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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

5-star Quests pt.2

Vincent Lau

Welcome to Cathar, a village nestled in the mountains and only accessible by air or sea. Life here is quiet, and the shrine behind the village is dedicated to the well-being of the balance between the earth and the beasts that roam it.

When you meet with the elder, however, you’ll see that the peace has been broken by alarming news. What is it? Let’s go check on our newest key quest.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Odd Ape Out Hunt a Congalala Heaven’s Mount Break the Congalala’s claw.

Area 2 is the destination in this new area, Heaven’s Mount. Here you will witness the cutscene introducing you to the…wait! Haven’t we already hunted one of these? …Oh. Oh, no. This Congalala has been infected. It is a frenzied monster and will attack you without mercy. Frenzied monsters attack faster and will hit harder, so be careful!

After completing this quest, the elder will want you to investigate Heaven’s Mount further to see if this outbreak virus is spreading. You will be given three new monsters to check up on (i.e. hunt and kill). Completion of any two will result in plot advancement.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
King of the Skies Hunt a Rathalos Heaven’s Mount Sever the Rathalos’s tail

Go to Area 8 to meet the king of the skies. Bring Flash Bombs and if you time it properly, you will have for yourself instead king of the land! Bring Antidotes as well. Just like Rathian, Rathalos can poison you.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
The Royal Guard Hunt a Seltas Queen Heaven’s Mount Hunt a Seltas

Area 5 is where you will meet the female counterpart to Seltas. Unlike Seltas, however, she is much deadlier and much larger…and has complete control over Seltas himself, as you will see. They will team-attack you, and when they separate, Seltas can easily prove to be a nuisance. Keep an eye on both of them! You cannot use Dung Bombs to shoo away Seltas. It will simply return when Seltas Queen summons it again.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Zinogre Zone Hunt a Zinogre Heaven’s Mount Wound the Zinogre’s head

Time to meet the merciless storm monarch. Go to Area 6. Will you best this ruthless king?

After completing two of the three (or all three), the Village Elder will want to talk to you again. It seems that despite the fact that all three monsters were not infected, reports have cropped up of a monster that is: the Tigrex. Far more dangerous than any other monster, Tigrex is the bane of hunters worldwide, and this one seems to be exhibiting some unusual behavior.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Tigrex Terror Hunt a Tigrex Ancestral Steppe Break the Tigrex’s claw

Area 9 initiates the cutscene. Seems like it’s just a normal Tigrex, but when you do enough damage, it will suddenly collapse and appear to be dead… Or is it? This Tigrex has been infected with the frenzy virus! And it has revived and is now more deadly than ever before. You will have to kill it all over again.

This is the last straw. The calamity that occurred in posterity is on the brink of happening again. The Ace Commander will provide you with all the information you need. This is a new Elder Dragon and turns out is the mature form of Gore Magala. It has a new name befitting of its new appearance: Shagaru Magala.

Go to the shrine behind Cathar. Once you go there, talk to the man sitting there, and he will urge you to defeat this new menace. Heed his words, and embark upon this next Urgent Quest.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
URGENT: Advanced: Heaven’s Wheel Hunt a Shagaru Magala Sanctuary Break Shagaru Magala’s horns..

This quest will take place in a special area, where the Gore Magala is said to have been born at. After centuries, Gore Magala returns to reach full maturity as Shagaru Magala. This place is called the Sanctuary. It is a very sterile place, just one circular area with a few ledges scattered about. It’s just you and the monster (and your cats). Bring Farcasters if you need to return to base camp—it’s a one way trip otherwise.

Once you have felled the Shagaru Magala, congratulations! You have cleared the first section of the village campaign. Your next leg of adventure involves journeying to Dundorma Village. This will begin your High Rank adventure!

Here are all the other quests you should totally check out.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Harvest Tour: Volcanic Hollow Survive until time expires or deliver 1 Paw Pass Ticket Volcanic Hollow -
Harvest Tour: Heaven’s Mount Survive until time expires or deliver 1 Paw Pass Ticket Heaven’s Mount -
Pick Your Poison Hunt an Iodrome Volcanic Hollow Slay 5 Ioprey
Energy Crisis Deliver 5 Coals Volcanic Hollow Sever a Gravios’s tail
Learning Experience Slay 8 Ioprey Volcanic Hollow -
Uncorner the Market Hunt a Rathalos and a Zinogre Heaven’s Mount Sever the Zinogre’s tail

There’s nothing particularly demanding or notable about the quests listed above, except for that last one, where you must face a Rathalos and a Zinogre.

But it’s worth doing as this quest will unlock more monster materials to trade at the Wycoon.

Quest Main Objective Location
Remobra Remedy Slay 6 Remobras Heaven’s Mount

You will find Remobra frequently in Area 3; they are giant flying snakes, basically.

Since they often like to dance right out of the reach of your weapon, I recommend you bring along a weapon that has a high reach, such as a Lance, Switch Axe, or a gunner weapon.

Another trick to bring the Remobra down is to kill one and leave it’s dead body. Remobra are cannibalistic and will descend to feed upon their fallen brethren.

By the way, completing this quest will give you an urgent quest in the Everwood.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Rathalos Renovation Capture a Rathalos Volcanic Hollow Wound the Rathalos’s head

Don’t forget your paintballs and Cool Drinks, and also your traps and tranqs! Completing this quest gives a massive ingredient upgrade to the kitchen.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Ruler of the Frozen Seaway Hunt a Tigrex Frozen Seaway Wound the Tigrex’s head

Area 3 intiates the cutscene. Bring Hot Drinks.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Speartune Fishing Deliver 3 Speartuna Frozen Seaway Hunt a Zamtrios

The fishing spot is in Area 2 . Be prepared for a Zamtrios to show up and ruin your day. Bring Dung Bombs or duke it out.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Advanced: Khezu Chaos Hunt 2 Khezu Frozen Seaway Deliver 1 Wyvern Tear

These are outbreak Khezu, if it wasn’t obvious from the quest symbol.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Advanced: En Trade Route Hunt a Zamtrios and a Lagombi Frozen Seaway Deliver 1 Toad Tear

Completion of this quest will give you your third and final cart for multiplying items!

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