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Vincent Lau

Teostra is a fire-breathing, leonine Elder Dragon that first appeared alongside its female counterpart, Lunastra. In 4 Ultimate , Teostra is the one to return, and with a new arsenal of blast attacks capable of causing Blastblight. As one of the smaller Elder Dragons, Teostra makes up for it with sheer speed and power. Every part of his body is a weapon it will use against you, so come prepared.

**Area** **Start** **Roam** **Rest**
Volcanic Hollow 2 8 9
Dunes 7 1, 3, 4 5


Teostra outside of rage mode moves fairly slowly and won’t be too cruel when it comes to stringing attacks together. He also will do less powder spreading and more firebreathing, making his safest spots behind his hind legs. Once he’s enraged, however, watch out. He will move distinctly faster, with a dramatic increase in power, and most of his attacks will begin carrying explosions to enlarge their hit range. Teostra’s rage mode will last approximately 90 seconds, each time, every time, and his rage mode ends once the timer is up. The end of his rage mode is signaled by his execution of his most powerful attack—it will one-shot you.

Claw Swipe: For those who played Tri or 3 Ultimate , this attack is going to be very reminiscent of Alatreon’s claw swipe. Teostra will turn approximately 45 degrees to the side and then swipe at you. This can be particularly difficult to dodge because of its huge range. If you are attacking his side, it will still be able to hit you, and if you are in front of him, you better get out of the way. Run towards his tail or block. When enraged, Teostra’s claw swipe will also spread red explosive powder that will give you Blastblight.

Forward CHAAAARGE: This is one of Teostra’s hardest hitting attacks because of how often he will perform this. Teostra will simply run forward at you and hit you by bowling you over. It hurts, even with the proper rank armor, and he will perform it two times when not enraged, and three times when enraged, meaning if you get hit once, you’re likely to get hit twice.

Fire Breath: Teostra will breathe fire. Similar to other monsters and their elemental breaths/lasers, Teostra will sweep it around. It does have a fairly extensive range, but it will not hit you if you are on the other side of the stage, like Gravios’s fire beam can.

Drive-by Fire Breath: Rarely performed, Teostra will take to the skies and breath fire while flying forward. Easy to see coming and dodge out of the way.

360 Fire Breath: Another rare attack, Teostra will this time breathe fire while slowly spinning around. Also easy to see coming and evade.

Spreading Powder: What makes Teostra so special is his ability to spread flammable powders around him in different areas, and then ignite them and cause massive explosions moments later to put the hurt into an oblivious hunter. When Teostra begins to spread powder, pay attention to the bright red-orange ripples in the air. That will tell you where the powder will explode. Powder can explode in four different areas: Close to his body , in which case run away, Far from his body in a ring, in which case run towards him, in front of his head , and behind his tail. The latter two will be mostly done when he is enraged.

Explosive Bite: Performed almost exclusively in rage mode, Teostra will bite and causing a shower of powder that will explode a few seconds later.

Explosive Tail Swipe: Teostra will flick his tail from side to side. It may not seem dangerous, but what makes it so is because as he does so, he evidently can fart out explosive powder. It won’t explode, but it will give you Blastblight, and if you are already afflicted, it will cause you to explode!

Supernova: This is performed at the end of Teostra’s rage mode, every time. It is guaranteed to one-hit kill you. When exiting rage mode, Teostra will perform this attack wherever he is standing, so it will not be targeted at anyone. However, if you are near him when he performs this, run away as fast as you can. It is unblockable. This attack signals the end of his rage mode.

Breakable Parts

Horns: They can be broken twice, and if broken, will hamper Teostra’s fire abilities. The horns will only break once Teostra’s health has been reduced enough.

Talons: A scar will appear along Teostra’s claws.

Tail: Teostra’s tail can be severed only when Teostra’s health has been reduced enough.


Elemental: Water, Ice


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