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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


Vincent Lau

Zinogre, the thunder wolf monarch, is a major predator who strikes fear in the hearts of even other large monsters. Master of all things lightning and sparkly, Zinogre will charge up to drastically increase its power and will then imbue thunder in all of its attacks.

**Area** **Start** **Roam** **Rest**
Primal Forest 3 1, 4, 5, 8 9
Heaven’s Mount 6 1, 5 7


Zinogre possesses a unique rage mode mechanic. In order to increase its power, Zinogre must stop and charge up electricity. During this time, if you do enough damage, you can flinch Zinogre out of it and interrupt the charge. But if Zinogre charges successfully, it will let loose an explosion of thunder and the hairs on its back will stand on end. This signals the beginning of Zinogre’s fully charged mode, and its attacks will become much more powerful and imbued with thunder, which can afflict you with Thunderblight.

Zinogre also possesses a rage mode on top of this. In Low Rank, you might never see it, but Zinogre will enter rage mode on top of being fully charged quite frequently at higher ranks. You can tell when Zinogre enters rage mode because it will roar and then have a perpetual blue haze over its body. Zinogre will not end its fully charged mode after a set amount of time. You will have to deal enough damage to flinch it and strip away its electricity. It will drop a shiny when that happens, that you can pick up for tears or rarer items.

Stomp: Zinogre will stomp, twice when not fully charged, and three times when fully charged. In rage mode, this attack will also be imbued with thunder. Zinogre can follow an extremely tight, precise path and moves forward incredibly quickly, so sheathe your weapon and run.

Running Charge: Not so much an attack so much as a way Zinogre likes to move around so much as the strongest indicator that Zinogre is about to charge electricity, if you get caught in its path, you will still get bowled over and take some damage, so stay clear.

Charged Stomp: High Rank only: When fully charged, Zinogre will do three stomps, but after the first stomp, Zinogre will pause, charge up electricity, and then detonate it all extremely quickly, before continuing its rampage. Again, extremely large range, so steer clear.

Horn Poke: Zinogre’s weakest attack, but also its most potent because this attack will be chained directly into additional attacks, especially when fully charged. Zinogre will lunge forward and swing its head down to knock you backwards, and then flow into another attack, most commonly the backflip.

Backflip: Zinogre will backflip into the air and slam the end of its tail into the ground.

Rearing Stomp: Zinogre will rear up into the air like a horse and then stomp its front paws into the ground as hard as it can. When fully charged, the stomp is accompanied by a flash of lightning. This attack will create wind pressure and cause you to flinch. Zinogre when fully charged will commonly use this so start a combo, so watch out.

Shoulderbarge: Zinogre will lunge towards you and attempt to bowl you over with the entire side of its body. When fully charged, it will also be accompanied with lightning.

Ground Shocker: Zinogre will leap up into the air and the land on its back. This is most commonly done when Zinogre is fully charged, and will hit like a truck. It also has a fairly large range because of the accompanying thunder.

Breakdance: Zinogre will howl before performing this, and then twist its body in preparation for launching itself into the air as it spins. Then Zinogre will land. By far the coolest move, but also one of the deadliest, especially with that long tail that is capable of sending you flying as it whips through the air.

Thunder Ball: Zinogre will fling balls of thunder from its back. They will move in an arc pattern towards the target but are easily avoided. In fact, if you are close to Zinogre’s body attacking, you are basically guaranteed to avoid the attack.

Rain of Lightning: This is Zinogre’s longest attack and also has the widest range. Zinogre will summon lightning. Wherever the ground lights up in a blue tint is where lightning will strike. As a finisher, Zinogre will create flashes of lightning close to its body. Just run away as far as you can from Zinogre when he starts performing this.

Breakable Parts

Horns: Zinogre’s head is a very small target, but the horns can be broken twice for rare rewards.

Back: Zinogre’s back can be broken. Best done by mounting successfully.

Front claws: Each front limb can be damaged and will have scars across them when they break.

Tail: Zinogre’s tail can be severed and carved. This will make the hitboxes of things like the backflip and breakdance smaller.


Elemental: Ice

Status: Blast

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