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Pokémon: Sun & Moon

UB Task Force - Part 3

Vincent Lau

As you enter the Route 13 motel guest room, Looker and Anabel will be there waiting for you. Just like the second UB, the UB in this mission is different depending on which version you’re playing.

UB04 Blade/Blaster

You should know the drill by now. Looker will hand you another 10 Beast Balls to help you catch the fourth UB. Afterwards, head to Route 17 (Sun), Haina Desert (Moon) or Malie Garden and run around where wild Pokemon can be found to try and bump into the UB.

In a reversal of fortunes, if you’re playing Pokemon Sun, you’ll have to catch 4 UBs before you can continue. Whereas if you’re playing Pokemon Moon, you need only catch 2 UBs; not that it’s an easier task.

Ultra Beast

Pokemon Level Type
??? (Kartana; Sun) 60 Grass/Steel
??? (Celesteela; Moon) 65 Steel/Flying

Both are Steel-type Pokemon, yet entirely different beasts. Literally.

Kartana AKA Blade has overwhelming Attack and impressive Defence and Speed, but poor other stats. At the start of the battle, its aura will boost its Attack by 2 stages. Not that this really matters right now, since you’re guaranteed to catch it with a Beast Ball even at full health.

But if you must know, it has Leaf Blade as a STAB move, plus the Bug-type X-Scissor and Flying-type Air Slash. Only Leaf Blade and X-Scissor are threatening though, so Pokemon that resist Grass and Bug are good if you intend to directly challenge the Blade.

Celesteela AKA Blaster has well-rounded stats, but average Speed. Its aura will boost its Defence by 2 stages. For attacks, it has the Grass-type Seed Bomb and Normal-type Skull Bash. Unlike other UBs, it’s not immediately threatening, and instead relies on its bulkiness.

Steel and Flying is a great Type combination, leaving the Blaster weak to Fire and Electric-type attacks only. If you’re at Malie Garden be careful as it sometimes rains, weakening the power of Fire-type moves. Otherwise, Steel-types are good to resist the UB’s moves.

Catch all of the requested UBs and it’s time to report back to Looker once again. Afterwards, you can guess what’s coming up next… The good news though is that there’s only one more UB remaining.

Once you’re ready to end the UB menace, head to the floating restaurant in Poni Island’s Seafolk Village. It’s the one on the boat shaped like a Wailord, towards the west side of the village. Inside, you’ll be challenged to a battle; as before, you can postpone it if you’re ill-prepared.

Island Kahuna Nanu

Pokemon Level Type
Sableye 63 Dark/Ghost
Krookodile 63 Ground/Dark
Honchkrow 63 Dark/Flying
Absol 63 Dark
Persian (Alolan) 63 Dark

Well, this battle sort of makes up for Nanu’s absence in the Pokemon League.

His first Pokemon, Sableye, is only weak to Fairy-types. In addition to its STAB moves, it has the Rock-type Power Gem and Toxic as a last resort. Stat-wise, it’s more defensive than offensive, so even without a Fairy, you can get by with strong Pokemon not weak to Dark or Ghost.

Krookodile has evolved from Krokorok and gained a considerable stat boost, especially to Attack. Besides strong Ground and Dark-type moves, it has Dragon Claw and the Flying-type Aerial Ace. If you have any bulky Water, Ice or Fairy-types, this is a job for them.

Honchkrow is weak to Electric, Ice, Rock and Fairy-types. It has good offensive stats, but poor defensive stats. So if you can take a hit or two, it should be easy to clean up. Just watch out for its Sucker Punch that goes first if you choose to attack and Snarl, which lowers Special Attack.

Absol is pretty much in the same boat as Honchkrow; it’s strong with good Speed, but doesn’t have the defences to back it up. Therefore it’s easy prey for super-effective Pokemon. Likewise, you need to beware of Psycho Cut if using a Fighting-type, as well as Sucker Punch.

Finally, his Alolan Persian is back to annoy with Fake Out and resist physical damage with Fur Coat. It also has Thunderbolt for some reason. As before, a Pokemon that resist Dark-types is recommended in case it decides to use its Z-Move, Black Hole Eclipse.

UB05 Glutton

Receive Nanu’s approval and you’re good to seek out the final UB, with another 10 Beast Balls from Looker.

This time, the UB is holed up in Resolution Cave, within the latter half of Poni Island. Depending on your current progress, you might need to trek through uncharted lands to get there.

If so, skip ahead to the pages covering the remainder of Poni Island, starting with Poni Grove , then working your way from there. Once you reach Resolution Cave, specifically the basement area (where the music changes to the “danger” theme), flip back to this page.

Ultra Beast

Pokemon Level Type
??? (Guzzlord) 70 Dark/Dragon

The final UB has ridiculously high HP, but poor defensive stats and Speed. If you think about it, it’s somewhat like a more offensive version of Blissey. At the start of the battle, it receives a big Attack boost from its aura.

UB05 is a pretty peculiar monster any way you look at it. It loves to use Thrash to deal big damage, but cause confusion afterwards and Heavy Slam to ram its opponent with its sheer weight.

With its enormous HP, you’re safe using most attacks, even your strongest ones. Just keep away from Fairy-type ones since those do 4x damage. To stop the beast KOing itself with confusion, try to inflict a status affliction on it.

Successfully capture Guzzlord and you should report back to Looker whenever you’re free. To finish the job properly, you’ll be told to visit Wicke back in Aether Paradise’s Secret Lab B. Hmm, how suspicious… Don’t worry, it’s perfectly innocent actually!

Congratulations! Alola is now safe from the threat of the UBs and, of course, they’re in the hands of a 11 year old kid instead. You’ll also be given 1,000,000 Poke Dollars . Oh ho ho!

By the way, having completed this sidequest, a new unidentified creature will appear on Melemele Island–specifically, Ten Carat Hill’s Farthest Hollow. That’s beyond the scope of the UB Taskforce though, so instead flip ahead to the next page…


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