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Vincent Lau

Rajang is a fast and furious fanged beast, a fearsome combination of sheer power, thunder strikes, and ruthless speed. When enraged, Rajang goes into SUPER SAIYAN MODE and the hairs on its back will stand up, and it turns its trademark brilliant gold color. Raging Rajang , a hardcore variant found in G Rank, is even more powerful.

**Area** **Start** **Roam** **Rest**
Ancestral Steppe 4 2, 3, 8 9
Sunken Hollow 8 2, 4, 7 9
Primal Forest 5 1, 2, 3, 4 9
Frozen Seaway 3 1, 2, 4 7
Volcanic Hollow 2 4, 7, 8 9
Heaven’s Mount 2 1, 3, 5, 6 7
Dunes 7 2, 4 10


Rajang attacks very impulsively. When it wants to do something, it will do so, without thought of consequence or aftermath. This results in a monster that is frighteningly hard to predict because of its lack of any planning. Rather, Rajang will prove a challenge through its sheer strength and speed. Unlike other monsters who will have more calculating strikes, Rajang simply bowls its opponents over and crushes them. Be very cautious while fighting, you never know what Rajang will do.

Rushing Charge: Rajang will simply rush towards you to bowl you over. Rajang moves very quickly and is very powerful, so steer clear.

Claw Swipe: Similar to Lagombi, Rajang will swipe with its claws, left, right, as it advances. However, unlike Lagombi, Rajang does it extremely rapidly, making it a very fearsome attack.

Thunder Laser: Easily Rajang’s most dangerous attack, but also easier to avoid. Rajang will jump up, and then fire out a laser at an approximately 45-90 degree angle to the left or right from where it was standing. If you are behind Rajang, it will not hit you. But if you are to the side of its head, prepare to have to dodge.

Throttling Pin: Rajang will grab you and try to choke you to death. Toss a Dung Bomb.

Ragdoll Swing: If you fail to break out of Rajang’s throttling pin, you will be thrown around like a doll, and you might even be used to attack other hunters! Then you will be sent flying through the air.

Boulder Bash: Rajang will go to a specific corner of the area it’s in (always the same corner to do this attack) and then from the ground pull out an enormous object that matches the landscape it’s in (tree limbs in Primal Forest, bits of columns in Ancestral Steppe, etc.), and toss it in a random direction. While getting the object, Rajang is vulnerable to attack, but don’t get hit by the object!

360 Spin: Like a Tigrex, Rajang will lurch forward and spin in a complete circle as it does. This is performed very quickly and is very dangerous.

Breakable Parts

Part name: What the part looks like when broken or wounded


Elemental: Ice

Status: Blast


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