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Pokémon: Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 12-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 09-08-2020 / 23:36 GMT

Aether Foundation's employees are all on red alert.

Everybody saw this twist coming from a mile away, right? You'll start off in the docks area, towards the far south-east corner. If you want to go back for whatever reason, just chat to the friendly Aether Foundation employee standing next to Gladion's ferry.

Begin by heading in a north-westerly direction towards the middle area where the elevator shaft is. As you turn the corner, there's an Aether Foundation employee patrolling ahead. You can actually skip all of the employees if you're a ninja.

For the first employee, wait until he's walked all the way up, then run past the corner and hide in the bottom-right corner. As he turns back to walk south, carefully head north while keeping to the east.

Aether Foundation Employee

Pokemon Level Type
Dugtrio (Alolan) 37 Ground/Steel
Sliggoo 37 Dragon
Alolan Dugtrio is weak to Fire, Water, Ground and Fighting types. The former should of course beware of its Ground-type moves. It's fairly speedy as well, so keep that in mind while devising a strategy.

Sliggoo is the middle evolution of Goomy. Since it's a pure Dragon-type, it's weak to Fairy, Dragon and Ice-type moves. It has sky-high Special Defence, so whack it with physical moves even if they're neutral towards Dragon.

The next employee is circling a pair of cargo crates separated by a distance. This one's easy so long as you don't rush ahead blindly from the first employee. Just wait until she's walked towards the far east, head north towards while keeping to the west.

Aether Foundation Employee

Pokemon Level Type
Herdier 36 Normal
Lumineon 37 Water
Herdier is the middle evolution of Lillipup, the little dog found on Akala Island. It's still weak to Fighting-types, although physical attackers should account for its Intimidate Ability.

Lumineon is not an Eevee, but rather the evolved form of Finneon, a fairly common Water-type. Nothing really special about it, although it likes to use Aqua Ring to try and boost its terrible longevity.

The third employee is patrolling between the two row of crates north from here. Hide in front of the lone crate that's jutting out and wait until she's walked all the way up. Afterwards, run past the crate and hide in the bottom-left corner behind the crate.

When she starts walking south, that's your cue to carefully head directly north from your hiding place.

Aether Foundation Employee

Pokemon Level Type
Shelgon 37 Dragon
Trumbeak 36 Normal/Flying
Shelgon is the middle evolution of Bagon. In this shell-like state, it has high Defence, so surprise with special moves, especially Fairy, Dragon or Ice-type ones.

Trumbeak is nothing to be alarmed about. Just let your Electric, Rock or Ice-types show it a thing or two.

The final employee is patrolling the east side of the elevator in a L shape. Whenever he stops, he often looks in all directions, even backwards, so be extremely cautious. Just wait until he's out of view and sneak towards the elevator as far from him as possible.

Aether Foundation Employee

Pokemon Level Type
Parasect 36 Bug/Grass
Drifblim 36 Ghost/Flying
Vibrava 37 Ground/Dragon
Parasect takes 4x damage from Fire and Flying-types, which are common enough.

Drifblim is the evolved form of Drifloon. Its Types haven't changed, so use Ghost, Dark, Electric, Rock or Ice-type moves to burst its balloon.

Vibrava is the middle evolution of Trapinch. Having gained the Dragon-type, it's now doubly weak to Ice-type moves. If you've got none of those, Dragon and Fairy-type moves work well too.

Before approaching the elevator, you can explore the rest of the docks if you'd like. To the west of the elevator shaft is another employee patrolling in a L-shape.

Aether Foundation Employee

Pokemon Level Type
Primeape 38 Fighting
An evolved Mankey. Psychic, Flying and Fairy-type moves will leave a sting, but Psychic-types should be cautious of Primeape's Dark-type moves.

From here, you can head south towards the south-west corner of the docks. If you tried to come here earlier, an employee was blocking access. Hmm, what could be beyond? After passing the corner, there's an X Sp. Attack between the crates.

Before you get disappointed, continue further on. In the far corner, you can find TM06 Toxic . Toxic is a fiendish move that inflicts deadly poison, which gradually increases in damage with each passing turn. Safe to say, any Pokemon hit by Toxic won't last long.

Once you're ready to move on, approach the elevator where Gladion and Hau are waiting. You'll be taken upstairs to the entrance area, where an arrogant Faba attempts to stop you.

Aether Branch Chief Faba

Pokemon Level Type
Hypno 39 Psychic
An evolved Drowzee, it has high Special Defence so stick to physical moves for an easy victory. As you might imagine, it likes to use Hypnosis to send your Pokemon to sleep. Afterwards, it can use Nightmare to reduce your Pokemon's HP while they're asleep.

Humiliate Faba and you'll be granted access to the lab area.

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