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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

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Vincent Lau

Nerscylla loves to cloak herself in the skin of Gypceros, thus her distinctly purple look and the webbing between her legs. Despite her aversion to lava and fire, Nerscylla tends to build her nests in front of lava vents, causing problems for Harth. Nerscylla is the master of status, able to extend her mandibles out for a poison bite, and able to inject paralyzing venom through her stinger. In addition, Nerscylla is very mobile and quick, and can use her silk to enhance her speed.

**Area** **Start** **Roam** **Rest**
Sunken Hollow 2 1, 3, 8 9
Primal Forest 4 1, 2, 5 9


Claw Swipe: Quickly swipes at you with both claws.

Mandible Grab: Nerscylla’s mandibles will expand out, drenched in toxins, and then snap together. Does heavy damage and inflicts poison. Nerscylla can do this if you are on a higher level and she is on the lower level. In that case, her mandibles will protrude out of the webbed canopy you stand on.

Silk Swing: Jumps and shoots a strand up to the ceiling, swings back, and launches itself to land on the hunter.

Slingshot Charge: Jumps back and shoots a strand of webbing in the direction of the hunter, then uses it to propel itself towards the hunter.

Silk Spit: Spits 3 silk blobs right, center, then left. The silk sits there as a trap for any hunter foolish enough to step in them. Should you be entangled in the silk webbing, you can break free with a Cleanser or by moving the joystick around. If you stay stuck in place, Nerscylla will either begin winding you in up to a higher floor, or move up to you to hit you with a stinger attack, usually the sleeping stinger. If you are on a higher or lower level than her, she will stick her stinger through the webbed canopy to fire at you.

Sleeping Stinger: Nerscylla raises its body to aim its stinger at you. Light blue powder seeps from it, and then Nerscylla stings you with it. It does little damage, but inflicts sleep. Down an energy drink or get a friend to hit you before you fall asleep! After you’re asleep, Nerscylla will walk up to you, stare for a moment, then usually follow up with the Mandible Grab.

Poison Stinger: Nerscylla raises its body to aim its stinger at you. Purple toxin seeps from it, and then Nerscylla stings you with it, sending you tumbling and inflicting poison.

Overhead Grab: Done while hanging. Nerscylla will rear back and then swing her claws together. Afterwards, she rocks back and forth for a bit, allowing you to get in some free hits.

Ambushing Charge: Done when you’re on the higher level. Nerscylla will follow you, then jump up from underneath.

Leap: Nerscylla reels back a bit, then jumps toward the hunter.

Breakable Parts

Claw: Nerscylla’s hard claw is breakable once. The left claw will be broken off.

Poison Stinger: The poison stinger on Nerscylla’s back can be broken off.

Cover Skin: The cover skin can be broken off. This will expose Nerscylla’s white hide.


Elemental: Fire

Status: Blast

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