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Dahren Mohran

Vincent Lau

A cousin to Jhen Mohran, Dah’ren Mohran is an Elder Dragon who is so large that it can only be properly engaged with the use of the Sandship . As a result, its battles are scripted, with the first half involving damaging from afar, and occasionally climbing onto the body to do direct damage, culminating in using the Dragonator at the front of the ship to prevent its frontal ram, and the second half involving slowing Dah’ren Mohran from attacking the Sandship through ranged artillery strikes and finally melee battle. Dah’ren Mohran prefers to drill through the side with its enormous, singular tusk, and also likes to use its tusk to ram the ship.

Make sure you use the ship defenses often, if Dah’ren Mohran attacks the ship too much, then you will fail the quest by losing the ship’s integrity.

Areas: Great Desert


This is a scripted battle, meaning most of what happens is fairly predictable and happens in a set order, minus small flourishes here and there. All of these attacks can be stopped with the Gong or the Ballista Binder, but both have cooldown periods so be careful.

Boulder Fling: Dah’ren Mohran can fling boulders in two flavors. First are the small boulders that will send you flying. Second are huge boulders that will disable artillery and/or cannons depending on where they land. If you deal heavy damage to the boulder, you can destroy it.

Side Ram: Dah’ren Mohran will ram the ship with its spiny back.

Frontal Ram: Dah’ren Mohran will face the ship from a diagonal, then drill forward to ram the ship head-on. Use the Binder or the Gong for this attack, it will heavily damage the ship.

Belly Flop: Dah’ren Mohran uses this in Phase 2 of the battle. It will inhale and expand its belly, then come crashing down on the ship. Again, Gong or Ballista, as this does heavy damage to you and the ship.

Sand Vortex: Dah’ren Mohran uses this in Phase 2 only as well. It will suck in sand, then spray it at you in a vortex. It will not instantly kill you but does a hefty chunk of damage.

Tusk Sweep: Dah’ren Mohran will lift its head, then use its horn to sweep across the deck of the ship or whatever is in front of it to send you flying. You can roll through this attack.

Breakable Parts

Arms: Each arm can be broken once

Horn: The horn can be broken. Use mainly ballista and cannon balls to break it.

Back of the head: There is a weak point behind Dah’ren Mohran’s skull that you can break

Back Ridge: Climbing onto Dah’ren Mohran’s body via a ridge on its side will lead you to a weak point on the back.


Elemental: Thunder, Dragon


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