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Vincent Lau

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Can’t decide between blowing stuff up or poking bellies? Who says you can’t have both? The Gunlance packs great shelling range (not as good as a Gunner weapon, unfortunately)) with the power and defensive nature of a Lance all in one sweet package and is perfect for a player who likes to balance between melee and ranged explosives, and enjoys having attacks that can blow away a monster through sheer power. Unique to the Gunlance is the Wyvern Fire attack, which exchanges a hefty chunk of sharpness for a charged, explosive attack. It is fantastic for waking up sleeping monsters. Nothing like a dramatic awakening!


  • Versatile, able to both shoot a set of explosions and close in for melee

  • Wyvern Fire is incredibly powerful

  • Wide variety of combos you can use, and you can shell after almost any attack

  • Don’t need to bring Ammo

  • Shield is very durable

  • Shelling uses up sharpness twice as fast as a melee attack, so keep Whetstones handy

  • Slow sheathing time, and slow walking while weapon is out

  • Lose your forward roll in exchange for hopping
    Melee Attacks

**Attack** **Controls**
Directional thrust X, can be chained twice
Overhead Slam After performing two thrusts, press X
Guard R
Guard Poke Press X while holding R, can be chained three times
Rising Slash X+A, can be followed up with two directional thrusts
Back/sidestep B

Shelling Attacks

Attacks Controls
Fire a shell A
Single reload After firing a shell, press A
Full reload Press A after doing a back/sidestep
Fire a charged shot R+A
Run-in shot Hold R while moving forward, then press A
Wyvern Fire R+X+A, has a very long cooldown, consumes sharpness

Usage Tips

Unlike Gunner weapons, which can use any kind of Ammo but often have preferences for one kind of Ammo over others, Gunlances have set kinds of shells that you cannot change. Normal Shot has a powerful full burst, a medium powerful Wyvern Fire, and a low power charged shot. Spread Shot has a powerful charged shot, medium powerful Wyvern Fire, and low power full burst. Long Shot packs the biggest Wyvern Fire punch, and has medium power damage on charged shot and full burst. Whichever kind of shots you end up using the most (aside from Wyvern Fire, which should only be used during large openings, such as when the monster is asleep), will help dictate the kinds of Gunlances you forge.

The Gunlance is a very defensive weapon, with slower attack speed than a Lance and the capability to hit from afar. Don’t be afraid to bunker down and pick your timings carefully. When up in melee, follow the rule of threes like a Lance—triple poke, then hop away.

Important!: Sleeping monsters will take triple damage from the very first hit, meaning your Wyvern Fire shot is perfect for waking them up and dishing out enormous damage!

Recommended Skills

Artillery Master will shorten cooldown times after Wyvern Fire, and also increase the power of your shells. If you use shells a lot, this skill is perfect for you. As usual, Guard+1/+2 and Guard Up are fantastic for when you need to bunker down, and Evasion+1/+2 and Evasion Distance Up are great skills for those who like to hop around.


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