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Vincent Lau

A nomadic, savage Brute Wyvern, Deviljho roams the lands in search of food to satiate its endless hunger. Deviljho will eat anything it sees, including its own severed tail and the carcass of other monsters. When enraged, Deviljho’s body will swell and become red, and it will gain access to a fearsome dragonbreath and become far more aggressive. Deviljho is one of the most common guest monsters in High Rank and G Rank quests (the other being Seregios), and is even capable of invading a quest where you are hunting another Deviljho already. Because of this constant threat, always bring Dung Bombs.

**Area** **Start** **Roam** **Rest**
Ancestral Steppe 3 4, 6, 8 5
Sunken Hollow 2 1, 3, 8 9
Primal Forest 4 1, 2, 5 9
Frozen Seaway 6 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 4
Volcanic Hollow 8 1, 2, 3 9
Heaven’s Mount 5 1, 3, 6 7


Because of Deviljho’s immense size, if you can, bring a weapon such as a Lance that can reach his belly, the softest, weakest part of it. Otherwise, stick to Deviljho’s legs. The safest zone is under Deviljho’s belly, except for when it does its stomp attack, but that can be evaded. When Deviljho enters rage mode, be exceedingly careful if you are in front of it, because most of its attacks are directed towards the front, including its dragonbreath.

On the opposite side, because of Deviljho’s perpetual hunger, it will become exhausted and drool extremely quickly. This is not an indicator of how much health Deviljho has left! Still keep your guard up, because Deviljho has corrosive saliva that will hurt you.

Rock Fling: Deviljho will drive its jaw through the ground and then throw rocks at you. While the rocks themselves do not deal as much damage as Deviljho itself, depending on the environment, rocks can potentially afflict you with several blights. Frozen Seaway rocks, for example, give you Iceblight and rocks in Volcanic Hollow give you Fireblight. Whatever the status ailment, cure with a Nulberry.

Quake Stomp: Deviljho will lift up one leg and then bring it down hard along with his belly. This will flatten anybody sitting below him, and cause tremors that will make your hunter stumble around if you are near him.

Jump Bite: If Deviljho successfully hits you, it will pin you down. Fling a Dung Bomb to free yourself, or get your teammates to flinch it. If Deviljho successfully completes the pin and is exhausted, the energy it saps from you will fulfill its hunger.

Forward Bite: When Deviljho runs low on stamina, it will do a silly little snap forward at you. The main danger behind this attack is not its damage, but its potent drool, which inflicts Defense Down . Cure with Nulberries, because Defense Down causes a noticeable increase in damage.

Tail Whip: Deviljho has a very long, thick tail, and if you are behind its legs, it will clip you. Block or roll to evade. Once Deviljho’s tail has been cut, this attack becomes more manageable.

360 Spin: Another attack that utilizes Deviljho’s impressive tail, Deviljho will lunge forward and do a complete revolution, whipping its tail around to smack the unsuspecting hunter and sending everybody else flying. With a large range and high damage output, you will be hard pressed to guard or evade. If you have Guard+1/+2 or Evasion+1, this attack is more manageable. The best way to deal with this attack is to run away when you see Deviljho prepare.

Five-Step Charge: This is Deviljho’s longest attack. As it steps forward, it will lurch its entire body to each side, and if you get hit, you will get sent flying through the air. This attack becomes dramatically faster when Deviljho enters rage mode.

Hipcheck: Similar to Great Jaggi, Deviljho will turn so that its side faces you, and then attempt to ram into you. To not run away or towards it to dodge, unless you have Evasion+1 or a shield. Instead, run down the length of his body towards its tail or head. If you are far away enough, running away from Deviljho will be enough to avoid this attack. If you are under Deviljho when it prepares this attack, run away from the direction it is about to move.

Dragonbreath: This attack is unique to Deviljho’s rage mode. Its range is not anything impressive, but it packs a punch and worse, will afflict you with Dragonblight. Cure with Nulberries. Run towards Deviljho’s legs to be out of its range, as it sweeps around very far.

Breakable Parts

Jaw: Deviljho’s jaw can be broken twice. The first break will result in some of the teeth being chipped and a scar appearing. The second break will add additional scars along the eyes.

Tail: The tail can be severed and carved twice! Be careful about that tail though, because Deviljho will eat it if it is within range.


Elemental: Dragon, Thunder


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