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Pokémon: Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 12-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 02:28 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 28-09-2020 / 23:17 GMT

Two important rules for any budding Pokemon Trainer.

Two important rules for any budding Pokemon Trainer.

Like any good hero or heroine, you start off the game asleep in bed. Tap any direction on the circle pad to get out of bed. You may notice that unlike in previous Pokemon games, the D-pad no longer controls your character–everything is done with the circle pad instead.

Once you’re up and about, it might be useful to look around your bedroom, especially if you’re new to a Pokemon game and need to get accustomed to the controls. For starters, head up towards the desk and press the A button in front of the globe and the notebook to inspect them.

Adventure Rules

At any time you control your character, press the X button to open the menu. From here, you can access various options. Right now, only Save and Options are available. You can also hold and drag options to change their order.

After you’ve had a good look around, head for the bottom-left corner of the room, then go south through the gap to exit. Your mom will briefly chat to you about life in Alola, when suddenly you’re interrupted by the doorbell. You’d better go down towards the door to see who the visitor is.

Before you even make it past the table, Professor Kukui will let himself in. After some light chitchat, Kukui will invite you to Iki Town to meet the island kahuna, so you can get your first Pokemon. Ooh, how exciting! However, first you need to get yourself ready for the trip.

Once you’re back in control, go back the way you came and press the A button in front of the door in the top-right corner to return to your room. Back inside, head right and inspect the cardboard boxes below your bed to retrieve your bag and your hat. Alright, now you’re good to go!

You’ll regain control towards the bottom half of the living room. If you want, you can immediately follow Kukui outside or you can quickly look around the rest of the house while you have time. Near the top-left corner is the door to your mom’s room, while the door below your room leads to the balcony.


In case you didn’t poke around the Options earlier, now might be a good time to explain. Here, you can change various game settings, related to the text speed during dialogue, battles and a new option for what to do when you capture Pokemon with a full party.

As soon as you’re ready, you can exit your house by heading towards the very bottom, where the welcome mat is.

Roue 1 - Hau oli Outskirts

This section occurs during the day in Sun and during the night in Moon.

This section occurs during the day in Sun and during the night in Moon.

Outside, head south down the wooden flight of steps. Looks like you’ve got a pretty swanky house. Next, head in a westerly direction, along the path. Before long, you’ll bump into Kukui. After a brief chat, he’ll lead you a bit further ahead.

Continue north up the slope. Feel free to chat to the people along the way, by moving close to them and pressing the A button. Sometimes, people may have helpful advice–especially for newcomers–or even give you a free item. Basically, it helps to be sociable!

Making Strides

When you need to cover ground fast, hold the B button while you move to make your character run. In earlier games (before X and Y), you needed the Running Shoes to run, but fortunately that’s no longer a requirement!

Route 1

Roughly halfway up the slope, you’ll reach the main section of Route 1. Keep on ascending the slope, then turn left after you reach the top and keep following the path in a westerly direction. After a while, you’ll catch up with Kukui once more.

He’ll highlight all the cool things Pokemon trainers get up to, which you can’t do right now, but you will able to very soon. Okay, enough talking, more walking! The Prof will take you straight to Iki Town up ahead.

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