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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Chaotic Gore Magala

Vincent Lau

When Gore Magala prepares to molt, it must find for itself a quiet sanctuary, far removed from any sign of civilization. Like any other reptile, Gore Magala is incredibly vulnerable and sensitive to interruption, and once its molt has been disrupted, it will be unable to finish its molt, or revert back to its previous, juvenile form. As a result, Gore Magala will often remain in their juvenile form, ready to molt, for years, waiting for the right time when all is as quiet as possible.

The molt, the most dramatic part of the process, is the shortest part of the process that takes the least amount of time. However, before the molt can happen, shedding scales as dark as night for a hide of starlight, Gore Magala must allow its own body to transform and mature, attaining the disastrous powers spoken of in the legends, and the flesh that is strong enough to hold it. This is what takes such a long time, and can be very painful for the Gore Magala itself.

This Gore Magala was not lucky enough to find that refuge. Eternally trapped in limbo, Chaotic Gore Magala struggles for its life as it finds itself possessing the enormous power of the Shagaru Magala while still trapped in the weakness that is the Gore Magala. This push and pull causes enormous pain for any Gore Magala as unfortunate, resulting in anger and suffering…and destruction for any nearby civilizations. It is up to you to confront the berserk monster and put it out of its misery.

Area Start Roam Rest
Heaven’s Mount 6 1, 5, 7 8


Because of Chaotic Gore Magala’s hybrid temperament between Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala, all of its attacks, even those shared with its younger and older forms, will be listed. Similar to Gore Magala, Chaotic Gore Magala possesses two rage modes: One normal rage mode, and frenzy mode. Dealing enough damage will snap Chaotic Gore Magala out of frenzy mode back to normal. But like Shagaru Magala, its feelers are erect the entire fight, making them easier to break.

Chaotic Gore Magala is incapable of performing Shagaru Magala’s most powerful attacks, and lacks the ability to create the perpetual exploding columns that Shagaru Magala will spawn.

Wrath of Agony: Chaotic Gore Magala will charge towards you. It has slight homing abilities.

Fallen Star: Chaotic Gore Magala will take to the skies, then dive towards the ground, landing heavily and spinning around.

Contrary Charge: Chaotic Gore Magala will slam one wing-arm into the ground, then charge forward and repeat with its other wing-arm.

Tail Swipe: Similar to Gore Magala, Chaotic Gore Magala will spin to whip its tail at you. However, it is performed much faster, giving you less reaction time.

Triple Darkness Ball: Again, similar to Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala, Chaotic Gore Magala will spit three balls of darkness (actually, it’s frenzy) from its jaws. They will curve very unpredictably, unlike standard balls of fire. Chaotic Gore Magala can perform this while in the air.

World of Black and White: Chaotic Gore Magala will rear its head and sweep from right to left giant exploding clouds of darkness.

Dichotomy: Chaotic Gore Magala, similar to frenzied Gore Magala, will shoot clouds of darkness that will explode in progressively larger blasts, forward and to the side. The range is immense and the attack will happily one-shot you, so steer clear. This can be performed while Chaotic Gore Magala is in the air.

Entrapped Fury: Chaotic Gore Magala will jump to the right to claw you unsuspectingly. This attack is not performed very often.

Corrupted Light: Another one of Chaotic Gore Magala’s deadlier attacks, it will rear up both of its wing-arms and front limbs, and then bring them crashing down, causing tremors upon the very land, and bringing you from full health to none if you are caught.

Breakable Parts

Because Chaotic Gore Magala is half-Gore, half-Shagaru, its breakable parts reflect this. As such, a complete compedium of its parts have been provided for your use!

Right Wing Arm: This is the Shagaru wingarm, and so is much tougher and requires Mind’s Eye to not bounce. Breaking this will give you Shagaru wing parts.

Left Wing Arm: This is a Gore Magala wingarm.

Right Horn: This horn is a Shagaru horn and can be broken at any time. This will give you Shagaru Purifiers.

Left Antenna: This feeler is a Gore feeler so it can only be broken when Chaotic Gore Magala goes into Frenzy Mode, and will give you Gore Sensors.

Tail: Tail can be severed and carved once (it’s a Gore tail, obviously).

Wing: The tips of the wings will appear tattered. Again, the wings themselves are obviously Gore Wings.


Elemental: Thunder, Dragon

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