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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Tidal Najarala

Vincent Lau

Past the trackless waves of the sea lies the Frozen Seaway. The Najarala trapped there when the land began to drift did not die. No, they were stronger than the merciless winds, the freezing snow. They learned how to become one with the cold and incorporate the power of the weather into their own bodies, becoming tougher than any Najarala could ever hope to be. With cries like the song of the winter, Tidal Najarala have become forbiddingly beautiful, and hold within their being the wrath of the everlasting winter.

**Area** **Start** **Roam** **Rest**
Frozen Seaway 2 3, 7 6


Tidal Najarala is, naturally, more aggressive, but has lost its ability to deafen your poor hunter’s head with its sounders. Instead, in a very smart adaptation to the freezing habitat it calls home, its frills are now splashers and help Tidal Najarala generate water balls. So you don’t have to worry about being sonic’d out of your mind, but you do have to worry about watery projectiles.

Ping Pong: Tidal Najarala is a cunning creature. Instead of its sonic scales, Tidal Najarala will use the scales it flings into the ground to bounce water balls off of. This means if you are busy smacking Tidal Najarala silly, watch up for the water balls. They aren’t going straight in front of it, they are going to bounce back and inflict Waterblight, along with a hefty chunk of damage.

Breakable Parts

Tidal Najarala shares all breakable parts with Najarala.


Elemental: Fire, Thunder

Status: Blast

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