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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Gone Questing

Vincent Lau

Welcome to the great outdoors.

Controls when out on a quest are a bit more complicated. But never fear, this table is here to guide you! These controls are universal to all weapon types.

To see the nuances and specifics of each weapon’s unique combos and abilities, check out the Weapons section of this guide. There you will find in-depth information on all fourteen classes of weapons.

When Your Weapon is Sheathed

Buttons Actions
Left C-Stick + R (ZR) Walk or run
D-pad or CPP C-Stick Free-rotate the camera
L (ZL) Focus camera forward or to target monster
Hold L + A or Y Scroll through items list
START Pull up the main menu
A Perform actions (ex. gather), select options
B Evasive roll, cancel out of menus
X Unsheathe weapon
Y Use item selected

Weapon Unsheathed

The following table lists controls that will change when your weapon is out and at the ready.

Buttons Action
A Attack with weapon (secondary combo)
X Attack with weapon (primary combo) or reload your Gunner weapon
Y Sheathe your weapon
X + A Attack with weapon
R (ZR) Use your special ability (weapon dependent)
R (ZR) + A / X Other weapon dependent special attacks
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En route to Val Habar, what begins as a bumpy ride in the great desert quickly descends into the fight of your rookie hunter’s life, as a dangerous Elder Dragon appears out of nowhere, threatening to level your ride and the town ahead.

After somehow surviving the attack, your efforts impress the Caravaneer and you’re quickly enlisted into the Caravan. Your mission? To discover the secret of a mysterious “Article”, which will almost surely involve hunting bigger and deadlier monsters in a magical, colorful world that is the world of Monster Hunter.

Overwhelmed? Not so sure what to do? This guide will give you the reference point you need to not only complete the solo campaign with flying colors, but look awesome while doing so!

  • Information regarding Key Quests for both Caravan and Gathering Hall quests.
  • Tips for becoming the best hunter possible–from preparations to Palicos.
  • Breakdown of the 14 unique weapon types and how to wield them to their full potential.
  • Detailed maps and insights for all of the major hunting grounds.
  • Inside scoop on every monster you will face in battle (select postgame monsters pending).

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