Beak Blast. This Flying-type move always goes last, but hits hard and causes a burn if the opponent makes contact in the same turn. It's also armed with Flyinium Z. Clip its wings with strong special attackers.

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