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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

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Vincent Lau

When the balance of the world became altered by the sins of the ancient races, Fatalis’s wrath was awoken and as punishment, the incarnation of all of the anger and hate of the fiery tyrant came to destroy every living thing. There was no name for this creature, for it hardly was a creature. Its roar caused those who hear it to bleed from the ears, and its gaze was so horrible that it was certain only Fatalis could create such an abomination.

For years, this unearthly terror terrified the people and scarred the land. At long last, out of desperation, the world’s first Dragonator was built…but it was not enough. The creature came in the dead of night, while the watchers had fallen asleep in their neglect, and stole the Dragonator from the armory, along with every other explosive weapon. But by then, Fatalis had fallen into sleep, and with it, the abomination faded away, never to be seen again…

Until now. Fatalis has been roused, and with it, nature has read its ugly head in the form of Gogmazios, who still carries with it the Dragonator that was meant to end its life. Are you ready to confront the eldritch abomination of this world? For indeed, Gogmazios defies the laws of this world, and is here to see that you and the rest of humankind are erased from them.




Gogmazios attacks in a fashion similar to many other previous Elder Dragons of enormous size: It is slow, and most of its body is a free punching bag, but if it manages to land a hit on you, either you’re dead, or you’re almost dead. Gogmazios has a battle that has two phases (but no distinct script like Dah’ren Mohran), noted by a change in music. During Phase One, Gogmazios will be very slow and, for the most part, rather tame, leaving it open to attack. If Gogmazios is near the Dragonator, feel free to use it, but it is not necessary. All the other resources of the Battlequarters are available to you except the Demolisher at this point.

Once Gogmazios takes enough damage, it will go into its permanent rage mode. The tar that continually drips from its body (see below) will ignite and explode as its body temperature rises dramatically, and it will become far more mobile than its size should allow. Be especially on your guard during this phase. Gogmazios will become flight-capable once this phase hits, making it a much harder target to hit.

Dripping Corrosion: Gogmazios is constantly dripping tar, making this its passive attack, similar to the exploding columns of Shagaru Magala. The tar, if you walk into it, will trap you similar to Nerscylla’s spider webs. Toggle your left circle pad for a little while to free yourself. When Gogmazios goes into Phase Two, these tar pools will ignite, send you flying, deal a fair amount of damage, and inflict Fireblight. The key points where they will drip is from the legs, the groin, and the wings.

Noxious Slam: Gogmazios will rear back and then slam its wings down as if body slamming into the ground.

Death’s Charge: Gogmazios will land on four of its six limbs and charge forward. Because it uses its wings to support itself when on all fours, it has a much longer reach forward than other monsters. This attack is, however, very slow, and easy to see coming.

Whiplash: Gogmazios will whip its tail as it turns around rapidly to punish any hunter who thought it was safe at the back. This attack is performed infrequently, can be guarded, and can be rolled through with Evasion+ skills, making the tail still a safe point to hit anyways.

Ignite the Earth: Gogmazios will slam its wing into the ground (left and right can be used) and then drag it across the earth in front of it in a wide, sweeping arc. This will generate sparks that can inflict Fireblight.

Rain of Ruin: Panic dive through this attack to save yourself. Gogmazios will turn its head to the right, and then shoot a sweeping shot of tar and other disgusting body fluids. This doesn’t inflict any status, or entrap you like the tar pools, but it hits for a lot of damage. Gogmazios can perform this attack while in the air during Phase Two. It will last much longer and sweep, as if out of control, across the entire stage.

Gateway to Hell: This is Gogmazios’s instant-kill attack. It will rear its head back, then fire a concentrated beam of superheated oil into a pile that will explode in a huge radius in front of it. Run towards Gogmazios or just run as far away from the beam as you can. If you are standing beneath Gogmazios and you don’t get unlucky with tar, while Gogmazios performs this, you can get in a lot of free hits.

Apocalypse: If you don’t manage to bring Gogmazios down from the ground at the start of Phase Two, you will have to endure this attack. Gogmazios will fire its instant-kill beam of superheated oil, but all over the stage, in unpredictable places, for a long time.

Breakable Parts

Back: Breaking Gogmazios’s back once won’t do anything. Break Gogmazios’s back twice, and the Dragonator will fall out of its back. It is a one-time free use of a Dragonator, then it will fall apart and disappear. As soon as you see it land on the ground, use it. Otherwise Gogmazios may not ever come that close again.

Tail: Gogmazios’s tail can be broken and then severed, and yields two carves.

Wings: Break Gogmazios’s wing once.

Chest: The chest will appear scarred.

Head: Smash the head for additional rewards!


Elemental: Dragon

Status: Blast

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En route to Val Habar, what begins as a bumpy ride in the great desert quickly descends into the fight of your rookie hunter’s life, as a dangerous Elder Dragon appears out of nowhere, threatening to level your ride and the town ahead.

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