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Pokémon: Sun & Moon

Malie Garden

Vincent Lau

A lush garden with an interesting shaped lake.

Pokémon Encounters - Malie Garden

Name Types(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Meowth* Dark All grass (20%)
Psyduck Water All grass (10%)
Poliwag Water All grass (20%)
Ledian Bug/Flying All grass (20%, Day only)
Ariados Bug/Poison All grass (20%, Night only)
Masquerain Bug/Flying All grass (20%, Night only)
Cottonee (Sun only) Grass/Fairy All grass (10%)
Petilil (Moon only) Grass All grass (10%)
Araquanid Water/Bug All grass (20%, Day only)
Magikarp Water Fishing (60%)
Goldeen Water Fishing (40%)
Gyarados Water/Flying (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Magikarp
Seaking Water (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Goldeen
Castform Normal (SOS during rain) Possible ally Pokemon for all Pokemon
Name Types(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Poliwhirl Water (SOS during rain) Possible ally Pokemon for all Pokemon
Poliwrath Water/Fighting (SOS during rain) Possible ally Pokemon for all Pokemon (Day)
Politoed Water (SOS during rain) Possible ally Pokemon for all Pokemon (Night)

*** indicates Alolan form.**

Upon entering, you’ll bump into Hau. He’ll go on ahead to search the bridge to the north, blocking access that way. Gee, thanks. Now we have to go the long way… From the entrance, head east along the dirt path to start with. Note that you can’t call Ride Pokemon

Head up the steps towards the small pagoda. Past here is a tourist looking around, for a battle that is. When he’s looking up, you can sneak past him if you’re in a hurry.

Sightseer Mitch

Pokemon Level Type
Persian 27 Normal
Marowak 26 Ground

Typical of a Sightseer, you’ll be facing regular forms of Pokemon with Alolan forms.

Regular Persian is a Normal-type, so Fighting moves are best. It’s evolved, but not particularly dangerous, so most Pokemon ought to do OK.

Standard Marowak is a Ground-type just like Cubone. Water, Grass or Ice Pokemon are good offensive choices or Flying if you prefer to play defensively.

To the north is a bunch of tall grass that you need to wade through. On the other side is more tall grass, but you can avoid it for the most part by keeping to the west. In the far corner, past the grass mound, is a Grassy Seed , a new item that triggers when Grassy Terrain is used.

Head back to the entrance, south from Hau, and this time make your way west. After crossing the first patch of tall grass, there’s a tiny trainer circling the lamp to the north-west. Go over and say “hello”.

Preschooler Ailey

Pokemon Level Type
Cleffa 26 Fairy

A baby Fairy-type. It’s cute, but show it no mercy with a Poison or Steel Pokemon. Otherwise you may become a victim of its Sweet Kiss.

Next, head for the south-west corner of the area, where the tall grass is. Cut through the tall grass to recover the Luxury Ball sitting luxuriously in the far corner. After that, head north, then follow the dirt path north-east. At the end is a water-logged bridge and a trainer blocking the way.

Continue north, past the lamp. Search the base of the tree for a hidden Rare Bone . It’s a bit tough without Stoutland’s help, but what can you do? To continue, head north through the tall grass west from this tree. On the other side, cross the bridge to the north-east.

You’ll reach another small pagoda. From here, follow the narrow, winding path south-east to reach the other side of the garden. Uh, Hau is still there by the bridge. Hau, you need to get a move on! Anyway, towards the north, on the east side is the tea area.

The only hidden item here, thankfully.

If you want to advance the story, head straight there; Kukui is sitting by the south-west corner. Otherwise, continue north, west from the tea area. Along the way, pick up the forgotten Rage Candy Bar by the parasol, at the north-west corner of the tea area.

From here, you can do two direction: north-west along the narrow plank bridge or north-east towards the large pagoda. We’ll go north-west to start with. After crossing the first bridge, there’s a trainer you need to fight your way past.

Sightseer Akali

Pokemon Level Type
Raticate 26 Normal
Raichu 27 Electric

More standard form Pokemon to make things interesting. Normal Raticate is, well, a Normal-type so hit it with your best Fighting-type moves or try to wall it with Rock or Steel-types.

Regular Raichus are plain Electric-types so only Ground-types are effective. You can also use Grass Pokemon, etc. to resist its attacks.

Across the second bridge, you’ll reach a short row of tall grass, followed by a thick area of tall grass. Be brave and continue to the far end to find a Zygarde Cell (33) , your first one in Ula’ula Island! Return to just before the first plank bridge and proceed north-east.

At the far end is a lot of tall grass; wade through it to reach the base of the tall pagoda, where a Big Mushroom is lying on the floor. Once you’ve seen enough, head back to the tea area and let Professor Kukui you’ve finally arrived. He’ll point you towards the site of the next trial.


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