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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

1-star Quests

Vincent Lau

When you arrive at Val Habar, go ahead and talk to the Caravaneer. Any time an NPC has a yellow speech bubble that means they have something important to say in relation to either the plot or knowledge. You’re going to see quite a few yellow speech bubbles for a while. Don’t get a swelled head over how popular you are!

The Caravaneer is on an adventure and is busy looking for people who can fulfill a few key roles. After traveling with you and watching you help repel Dah’ren Mohran, he would like you to join his caravan team as the hunter. It’s an offer you can’t refuse! Really, you can’t refuse, even if you say “No”. Thou must!

To teach you the basics, the Caravaneer is going to assign you a few tutorial quests. They are short and easy, maybe even a tad boring, and they are a good opportunity to begin building up your box and item inventory. I know, you’re itching to hunt things and be online and be cool, but you have to learn these basics!

And hey wow, you get your own personal house! Inside it, you’ll find a red item box you can use to manage your armor and weapons (you can’t do that anywhere else). The game starts you off with the basic form of every single weapon class, so pick the one you like the best and head on out! You’ll be able to make cool armor later.

Quest Main Objective Location
Steak Your Ground Deliver 1 Well-Done or Rare Steak Ancestral Steppe

Not into puns? Monster Hunter might not be the game for you. Its only humor is pun-based humor. Hey, that’s what’s in style! The Caravaneer is hungry, and he wants you to deliver to him a Well-Done Steak. Although, a Rare Steak works too. Talk to the Guildmarm (she’s dressed in green) and accept the quest. Then go past the blue item box and press A to embark!

Be sure to take what you need from the Supply Box.

When you first arrive in this area, known as the Ancestral Steppe (refer to the Locations section in this guide for details), there’s going to be a few more tips given to you. Go ahead and talk to the blue box. In Low Rank, the quest will start you off at the incredibly safe Base Camp, and the blue box will always be full of supply items , from the all-important map to other supply-exclusive items such as Rations . Anything marked “Supply Item” in yellow will be returned at the quest’s completion, but everything else you keep, so go ahead and get in the habit of taking everything! Right now, there’s a BBQ Spit you’re going to want to take.

When you arrive at Area 1, it’s going to be pointed out that you need meat to cook. Well, lucky for you, there’s Aptonoth milling around. They’re herd animals often used as beasts of burden, and they’re also good food for both other predators and you. So, by pressing X , unsheathe your weapon, and kill one or two. When they have been slain, press A to carve . Whenever you have killed a monster, whether it’s small or big, carving will net you materials from it, ranging from scales to beaks to even livers! They are incredibly important. Right now, you’re aiming for Raw Meat. Once you have at least one, you can use your BBQ Spit and begin cooking your meat.

Chipper music is going to play as you cook, but what you’re going to want to watch out for is the color of the meat. It will change each time it enters different stages of cooking. When the color of the meat has changed twice to a golden-brown , it is a Well-Done Steak . Press A to stop the spit! If you press A too early, you’ll get a Rare Steak . Press too late however, and you’re going to get a Burnt Steak. The timing of a Well-Done Steak will also coincide with the ending of the music. Alternatively, the color of the bone will chance only once when going from Rare to Well-Done, so you can watch out for that. I highly recommend you cook 8 or 9 Well-Done Steaks for yourself since they increase your max Stamina bar, and Stamina is incredibly important.

It’s cooking time!

Well-done, mate! Head back to base camp. See the red box? That’s the place where you will deliver your items for any delivery quests. Deliver 1 Well-Done Steak.

Quest Complete!

Once you come back, the Caravaneer’s hunger will be sated. But he’s not done yet. There’s another quest you’ll have to complete before he deems you ready to join his caravan. It’s time for you to learn how to combine and make healing items! Talk to the Guildmarm and it’s time for quest #2!

Quest Main Objective Location
A Winning Combination Deliver 1 Mega Potion Ancestral Steppe

This quest will teach you about combining. As you may have read earlier, Mega Potions are obtained by combining Potions with Honey. But to get a Potion, you’re going to need Herbs and Blue Mushrooms. Again, because gathering points are infinite in these tutorial quests, it’s highly recommended you use this time to make as many potions and Mega Potions as you can.

Herbs are in Area 1. Blue Mushrooms are in Area 8. Honey can be found in Area 6.

I think there’s some sort of magic wand that is necessary for this combining stuff.

From the main menu (press START), you can access the combine menu. Either use the Combo List (right), or freely choose items (left) and make the necessary items. As usual, red box stands for delivery and Quest Complete stands for congratulations, you did it!

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