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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

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Vincent Lau

Go for the head!!


The Hammer is one of two impact weapons. It is a simple weapon: Mash the monster’s face in, knock them over and knock them out, then continue bashing their faces in. The Hammer packs immense raw power but does not sacrifice mobility. Its signature feature is its charge, which if timed correctly, lands massive damage on the monster. Unlike the Great Sword, the Hammer can charge while moving at the expense of stamina. Focus on the face whenever possible.


  • No gimmicks, simplicity at its finest

  • Can still move somewhat quickly with the weapon unsheathed

  • Charge is mobile, allowing for repositioning while charging

  • High raw power

  • Slow attack speed

  • Limited range makes it hard to hit heads that are high up

Attack Controls
Ground Smash X, combos three times
Side Smash A, does not combo into anything
Charge Attack Lv. 1: Rising Smash R, can move around while charging
Charge Attack Lv. 2: Upswing R
Charge Attack Lv. 3: Superpound or Golf Swing R, wait for white flash. Superpound while stationary, Golf Swing while moving
Roll forward B

Usage Tips

Hammer users should capitalize on the mobility of the weapon and try to unleash Level 3 charges whenever possible, and use the X-X-X combo for quicker hits. Never use the A attack, it cannot end a combo, or start a combo, and is very weak. Just forget that it exists. Focus on your X combo and your level 3 charge. The Superpound is the Hammer’s most powerful attack, but you have to stand still. If you’re still moving, you’ll do a Golf Swing instead, which is still powerful and can be used if you have to stay on the move.

Be careful about overcharging. If you overcharge, your final unleashed attack will be much weaker than a precisely timed Level 3 charge, and you will spin around, then be forced to endure a long cooldown during which time you can get hit.

Recommended Skills

Because there is no shield, Evasion+1/+2 and Evade Distance Up can be very useful for when you are rolling around a lot. Knockout King helps you get KOs faster, as you should always be aiming for the head. Focus increases the speed with which you can reach Level 3. Marathon Runner slows down the speed at which your stamina depletes as you are charging too! If you want to get in a charged attack without being interrupted, consider investing in Earplugs.

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