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Pokémon: Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 12-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 17-02-2020 / 18:13 GMT

Pokémon: Sun & Moon Guide

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Poni Plains

An untouched part of nature where high level Pokemon thrive.

Pokémon Encounters - Poni Plains

Name Type Location (Encounter Rate)
Gumshoos Normal All grass (10% North-west, 30% Otherwise), Rustling grass (70%) (Day only)
Raticate* Dark/Normal All grass (10% North-west, 30% Otherwise), Rustling grass (70%) (Night only)
Trumbeak Normal/Flying All grass (30% Central, 10% Otherwise)
Petilil (Moon only) Grass All grass (20%), Shaking bushes (70%)
Cottonee (Sun only) Grass/Fairy All grass (20%), Shaking bushes (70%)
Miltank Normal All grass (10%)
Tauros Normal All grass (10%)
Pelipper Water/Flying Grass towards the far east (20%)
Fearow Normal/Flying Grass towards the north-west (20%), Airborne shadows (70%)
Mudsdale Ground Grass towards the north-west (20%)
Hypno Psychic Grass along the east side (20%)
Hariyama Fighting Rustling grass (30%)
Name Type Location (Encounter Rate)
Braviary (Sun only) Normal/Flying Airborne shadows (30%)
Mandibuzz (Moon only) Dark/Flying Airborne shadows (30%)
Primeape Fighting Shaking tree towards the west (80%)
Emolga Electric/Flying Shaking tree towards the west (20%)
Scyther Bug/Flying Shaking bushes (30%)
Crabrawler Fighting Berry Tree pile (100%)
*** indicates Alolan form.**

This paradise for Pokemon is located north from Poni Gove. Here, you’ll find little in the way of trainers, but lots of fearsome wild Pokemon to tame. From the south entrance, head north towards the centre of the area, where there’s a circling Pokemon in the tall grass to the east.

If it’s daytime, there will be Zygarde Cell (85) shining to the west, next to the mound of grass with a palm tree. Meanwhile, search in front of the palm tree in the tall grass to the east to discover a hidden PP Max . From here, continue north towards the Trainer Tips sign.

Along the way, wild Pokemon can ambush you if you step under their shadows or near shaking bushes and shaking trees. Next, head west from the signpost. Around here is a path leading north between two patches of tall grass; follow it and up the slope to higher land.

Up here, there are more bird Pokemon circling from above. First, you need to continue north, then use Tauros to smash the rocks on the left. After that, there will be a path going west and another going south. Head south first, smashing the pile of rocks in the way.

Leap over the ledge below, then pick up the Star Piece , before leaping over the next one. Upon landing, you ought to notice the Zygarde Cell (86) to the left. With nowhere else to go, hop over the remaining ledge. You’ll land in front of some tall grass, with a Pokemon trainer lurking inside.

Hiker Ryan

Pokemon Level Type
Lycanroc (Midday) 55 Rock
Gigalith 55 Rock
Both pure Rock-type Pokemon. Lycanroc is pretty speedy for a Rock-type, so your slower Pokemon make take a hit. Gigalith is pretty much what you expect of a Rock-type: strong and bulky, but extremely slow.

East from here, after cutting through the tall grass, you’ll return to the area just before you went up to the highlands. Meanwhile, to the south is another ledge you can jump over. For now, return to the highlands and head towards the west-most side that you skipped by previously.

Proceed south from here, smashing through the rocks that obstruct your path. At the end, hop over the ledge, making sure to grab the TM24 Thunderbolt along the way. After this, you can continue jumping over the ledges to get back to Hiker Ryan.

Next, jump over the ledge south from Ryan. Down here, there’s more tall grass you need to wade through and a tantalising berry pile in the corner. Finally, head south from the berry pile and jump over the ledge. From here, make your way east back to the centre of the plains.

The most important items are the Zygarde Cells and TM.

This time, make your way towards the north-east corner of the plains, east from the Trainer Tips sign. If it’s night time, there will be a Zygarde Cell (87) below the slope. Up the slope, there’s a row of tall grass with a roaming Pokemon inside.

Past here, if you head along the slope towards the north-west, you’ll reach Poni Meadow . For now, carry on following the path north and around to the east. In the far north-east corner is the exit to Poni Coast , currently being guarded by a skilled trainer

Veteran Leon

Pokemon Level Type
Skarmory 59 Steel/Flying
Vikavolt 59 Bug/Electric
Gyarados 59 Water/Flying
Skarmory you should know how to deal with, especially since Kahili had one. It's weak to Fire and Electric-type moves and has high Defence, so waste it with special moves instead.

Likewise, Vikavolt is nothing new. Just like the Totem version, it’s weak to Fire and Rock-type moves only. This time, it can make use of its sky-high Special Attack, so a Pokemon that resists Electric and Bug would be handy.

Gyarados can be a major pain if not kept on a tight leash. This one can use Dragon Dance to make it more frightening than it already is. As always, Electric-type moves are its bane, while Rock-type moves are good if your Pokemon can withstand a Water-type hit.

Before exiting to either of the new areas, carry on south from Leon. When you reach the ledge further down, turn around and head north to reach the X Defense that you must have seen along the way. Now go back south and jump over the ledge.

Down below, wade through the short row of tall grass. After that, head south towards the south-east corner of the plains. Again, you’ll need go through some tall grass to continue. Towards the west side of the path, there’s a trainer ready to pounce.

Ace Trainer Angela

Pokemon Level Type
Cloyster 58 Water/Ice
Lurantis 59 Grass
Cloyster is weak to Grass, Electric, Rock and Fighting-types. It has high Defence, but laughable Special Defence, so special moves will make short work of it, even if they're not super-effective. As before, it may have Skill Link to make it's multiple hit attacks really hurt.

It may have been a while since you fought a Lurantis. This pure Grass-type has high Attack and good all-round stats, but is plagued by poor Speed. Should be easy prey for your faster Pokemon, especially if they’re Fire, Flying, Bug or Ice-types.

Continue past Angela; at the far end, there’s a Carbos for the taking. That’s about it for Poni Plains. You’re welcome to stay behind to scour the tall grass for wild Pokemon though–the Pokemon found slightly differ depending on where you search.

Actually, there is one more thing. Head back towards the south entrance. A short distance east from the entrance is the boss trainer of this area, who you can easily miss during all of the excitement.

Ace Trainer Cole

Pokemon Level Type
Drampa 56 Normal/Dragon
Goodra 57 Dragon
Drampa is a new Dragon-type exclusive to Pokemon Moon. It has high Special Attack and good defensive stats, but the typical weakness of low Speed. To make things harder, it can use Light Screen to protect itself and its teammates from your special moves.

Goodra is the final evolution of Goomy and surprisingly still a pure Dragon-type. Its stats are a lot more well-round, with Defence being its worst stat. Especially if Light Screen is up, you should hit it with physical moves. It has Dragonium Z too, so a Fairy-type would be ideal.

Tame this wannabe dragon tamer and you’ll earn TM60 Quash .

Pokemon Checklist

The Pokemon you find vary depending on which area of the plains you’re looking in. That said, most of the Pokemon here are simply evolved or higher level versions of those you’ve encountered.

New ones include Emolga hiding in the shaking tree towards the west and Scyther hiding in the shaking bushes nearer the centre.

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