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Shagaru Magala

Vincent Lau

Behold the glory of heaven's wheel.

As the wheel of time spins, so does the wheel of heaven, forever cycling through all eternity, so that the forbidding darkness might one day transform into the divine sun that heralds the endless abyss. Within the sacred grounds of the Sanctuary, all old things are made new, and that which is rusted and useless will fall away to reveal a star, gleaming in the night, striking fear in all who dare face it and resurrecting the fallen with newfound hearts darker than night. Meet the Shagaru Magala, Heaven’s Wheel.




Shagaru Magala is relentless, a pure, cold star that heralds eternal darkness. When enraged, Shagaru Magala will fly up in the air, spreading its star-shaped wings, and roar. Even when not in Rage Mode, Shagaru Magala is incredibly aggressive, and will do nonstop barrages of attacks with nary an opening in between.

Creeping Darkness: Fires a dark ball a set distance away from him that sits there, then will control it to do a three shot spread at you. The center ball will be aimed along the dark mist path that targets where you stood when it landed.

Sky-Star Aerial Blast: Shagaru Magala will only do this in the air. It will fire a single ball of darkness at you.

Retreating Holy Pillar: Shagaru Magala will hop backwards and where it was standing, creating a pillar of light that will explode shortly after, infecting you with Virus if it hits.

Darkness Triple Snipe: Shagaru Magala, in the fashion of Rathian or Rathalos, will fire three darkness balls, one center, left, and then right.

Eternal Night: Shagaru Magala gathers dark energy in its mouth and then fires it at the ground in front of his head. Three explosions travel directly sideways out from his head into a huge range. When enraged, Shagaru Magala will perform this twice in quick succession, and the explosions will extend forward as well.

Pivoting Claw Swipe: Looks left, then turns and swipes with its left claw to fling you away. The tail will whip around as well.

Forward Claw Swipe: Shagaru raises its left claw, swipes to the right.

Ragdoll Swing: Reaches back with its right claw, then slams it into the ground in front of it. If you get hit, Shagaru Magala will grab you and swing you around like a ragdoll. Then you will be thrown across the area.

One-Two Claw Slash: Shagaru Magala slams down its left claw, then continues to chase forward with its right claw. Medium damage, will send you flying. In rage mode, often combos a Giant Slam after this.

Unforgiving Light: Shagaru Magala screeches and reels back on his hind legs, then slams the ground in front of it. Does very heavy damage and launches you high into the air. If Shagaru Magala performs this attack near the pile of rocks, it will destroy the pile.

Fallen Star: Reels back and prepares to dive, then dives towards the hunter. Can done in the air, or jumping off the ground to do so. In rage mode, Shagaru Magala will often follow up with turning around and charging at the hunter.

Impending Darkness: Shagaru Magala will do a simple charge towards you. It has slight homing abilities.

Breakable Parts

Horn: Can be broken twice and needs to be broken twice for rewards.

Tail: Tail can be severed and carved once.

Wings: Can be broken once. Wings are tattered and have a few holes in them.

Wingarms: Can be broken once, both arms are linked. Some of the golden scales are chipped off, revealing the dark flesh underneath.


Elemental: Dragon, Fire

Status: Blast


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En route to Val Habar, what begins as a bumpy ride in the great desert quickly descends into the fight of your rookie hunter’s life, as a dangerous Elder Dragon appears out of nowhere, threatening to level your ride and the town ahead.

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