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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

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Tips and Tricks

Vincent Lau

You’ve finally gotten to your quest. The monster is confronting you. What do you do? Well, lucky for you, I’ve put together many tips that will help you in your hunting endeavors.

I will say though, these tips can only get you so far. Ultimately the biggest factor in your skill is how much you choose to practice! Practice makes perfect!

Dont Rush.

Take the time to patiently assess the nature of the monster you’re up against. Do some research even. Don’t charge in attacking, that’s a surefire way to get yourself in a pinch. Stay defensive and get a feel for the monster’s movements before diving into the fray.


Throughout the fight, monsters may stop and become exhausted, drool dribbling from their mouths. Monsters with fins might lay their fins flat, too tired to hold them up. Monsters who can spit fire might try to spit fire and get nothing but smoke. Alternatively, monsters might begin to act distinctly agitated and respond to your attacks with a deafening roar! This is a sure sign they’re about to go into Rage Mode . When enraged, monsters move much quicker and will have a marked increase in attack.

On a smaller scale, as monsters attack, they will have certain signs they broadcast before they attack. It could be as obvious as rearing up their head before blasting you with fire…or it could be as subtle as a small movement in foot positioning before they suddenly are on top of you ripping your face to pieces. Be as aware as you can for these signs, and link them to what happens next! This is key!

Use Your Items!

The items you brought aren’t trophies. They’re there to be used. Having issues with a monster in rage mode moving so fast you can’t land a hit? Set down a trap and immobilize it for a while. Have a monster that won’t stop flying? Bring it down with a well-timed Flash Bomb. Can’t seem to keep your stamina up? Drink a Mega Dash Juice!

This applies to your equipment as well. Be versatile. As you gain the ability to, make multiple sets of equipment and all sorts of different weapons. Be flexible. Whether that means having one weapon of every element and flavor in one specific class, or being an all-out jack/master-of-all-trades is totally up to you. But don’t lock yourself into only one option.

Dont Be Afraid to Research.

Ah, yes, this. Nobody likes to research it seems. But it’s worth your while to. Consult a guide, like this one! Google statistics, look up the weapon trees, find out which armor gives you the best defense and skills, figure out what you’re up against! Going in blind is a ton of fun, but if you really want to make sure you get it right the first time, look stuff up.

Dont Be Afraid to Fail.

You will triplecart at some point and find yourself failing the quest. Don’t be discouraged. What happened to cause your failure? Was it a snipe as you jumped off a cliff unwittingly into an attack? Perhaps next time you should wait before you jump. Were you over-aggressive? Tone it down. Did you run out of time because you were over-defensive? Force yourself to get more hits in, even if it means taking hits. You’ll find that beautiful balance eventually.

Remember: From failure comes success! From failure comes learning! Don’t worry about failing!

Use the Terrain!

Jump…and mount!

With all these ledges and walls to explore, make use of them during the fight! If a monster is near a ledge, jump attack and mount the monster! By successfully mounting and toppling a monster, you can land a ton of free hits that will make your life easier. Once you have mounted the monster, press X repeatedly to fill up the gauge. If the monster roars or starts flailing, however, press and hold the R shoulder button to hold on during the wild ride.

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En route to Val Habar, what begins as a bumpy ride in the great desert quickly descends into the fight of your rookie hunter’s life, as a dangerous Elder Dragon appears out of nowhere, threatening to level your ride and the town ahead.

After somehow surviving the attack, your efforts impress the Caravaneer and you’re quickly enlisted into the Caravan. Your mission? To discover the secret of a mysterious “Article”, which will almost surely involve hunting bigger and deadlier monsters in a magical, colorful world that is the world of Monster Hunter.

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