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Pokémon: Sun & Moon

Poni Breaker Coast - Ruins of Hope

Vincent Lau

A small area with a single sightseeing trainer.

Pokémon Encounters - Poni Breaker Coast

Name Type Location (Encounter Rate)
"Wimpod" IconWimpod Bug/Water Chase (100%)
"Magikarp" IconMagikarp Water Fishing (79%, 50% Bubbling Spot)
"Wailmer" IconWailmer Water Fishing (20%, 40% Bubbling Spot)
"Sharpedo" IconSharpedo Water/Dark Fishing (1%, 10% Bubbling Spot)
"Gyarados" IconGyarados Water/Flying (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for "Magikarp" IconMagikarp
"Wailord" IconWailord Water (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Wailer

Coming from Ancient Poni Path, head south-east to start with. Soon, the path will widen out. First, if it’s day time, head north towards the marvelous geyser. Go clock-wise around the geyser to pick up the "Zygarde" IconZygarde Cell (76) at the far end. Be careful not to get scalded!

Heading west will lead you to a tourist circling a deep pool of water.

Sightseer Janice

Pokemon Level Type
"Sandshrew" IconSandshrew 43 Ground
"Geodude" IconGeodude 43 Rock/Ground
"Graveler" IconGraveler 43 Rock/Ground
"Vulpix" IconVulpix 43 Fire

All Pokemon with Alolan forms, but not in their Alolan form. The Types pretty much speak for themselves. "Geodude" IconGeodude and "Graveler" IconGraveler are both extremely weak to Water and Grass-types, but have Sturdy to prevent one-hit KOs.

Past here is a slope leading back up to Ancient Poni Path. Cut through the tall grass to reach TM79 Frost Breath to the far east. This move always inflicts a critical hit, which is good for bypassing your Pokemon’s and the opponent’s stat changes.

Towards the far east is the exit to the Ruins of Hope. If it’s night time, a Zygarde Cell (77) can be found in the corner between the tapu statue and the pile of rocks. South from here is a large, deep pool. Go around it and search the area to its north for a hidden Calcium .

Ruins of Hope

Machamp’s help will be required to reach the end.

Lillie and "Mudsdale" IconMudsdale are waiting below. Follow the path south towards the entrance of the ruins itself. At the end of the steps is a Zygarde Cell (78) that’s hard to miss. Approach the entrance and Lillie will go on ahead; follow her inside.

Oh boy, have we missed these. Inside the ruins, you’ll find one of many Strength puzzles. Basically you need to push the large cubes in such a way that you can reach the other side. It’s not hard if you understand the logic–you can only push in the direction you face and you need space.

Call "Machamp" IconMachamp using the Ride Pager and start by pushing the first cube to the west all the way north until it touches the next cube above. After that, push the cube to your right east. Now go back to Lillie and head along the east path and push the cube north into the gap. Ta-da!

Cross over the cube in front of you and exit to the north. In the next room, start to approach the very end. When all’s done, you’ll need to head back to Seafolk Village to find a way to "Exeggutor" IconExeggutor Island. Leave the ruins whenever you’re ready and have "Charizard" IconCharizard glide you back.

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