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Quest Types

Vincent Lau

There are different kinds of quests, too. From least to most common, here they are!

Egg Delivery

All this scrambling for a single bad egg…

If we are to tier quests from most to least annoying, this would still be on top. There are very few egg delivery quests in either solo or online, thankfully.

Eggs are a special item that will not go into your item bag like other items and then disappear into their special dimension. Instead, you have to physically hold them as you walk. They are large and cumbersome and will slow you down dramatically. Eggs are also very breakable, and if you are attacked by anything (yes this includes stings from a Bnahabra), the egg will break.

All egg delivery quests involve going to the nest, and then slowly trucking the egg back to base camp and delivering it to the red item box . As you deliver eggs, however, certain areas will become blocked off, and you will have to take the longer way around. As a result, they can easily become time consuming and annoying. To speed up the process, consider bringing along skills such as Pro Transporter and Marathon Runner .


Just as important as hunting! With 2% of the excitement!

Similar to egg delivery quests, gathering quests have you deliver items. However, you don’t have to hold them. They will go into the magical dimension of your item bag and not hinder you in any way.

Every area has gathering spots littered around the map. If you see a funny rock, plant, or anything else that looks conspicuously interactable, go up to inspect, and a question mark along with “A” will pop up. Press A to gather. Gathering nets you non-monster materials that are still equally important for making equipment and general use items.

To complete a gathering quest, simply make sure you gather from the proper gathering points. If the quest wants ores, mine, for example. Then deliver the items to the red box and the quest is complete. Gathering quests frequent the low star quests more so than the higher ones, but they pop up here and there.


Hooray! 198% more exciting than gathering!

This is the kind of quest that will be 90% of what you’re doing: Tracking down and hunting monsters. Sometimes they are the small fry minions, but most of the time they are the large boss class monsters you probably bought this game for. These quests require much more intense preparation and equipment choice, and are easily the most difficult of the three, particular against the bigger monsters. See the section, During the Hunt , for tips that will help you become a pro hunter!

Sometimes, the hunting quest will require that you capture, instead of slay, the target monster. This can be a little more complicated, but capture will soon be your friendliest convenience. See the section, During the Hunt , for how to pull off a beautiful capture.


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