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Hunting Horn

Vincent Lau


The Hunting Horn is the second of the impact weapon subclass , which means if you smack the monster’s head enough you will be able to KO the monster, leaving it wide open for a ton of free hits! The ultimate support weapon, Hunting Horn also has the ability to perform songs that will buff both you and your teammates. When playing with others, use these songs to give everyone buffs ranging from increased attack, to complete negation of stamina depletion! The Hunting Horn also possesses sky-high raw power, but in exchange is a slower weapon.

When choosing your Hunting Horn, always choose the Hunting Horn with high raw power and useful songs. Because of how powerful the Hunting Horn is, elemental power is not as important.


  • Impact weapon with incredibly high reach

  • Can perform songs to buff both you and your allies

  • Possess cutting damage in the form of the hilt poke

  • High raw power

  • Slow attack speed, performance is a long animation

  • Hilt poke does very little damage and is sub-optimal

  • Limited ability to combo attacks

  • Must continuously maintain songs, particularly self-improvement, to move quickly

Attack Controls
Overhead Smash (Note 1) X, can be chained twice
Spinning Smash (Note 2) A, can be chained twice
Superpound (Note 3) X+A
Perform R
Hilt Poke SA button on touch screen

Usage Tips

Each Hunting Horn has differently colored notes that will correspond to attacks. Play around with your Hunting Horn to figure out which attacks will match which notes before taking it to the big leagues! Once you string together notes of the correct combination, you can press R to perform the song! Check your songs in the main menu, or at the forge. Be very careful about your positioning when you are playing a song, as it is a long animation and the last thing you want is to be almost done performing only to get interrupted. If you wish to strengthen the effects of the song, you must play the notes and perform the song again. This does draw a monster’s attention though, so be careful.

When trying to maximize damage, a good way to keep attacks coming as fast as possible from this slower weapon is to alternate X and A attacks. This will minimize the amount of time spent in cooldown, optimizing damage output.

Because the Hunting Horn is an impact weapon, you cannot cut tails (unless you use hilt poke) but you can cause KO, so aim for the head whenever possible. If you’re feeling brave, using the hilt poke attack at the tail as often as you can, and the tail can be cut that way. But the hilt poke deals very little damage so unless you specifically need a part from the tail, stick to the monster’s head.

Recommended Skills

If you play a lot online with friends or strangers, and you use Hunting Horn a lot, the armor skill Maestro will be amazing. It increases the lengths of the buffs, which means less hassle for you, and more happy hunters. Knockout King is useful if you want to have an easier time getting KO, but not necessary by any means. Evasion+1 is useful because, like any other weapon that cannot block, proper positioning and then evasion rolls are your only safeguard. Evade Distance Up by extension is also handy.

Skills like Mind’s Eye are not as necessary for the Hunting Horn. All Hunting Horns come equipped with a Self-Improvement Song. This will only buff you, but if you play it twice, it gives you ESP for all of your attacks. Play this song twice and never bounce, and put other skills on your armor!


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