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Vincent Lau

GIANT PINECONE. SO AGGRESSIVE. MUCH AGILE. SUCH TALON. MORE BLADES. Seregios, the flagship monster of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, is as graceful as it is fearsome. Capable of inflicting a new, unique status known as Laceration , Seregios can also turn its scales to face the opposite direction, then dislodge and fire them at any unsuspecting hunter. Possessing raptor-like talons, two facing front and two facing back, Seregios distinguishes itself from other flying wyverns through its masterful use of its kicking and clawing attacks, adding to its already present danger in its reversible scales.

Laceration will damage you the more you move, unlike Blastblight, which comes off if you move. To cure Laceration, either crouch for 5 seconds straight , eat a Well-Done Steak , or eat a Mosswine Jerky. If you crawl around while you crouch, you will still be able to cure Laceration. If all else fails, use a Farcaster and go sleep at Base Camp. Laceration is a terrible status because you cannot move to cure it, and not moving is basically asking to get hit. The best solution thus is to eat a Mosswine Jerky, as its short animation makes it basically eating a Potion. Plus it cures your red in your health bar!

**Area** **Start** **Roam** **Rest**
Ancestral Steppe 8 3, 4, 6, 7 5
Primal Forest 4 3, 5, 9 8
Frozen Seaway 3 1, 2, 9 7
Volcanic Hollow 7 1, 2, 5, 6, 8 9
Heaven’s Mount 3 1, 5, 6 8
Dunes 7 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 5


Pinecone Sniper: Seregios’s head scales will frill up, making it look like a giant pinecone, then it will fire three scales in a spread pattern. The scales will explode three times and if all three hit you, you will be affected with Laceration.

Retreating Pinecone Snipe: Shoots three scales in a spread pattern as it hops back into the air.

Tail Snipe: Seregios will look back and swings his tail right then left, firing three scales in a spread pattern with each swing.

Lacerating Talon: Seregios stands tall over a hunter at its feet and then claws at the hunter with its raptor-like talons. Seregios will perform this attack with both feet when enraged. The initial hit does little damage and flinches the hunter; however, it causes scale explosions in the spot it makes contact with and those will inflict Laceration. Roll out of the way after getting the initial flinch to avoid the bleeding explosions.

Dancing Aerial Strike: Pivots close to the ground around his tail, then does a side talon strike. Because of the orientation at which Seregios attacks, this can easily catch you off guard. This is Seregios’s pin attack, so use Dung Bombs to escape.

Dancing Aerial Sweep: Seregios pivots around its tail in the air and takes aim, then does a wide sweep with its talons to rake at the hunter. Does massive damage and sends the hunter flying. Seregios repeats this twice in rage mode.

Tail Whip: One of its more tame attacks, Seregios turns and screeches, then whips you with its tail. The whip is much less dangerous than Rathalos’ or Rathian’s tail, being slower and a smaller range. Hang by its head or the opposite side to avoid.

Breakable Parts

Head: Can be broken once. Horn blade is visibly broken.

Claw: Each wing can be broken once. Edges of the wing are visibly chipped.

Talon: Claws will be slightly chipped.

Tail: Tail can be severed and carved once.


Elemental: Thunder, Ice

Status: Blast


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