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Vincent Lau

Gravios is a mature Basarios, and stands incredibly large. Possessing the ability to shoot fire lasers instead of puny, immature fire balls, Gravios also comes equipped with tough armor that can only be successfully attacked once broken off, meaning your weapons will bounce unless you use attacks with ESP, come with Mind’s Eye, or have a buff like the Hunting Horn’s self-improvement song.

**Area** **Start** **Roam** **Rest**
Primal Forest 5 1, 2, 4 9
Volcanic Hollow 8 2, 6, 7 9


Gravios still retains its slow attack patterns from its days as a young Basarios, but it hits much harder. Furthermore, when Gravios becomes enraged, it will speed up its movement, forcing you to deal with a monster that not only is tough to hit, but moves fairly rapidly.

Sleeping Gas: Unlike Basarios, Gravios will release a light blue gas from its body that will cause you to fall asleep.

Fire Fart: Gravios retains this attack from its Basarios days, but performs this less often. Instead, after firing its laser, Gravios will discharge fiery gas to prevent you from getting free hits on its legs, so watch out!

Hipcheck: Comes with double the disjointed hit box! When you see Gravios prepare this attack, you can get hit if you’re next to its head, so just run away.

Barrel Roll: Gravios will roll over on its side to try to crush you.

Tail Waggle: Gravios will whip its tail from side to side. Given how low it carries the end of its tail, this can send you flying.

Side Chomp: Gravios will do this attack more often when it becomes tired.

Tail Whip: Another uncommon attack, but Gravios can perform two 180 tail swings. Again, the hit box is disjointed, meaning you can get hit even if the tail flies over your head. Just steer clear of the tail.

Charge: Gravios has a similar wind up to Basarios before it charges at you. It can slightly change its direction as it winds up but otherwise it’s not a homing attack

Fire Laser: This is Gravios’s signature attack, and can reach all the way across an area. Its range is ridiculous. It can only be blocked with Guard Up, and can only be rolled through with Evasion+1 at least. After the laser, Gravios will discharge a fire fart, so no free hits for you!

Breakable Parts

Head: There will be distinct white scars in the head

Back: The back can be broken, and is best broken by mounting and toppling.

Belly: You can actually mount Gravios’s belly.


Elemental: Dragon

Status: Gravios has a very low tolerance to mounting, meaning it’s easy to mount Gravios multiple times.


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En route to Val Habar, what begins as a bumpy ride in the great desert quickly descends into the fight of your rookie hunter’s life, as a dangerous Elder Dragon appears out of nowhere, threatening to level your ride and the town ahead.

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