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Pokémon: Sun & Moon

Mount Hokulani

Vincent Lau

The second highest mountain on Alola.

Pokémon Encounters - Mount Hokulani

Name Types(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Fearow Normal/Flying All grass (40% Day, 30% Night)
Ditto Normal All grass (10%)
Cleffa Fairy All grass (10% Night only)
Skarmory Steel/Flying All grass (10%)
Beldum Steel/Psychic All grass (10%)
Minior Rock/Flying All grass (30%)
Clefairy Fairy (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Cleffa
Chansey Normal (SOS only) Possible ally Pokemon for Cleffa

The bus will take you all the way to the summit of Mt. Hokulani and right outside the observatory. After listening to Kukui’s inspiring conversation, you’ll be left towards the south-west corner of the summit. From here, head east towards the Pokemon Centre.

Inside, the right Poke Mart clerk is selling vitamin items (Protein, etc.) for 10,000 Poke Dollars each. Although they’re tempting for beginners, avoid buying them until you understand what they really do. Hint: Check the Effort Values (EVs) section, near the end of our guide.

Back outside, go north towards the parked cars. North past here is the entrance to the observatory, where somebody appears to be waiting for you; you can keep him waiting. To the west, if you go behind the bus is the bus operator, who can take you back down to Route 10.

We’ll be going east from here, along the metal railing above the cars. Once you reach the north-east corner, go south. To the right of the parked cars is a Level Ball that you can reach by squeezing between the two side railings. This is a rare Kurt’s Ball, so keep it safe.

Continue south along the east side of the summit, behind the Pokemon Centre. Standing in the south-east corner is Samson Oak; he sure loves to get around, huh? Chat to him to receive a Moon Ball , another Kurt’s Ball and quite possibly the coolest one.

Once he’s gone, head west back towards the tarmac. From here, we’re going to take a rather long detour. Start by following the road south, away from the summit. Along the west side is a Veteran who won’t accept a challenge until you’ve defeated all of the other trainers up here.

Past him is the first of those trainers, doing stretching exercises by the side of the road to the west, after the road barrier ends. If you’re intending to sneak past, be careful as she can see behind when she stretches all the way down. Whoa, talk about attention to detail!

Office Worker Jessica

Pokemon Level Type
Clefairy 28 Fairy

An evolved Cleffa. It’s a pure Fairy-type, so Steel and Poison-types will easily prevail. Otherwise, stick to physical moves since its Special Defence is pretty beefy. It also knows Minimize, which boosts its Evade, so moves that can’t miss are nice to have.

After Jessica, the road will start to straight out. Around here, there’s a slope along the north side of the road, leading to a large ledge with tons of tall grass. Make your way to the east-most edge of this ledge, through the tall grass and down the next slope, to find TM72 Volt Switch .

Return to the main road and carry on down the mountain. Just before the road bends, look towards the south to find a Fast Ball where there’s no road barrier. That was fast; another Kurt’s Ball for your collection! As the road starts to bend, head towards the end of the road barrier to the east.

Search the small rocks below the road barrier to find a hidden Rare Candy . Right at the bend is a trainer walking along the road.

Hiker Thomas

Pokemon Level Type
Boldore 27 Rock
Geodude (Alolan) 28 Rock/Electric

Boldore is an evolved Roggenrola, but still a Rock-type so it has the usual weaknesses: Grass, Water, Ground, Fighting and Steal.

Alolan Geodude is part Electric, meaning Ground moves do 4x damage. Grass, Water and Fighting moves are still good, but Water-types need to beware of Electric attacks.

Both Pokemon have Sturdy, so expect at least two hits to KO them.

Past Thomas, the road straightens out again for a while. As it starts to bend south, the road barrier comes to a halt towards the west. Head through the gap in the barrier and down the slope to reach another mountain ledge abundant with tall grass.

You only get one of each Kurts Ball per playthrough.

Step into the tall grass and head north through it to reach the Heavy Ball lying by the side of the north-most edge. If you’re courageous, step towards the edge to find a thrilling Photo Spot. When you’re done, head back into the tall grass and follow it south.

Towards the south-most part of the mountain ledge, where the tall grass ends and just before the ledge leading down, you’ll find the final trainer of this area walking side to side.

Collector Todd

Pokemon Level Type
Passimian 28 Fighting
Oranguru 28 Normal/Psychic

Both rare apes from the Lush Jungle, although you’ll only encounter one of them in your game.

Passimian is a Fighting-type with the Receiver Ability, which allows it to receive the Ability of the fainted Pokemon before it. Which is useless here since it’s the first Pokemon…

Oranguru is a Normal and Psychic-type that can learn Instruct, which allows an ally to immediately use its last move. Again, not an issue since it doesn’t learn it until Level 32 and it’s only applicable in Double Battles anyway.

Since Oranguru is Normal-type, Ghosts won’t work; stick with Dark and Bug-types if possible.

When the monkey business is over, hop over the ledge to the south. After landing, carry on south through the tall grass to find a Max Potion in the corner. Next, head east through the remainder of the tall grass, then leap over the ledge.

After passing through the final bunch of tall grass, you’ll find a slope leading back up to the main road. Here, there’s another bus, one that’s also blocking access to the rest of the road to the east. Looks like you won’t be going that way, ever.

If you want, you can chat to the bus operator to catch the bus back to Route 10. Otherwise, call Charizard and glide back to the summit. Before you continue up to the observatory, you’ve got an appointment with the Veteran south from the Pokemon Centre.

Veteran Akira

Pokemon Level Type
Absol 30 Dark

A Dark-type Pokemon equipped with Darkium Z. Best approached with Fairy or Fighting Pokemon, since they’re super effective against Dark, while also resistant to Dark.

Triumph against the darkness and you’ll receive TM95 Snarl . This is a pretty handy move that does OK damage and at the same time lowers the opponents’ Special Attack. That’s this long road covered! Approach the observatory entrance to be greeted… with a Pokemon battle!

Pokemon Trainer Molayne

Pokemon Level Type
Skarmory 29 Steel/Flying
Metang 29 Steel/Psychic
Dugtrio (Alolan) 30 Ground/Steel

All Steel-type Pokemon in some capacity.

Skarmory you may have encountered on Route 10. This steel bird has great Defence, so focus on your special moves if possible. It’s weak to Electric and Fire moves only, unless you can find a way to ground it.

Metang is the middle evolution of Beldum, a rare-ish encounter along the road to the summit. It’s weak to Fire, Ground, Dark and Ghost moves. Prior to X and Y, it was only weak to the former two Types.

Finally, Dugtrio is the evolved form of Diglett. It’s still Ground and Steel, so Water and Ground Pokemon are great to use.

Shatter Molayne’s team and you’ll be invited inside. Beyond is the first trial of Ula’ula Island–the Electric trial. Proceed only when you’re certain that you’re ready.


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