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Vincent Lau

It's the giant killer bunny!

Lagombi is a bear-like fanged beast that looks like a cross between a bunny, koala, and penguin. It traverses the ice by using the slick, hard scales on its belly to slide as frightening speeds, and is capable of creating giant snowballs. Lagombi is also capable of standing upright on its hind legs and is surprisingly mobile for its large size.

**Area** **Start** **Roam** **Rest**
Frozen Seaway 2 1, 3, 6, 7, 9 5


Front Claw Scoop: Lagombi will step forward and appear to be attempting to pick something up in its front paws. It doesn’t do much damage but will send you flying back and the claws swipe you.

Side Claw Swipe: Lagombi will do one or two swipes to the side, twisting its body as it does so. Roll in the direction away from the swipe.

Multi-Swipe Charge: Not so much a charge as other monsters’ charges, Lagombi will do 3-5 side claw swipes in a row, alternating limbs, and twisting from side to side as it moves forward. It is capable of making extremely tight curves to chase you down, so run!

Sliding Charge: In rage mode, Lagombi will perform this up to three times in a row. Lagombi will slide across the ice at you. It moves extremely fast so run out of the way.

360 Sliding Spin: This attack has a pretty obvious sign before it is performed, and the best way to avoid this attack is to position yourself right in front of Lagombi’s nose. Lagombi will slide in a donut shape in a full circle around one particular point—the safe point in front of its face.

Pounce: Lagombi will land heavily on all four limbs in an attempt to stomp on you. A weaker attack, and easy to dodge.

Buttcheck: This is Lagombi’s slightly more comical attack. Lagombi will wiggle its tail at you and then step rapidly backwards to try and sit on you.

Buttsmash: One of Lagombi’s new attacks in 4 Ultimate , Lagombi will jump up in the air and then come crashing down on its rear. This will cause tremors around where it lands. After that, Lagombi will roll forward and send flying anybody caught.

Snowball Fight: If only you could make snowballs to throw back! Lagombi will fling snowballs at you. It has a pretty long range and the snowball gets bigger as it rolls. If it hits you, it will inflict Snowman status , and you will be basically stuck bogged down by a bunch of snow. You cannot attack or run fast at all. Use a Cleanser to rid yourself of this, or get a teammate or a Palico to hit you. This attack has three variants. The first is a simple snowball throw. The second is where the Lagombi will throw the snowball up in the air. It will come crashing down a short distance from it, then continue rolling. The final variant is where Lagombi will throw two snowballs, one from the right, and one from the left.

Breakable Parts

Ears: The ears will look like the top half got chopped off.


Elemental: Fire

Status: Blast


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