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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


Vincent Lau

Woah there! Don’t just go jumping into the quest! You have to prepare, and this guide will make you the best-prepared hunter on the planet. Preparations are half the battle in Monster Hunter, so let’s get started.

You probably couldn’t be less surprised that there are items in Monster Hunter, and that they will help you out in your quest. Technically speaking, most of the items are not necessary for gameplay. But you’ll soon find that being able to heal is more or less mandatory, and that items such as bombs can shave a noticeable amount of time off your kill time.

There are an incredible amount of items in this game, and you shouldn’t truck them with you all at once. Rather, you’ll want to make sure you customize your item set for each battle. Some monsters, such as flying monsters, are incredibly vulnerable to Flash Bombs , which will blind them and send them crashing down. Other monsters, particularly monsters that like to burrow, have sensitive hearing and will be immobilized by a well-timed Sonic Bomb. And still others have horns that can be broken with a well-placed Barrel Bomb. The list is endless!

Items can be acquired by either gathering during a quest, purchasing at the market (some items are exclusive to this place), and by combining those items you find into new items. The vast majority of items you’ll find useful will have to be combined. The 1* quest, A Winning Combination , will teach you this soon enough.

Just for you, here’s a list of items you should always have prepared to pack, and how to combine to obtain them!

Item How to Obtain
Potion Herb + Blue Mushroom
Mega Potion Potion + Honey
Well-Done Steak Cook Raw Meat w/ BBQ Spit
Whetstones/Ammo Purchase (Ammo can be combined)
Paintball Sap Plant + Paintberry
Farcaster (Iron Ore + Sap Plant = Bomb Casing) + Exciteshroom
Shock Trap Thunderbug + Trap Tool (Purchase)
Pitfall Trap (Ivy + Spider Web = Net) + Trap Tool
Tranq Bombs (Sleep Herb + Parashroom = Tranquilizer) + Bomb Casing

The following items are very specialized, but if used correctly, will prove to be incredibly potent.

Item Effect How to Obtain
Hot/Cool Drink Negates effects from hot or cold weather Purchase
Antidote Cures poison Antidote Herb + Blue Mushroom
Energy Drink Shakes off sleep Honey + Nitroshroom
Lifepowder Restore health to you and your allies. Great for multiplayer! Lifecrystals + Wyvern Claw
Dash Juice Stamina will not deplete for a little while. Get Mega Dash Juice for enhanced effects. Catalyst + Rare Steak
Cleanser Cures you of snowman status, caused by many snowball-flinging monsters like Lagombi Catalyst + Popfish
Max Potion Restores your health and maximizes your health bar. Great if you faint! Mega Nutrients + Dragon Toadstool
Flash Bomb Detonates and creates a blinding flash of light. Bomb Casing + Flashbug
Sonic Bomb Detonates and creates an earpiercing noise. Gunpowder + Screamer Sac
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En route to Val Habar, what begins as a bumpy ride in the great desert quickly descends into the fight of your rookie hunter’s life, as a dangerous Elder Dragon appears out of nowhere, threatening to level your ride and the town ahead.

After somehow surviving the attack, your efforts impress the Caravaneer and you’re quickly enlisted into the Caravan. Your mission? To discover the secret of a mysterious “Article”, which will almost surely involve hunting bigger and deadlier monsters in a magical, colorful world that is the world of Monster Hunter.

Overwhelmed? Not so sure what to do? This guide will give you the reference point you need to not only complete the solo campaign with flying colors, but look awesome while doing so!

  • Information regarding Key Quests for both Caravan and Gathering Hall quests.
  • Tips for becoming the best hunter possible–from preparations to Palicos.
  • Breakdown of the 14 unique weapon types and how to wield them to their full potential.
  • Detailed maps and insights for all of the major hunting grounds.
  • Inside scoop on every monster you will face in battle (select postgame monsters pending).

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