The harsh Haina Desert is a real test of your navigational skills.

Pokémon Encounters - Haina Desert

Name Types(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Dugtrio* Ground/Steel Everywhere/Ambush (30%/20%)
Trapinch Ground Ambush in sand (10%)
Sandile Ground/Dark Everywhere/Ambush (70%)
Castform Normal (SOS during sun) Possible ally Pokemon for all Pokemon
Gabite Dragon/Ground (SOS during sandstorm) Possible ally Pokemon for all Pokemon

*** indicates Alolan form.**

It’s incredibly easy to forget, but now that you’ve cleared the Ghost-type trial, you can challenge the Haina Desert on Route 13. Head north from the oasis and approach the trial guide; she’ll remove the barricade after eying your Ghostium Z.

Before continuing on, you can speak to the trial guide again and give her a Fresh Water if you’ve got one. If not, you can run towards the nearby motel and buy one from the vending machine. As thanks, she’ll hand you 3 Adrenaline Orbs .

As you step into Haina Desert, there are two things you should keep in mind.

Firstly, there’s a good chance of experiencing a sandstorm. This will make it slightly harder to see ahead, but more importantly, it will trigger sandstorm during battle. Otherwise, if you’re lucky and there’s no sandstorm, the weather will be immensely sunny instead.

Weathering the Desert

During a sandstorm, Pokemon that aren’t Ground, Rock or Steel-types receive a small amount of damage at the end of each turn. You can negate this effect with the Safety Goggles held item or mitigate its effect with Leftovers.

When it’s extremely sunny, Fire-type moves receive a damage boost, while Water-type moves are weakened. In addition, certain moves that restore HP like Synthesis heal more HP than usual and the moves Solar Beam and Solar Blade no longer require a turn to charge up.

The second–and crucial–thing is that Haina Desert functions like the “Lost Woods” in the Legend of Zelda series. If you attempt to travel blindly, you’re liable to end up wandering aimlessly, as many exits simply loop you back around or send you straight to dead ends.

There’s a clue to proceeding if you speak to the man with the Probopass outside the desert: 2-1-4-3. This refers to the stack of stones before the exits in each area. If you study the stacks carefully, you’ll see there are four types, each with a corresponding amount of stones.

Therefore to advance through the desert, you need to go through the exits where the first stack of stones has 2 stones, then 1, etc. To save you the trouble, you must take these exits: North (2), East (1), North (rest area), East (4), West (Z-Crystal), North (3).

Following this route will lead you safely to the Ruins of Abundance. However, there’s a bit more to the desert than that. If you want to find all the items, you’ll need to stray from this path, but very carefully unless you want to get hopefully lost. So listen with intent!

From the entrance, travel in a north-easterly direction. Watch out for the burrowing Pokemon circling the middle rocks. Towards the far east, there’s an exit. Just before it, note the stack of stones with 3 stones. This is the wrong way, but continue east anyway.

You must stray from the “correct” path to find all the items.

On the other side, pick up the Max Elixir on the floor, a short distance away. Return to the previous area and travel north-west. Again, be mindful of the burrowers. Soon you should reach the north exit. If you need to, check towards the west to observe the stack of stones: 2 stones.

In the next area, there will be stack of 3 stones on this side. You can use this to identify your current location if you accidentally get lost. Although you can just call Charizard and glide out if you’re really stuck. Anyway, head all the way north, while keeping to the west side.

This will allow you to evade the burrowing Pokemon near the middle. Although try not to actually exit to the west or you’ll be sent back to this area from the east side. If that happens, you can still continue north, no problem; you may be a little disorientated is all.

Next to the north exit, there should be a stack of 4 stones. Again, this is the wrong way, but just bear with us. Beyond, if there’s a sandstorm, chat to the Hiker and select the third option to receive a pair of Safety Goggles . Give them to a Pokemon to cancel the effects of the sandstorm.

Return south and, this time, head for the east exit. Nearby, there will be a stack with just 1 stone, so you know you’re going the right way. The next area is a rest area of sorts. In the very middle is some shrubbery; check to its north-east for a Zygarde Cell (52) .

After you’ve taken a break, carry on north and exit to the next area. Ahead should be a rock path you can traverse using Mudsdale; nearby is a stack of 2 stones. Call Mudsdale and ride north towards the end of the rock path, then leave via the east exit, marked by the stack of 4 stones.

In this area, carry on east. At the far end is a pedestal containing the Z-Crystal Psychium Z . After that surprising find, you may be curious about how to proceed. Following the man’s clue, you still have one more exit remaining, the one with a stack of 3 stones.

However, this area has no other exits. Instead, exit from whence you came from. On the other side, you should spot a stack with 1 stone. Immediately your alarm bells should be ringing. Wasn’t there a stack with 4 stones here before? This means you’re in a completely different area.

Sort of. Anyway, gallop west towards the rock path. Hang on, haven’t we been here already? Not quite. In the middle, pick up the Comet Shard . Now that’s new! After that, head towards the south exit. Before the exit should be a stack with 4 stones. Wrong way, but nevermind.

Past the exit, continue south to discover TM85 Dream Eater . This place is somewhat like a dream, huh? After cleaning the TM of sand, return north to the previous area. This time, head all the way for the north exit. You’ll know it’s the right path when you see the stack with 3 stones.

Ruins of Abundance

As with the Ruins of Life, there’s nothing here right now.

Congratulations! You made it to the exit! That said, there’s not much to be done now, besides absorbing the mystical atmosphere. Go up towards the entrance to the ruins itself and pick up the Zygarde Cell (53) to its west. After this, you can call Charizard to exit the desert.

Pokemon Checklist

When bumping into a burrowing Pokemon, there’s a 1 in 10 chance of encountering Trapinch, a funny little creature that eventually evolves into the majestic Ground and Dragon-type Flygon.

Rarer still, while there’s a sandstorm, the Pokemon of the desert may call Gabite as an ally Pokemon. This Dragon and Ground-type is the evolution of Gible and it can evolve even further into the terrifying Garchomp.

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