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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

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Dual Blades

Vincent Lau

Too fast, too furious!


Dual Blades are similar to the Sword and Shield in terms of mobility and their offensive nature, but they ramp it up a notch by exchange that shield of yours for a second sword, allowing for ever faster attack power while sacrificing durability and the ability to block. Dual Blades also possess the unique ability to go into Demon Mode and Archdemon Mode , which will further increase attack power and speed in exchange for your stamina! Because of their low raw power, Dual Blades, rely heavily on elemental power, so when forging weapons, choose weapons based on elemental power over raw.

Dual Blades are also excellent for inflicting status conditions on the monster, owing to how rapidly they hit.


  • Fast, mobile, and light

  • Demon and Archdemon Modes compensate for low raw

  • Great for players who like to get up close and personal with the monster

  • Very short range, low raw power

  • Sharpness decreases rapidly

  • Heavily reliant on stamina, Demon Mode attacks leave you vulnerable

Normal Mode

Attack Controls
Unsheathing Lunge Move while pressing X
Basic Attack X, can chain three times
Roundslash A, can chain twice
Forward Lunge X+A
Activate Demon Mode R

Demon Mode

**Attack** **Controls**
Double Rotor Attack A, combos into Demon Dance
Demon Dance X+A or X after Double Rotor Attack
Demon Dash B

Archdemon Mode

Attack Controls
Forward Roundslash Flurry X+A
Faster Basic Attack X, can chain three times
Double Aerial Slash A
Demon Flurry X+A after pressing X
Demon Dash B

Usage Tips

When using Dual Blades, you have to keep on the offensive. Dance around the monster and never stray too far away. Be very careful about your positioning and constantly plan in your head where you will be. Without a shield, you cannot block an attack so positioning is everything. If you can afford to, you should bring Mega Dash Juice so that you can be in perpetual Demon Mode with zero stamina depletion!

When not in Demon Mode, the basic combo to use is X + X + X, followed by A + A. You can cancel any time between attacks by pressing B to roll. Once you enter Demon Mode, which you should only enter if the monster is incapable of movement (tripped, toppled, paralyzed, KOed, etc.), use the A -> X combo if you want to fill up your Demon Gauge rapidly, or the X+A Demon Dance for more power.

When in Archdemon Mode, your go-to attack is going to be the X+A forward spin attack. It deals enormous damage, covers a lot of ground, and doesn’t last very long. You have full use of your standard X x3 combo, but it will be noticeably faster, so you can use that as well. For your most powerful attack, unleash Demon Flurry by opening with your forward spin, then pressing X, and then pressing X+A.

Recommended Skills

Evasion+1 , a general all-around great skill for any hunter, is all but necessitated if you choose to use Dual Blades. As soon as you can, obtain this or Evasion+2. This skill increases your invulnerability time whenever you roll. With Evasion+1/+2, you will be able to roll through things like beams, tail swipes, talon strikes, and even roars! Evasion+3, which adds even more time, is unnecessary. Use your armor slots for a different skill, not Evasion+3.

If you happen to have it, Latent Power can be very potent. After some time, or if you take a large amount of damage, Latent Power activates and will slow your stamina depletion by 75%. This will greatly aid you when you are in Demon Mode! Other skills to consider are Attack Up to compensate for Dual Blades’ low raw power, and Evade Distance Up to increase roll distance (especially useful when combined with Evasion+1/+2)

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