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Pokémon: Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 12-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 22-02-2020 / 10:26 GMT

Pokémon: Sun & Moon Guide

4 months ago · Guide Information

Akala Island

Trial 3 - Wela Volcano Park

Also a good place to catch Fire Pokemon for the trial afterwards.

Pokémon Encounters - Wela Volcano Park

Name Types(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Cubone Ground/Steel All grass (24%)
Kangaskhan Normal All grass (1%), possible ally Pokemon for Cubone
Magby Fire All grass (15%)
Fletchling Normal/Flying All grass (30%)
Salandit Poison/Fire All grass (30%)
Magmar Water/Flying (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Magby

This is the site of your 3rd trial, the Fire-type trial. Like in Brooklet Hill, you actually won’t trigger the trial upon entering, only at the very end. So you’re free to catch all the Pokemon you want and leave at your leisure should things get too rough.

From the entrance, go west through the short row of tall grass. On the other side, head up the slope to higher ground. Enter the tall grass below from the east side. Pick up the Hyper Potion in the area with no grass, then carry on west up the next slope.

Up ahead is a Pokemon trainer who’s not from around these parts. If you want, you can try and sneak past her by cutting through the tall grass.

Sightseer Mariah

Pokemon Level Type
Meowth 19 Normal
This is the standard non-Alolan Meowth, like the one your mother has back home. There's not much special about it other than Fake Out, which always goes first and causes you to flinch. If you have Protect, you can use it to avoid the little bit of damage.

Carry on up the mountain path. At the end, you’ll find a non-battling trainer standing next to a cave that leads further up the volcano. When you emerge from the cave, you should see the captain’s gates to the west. Beyond the gate, you’ll reach Kiawe and the next island trial.

Before tackling the trial though, you may want to explore the rest of the volcano. Speak to the lady standing by the right of the captain’s gates. She’ll heal your Pokemon, which is very handy as it saves a long trip back to the nearest Pokemon Center.

Once your party is all healed up, make your way west. Hop over the ledge, then the next one. After landing on your feet, stop and pick up the Zygarde Cell (24) hiding in the corner. Jump over the next ledge. Grab the Charcoal near the next ledge, then leap over the remaining ledges.

Exit via the cave to the right of the second Seismic Sister. You’ll emerge towards the east side of the volcano, next to the third sister. To the south is a trainer walking by the cliff side. If battling isn’t your thing, you can evade his gaze by cutting through the grass by the cliff edge.

Ace Trainer Jim

Pokemon Level Type
Kadabra 21 Psychic
A fairly formidable opponent. Dark-types are excellent here, while Bug and Ghosts will fare well too. Failing that, Steel-types can probably get the job done.

From here, head south through the tall grass, while keeping towards the east. When it appears, go down the slope to the lower ground and retrieve the TM39 Rock Tomb **** to the north. Around here is a Photo Spot if you’re feeling brave.

Next, go the opposite direction and challenge the trainer below the slope.

Hiker Calhoun

Pokemon Level Type
Roggenrola 18 Rock
Machop 19 Fighting
Send your Grass, Water, Fighting, Steel or Ground types to dispose of Roggenrola. Meanwhile, Machop won't like your Psychic, Flying or Fairy Pokemon.

Nearly done. Head back up the slope and then go west. Leap over the series of ledges in quick succession. Just when you think the ledges have ended, slow down and pick up the Burn Heal in the corner, right before the final ledge. Past here and you’ll return to the first Seismic Sister.

Totems Den

Make sure to put your strongest Pokemon at the front.

This is the highest point of the volcano. Run up to Kiawe to let him know you’re ready for his trial. It would help to have a Pokemon strong against Fire-types at the front of your party, namely Water, Ground or Rock-types.

In this trial, you will be shown a series of dances performed by Alolan Marowak. To pass, you need to point out the difference between the first dance and second dance shown. It’s actually a lot, lot easier than you might imagine.

For the first set of dances, pick "The middle Marowak". The Marowak will be so excited that it attacks you. It’s a Fire and Ghost type, so Ground, Water, Rock, Dark and Ghost-types are all good. Although your own Ghosts need to be careful.

The second set of dances, pick "The Hiker". You will battle the sorry photo-bomber.

Hiker David

Pokemon Level Type
Magmar 19 Fire
The evolved form of Magby. It's weak to the usual suspects: Water, Rock and Ground. Try to avoid using contact moves as Magmar has Flame Body, which can burn Pokemon that touch it.

Finally, for the third set of dances… seriously? C’mon, you should be able to figure this out yourself!

Totem Pokemon

Pokemon Level Type
Salazzle 22 Fire/Poison
If you don't have Pokemon that resist Poison moves, this battle can be extremely tough. At the start, Totem Salazzle receives a Special Defence boost from her aura. Whenever she's alone, she may summon a Salandit to help her.

Salazzle can use Toxic to poison your Pokemon. Because of its Corrosion Ability, even Poison and Steel-types can be poisoned so beware. It can also use Flame Burst, a strong Fire-type move, or Venoshock, which deals high damage to poisoned foes.

Finally, it can use Taunt to stop your Pokemon using status moves. In addition, the ally Salandits can use Taunt and Venoshock as well. Once Salazzle’s HP goes critical, it will consume its Petaya Berry to boost its Special Attack. Yikes!

Between Toxic and Venoshock, you really need to mop up this battle quick before the damage piles on. Ground-type moves are best because they do 4x damage. Just be careful since Salazzle is fast. Mudbray and Barboach are probably the safest bets here.

Alternatively, just hit the over-sized lizard hard and fast with strong Rock, Water or Psychic Pokemon. If you’re quick, you can do some amazing damage with the Waterium Z from Lana’s trial.

Otherwise, you can try and play defensively. Some Pokemon that resist both Poison and Fire include Slowpoke, Tentacool, Corsola and Mareanie. Your own Salandit could work, if you spam Dragon Rage.

Tame the lizard and you’ll receive Firium Z from Kiawe, marking the successful completion of the trial. Before sending you off, the Fire Captain will also give you 10 Quick Balls to help you make new friends. Not only that, but he’ll add Charizard Glide to your Page Rider.

Post-Trial Ramblings

Charizard Glide takes the place of the Fly HM in previous games, allowing you to instantly return to key locations you’ve visited. About time too! As with other Ride Pokemon, you can access it by pressing the Y button and you can assign a D-Pad shortcut if you’d like.

Since you’re here, you should test out your new toy. From your current location, access Charizard Glide. A map of the Alola region, specifically Akala Island, will appear. You can press the Y button to zoom in and out and use the Circle Pad to select a location.

For now, select Route 7 - Wela Volcano Park. After a fancy animation, you’ll be sent straight to Route 7, outside the entrance of the volcano park. Now wasn’t that fast? From here, you can head north and speak to the trial guide to remove the captain’s barricade blocking the way ahead.

Pokemon Checklist

A lot of Fire-type options. Cubone can evolve into the Fire and Ghost-type Alolan Marowak when it’s Level 28 or higher during the night. Magby evolves into Magmar, then Magmortar after being traded with a Magmarizer.

Fletchling evolves into the Fire-type Fletchling and Talonflame. Salandit, a new Fire and Poison Pokemon, evolves into Salazzle when it’s Level 33, but only if it’s female. 7 out of 8 Salandit are male too, so good luck with that.

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