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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

G3 Quests

Vincent Lau

This is the final tier of G Rank quests. But there’s still plenty to do, and ever more dangerous monsters to take on, including the sacred Elder Dragons. Here are all the keys:

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Advanced: A Formless Fiend Slay a Chameleos or repel it Primal Forest Break the Chameleos’s horn
Advanced: A Storm of Steel Slay a Kushala Daora or repel it Dunes (night) Sever the Kushala Daora’s tail
Advance: Emperor of Embers Slay a Teostra or repel it Dunes (day) Break the Teostra’s wingtalon
Advanced: Icy Investigation Slay an Ukanlos Polar Field Wound the Ukanlos’s front leg
URGENT: Advanced: Quagmire Quarrel Slay Gogmazios Battlequarters Wound Gogmazios’s back

Once you have completed these, you will receive your G Special Permit and discover that indeed, you have just begun. First off, you can now fight a ton of Apex monsters aside from the Seregios you fought in village. The following monsters are capable of being fought in Apex form: Tidal Najarala, Zinogre, Deviljho, Tigrex, Rajang, Gravios, Diablos, and Seregios. Remember to bring your Drive Wystone.

His Immenseness will also give you special items known as Ancient Texts. They cannot be deciphered unless you continue going on hunts. Every time you hunt a monster, you will decipher, letter by letter, what secrets the Ancient Texts hold. The harder the quest, the more characters you can decipher. In fact, if you hunt a lot of Low or High Rank quests, you’ll find you won’t make any progress at all! With each ancient text you decipher, you will unlock the following quests (decipher six texts to earn your silver crown, and all of them to earn a gold crown next to your name):

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
The Sky is Falling Hunt a Molten Tigrex Tower Summit Wound the Molten Tigrex’s head
Advanced: Dark Domination Slay an Akantor Ingle Isle Wound the Akantor’s back
Advanced: 1,001 Shards Hunt a Seregios (Apex) Dunes (day) Break the Seregios’s left claw
Advanced: Wings of Woe Hunt Gore Magala (Chaotic) Heaven’s Mount Wound Gore Magala’s right wingarm
Advanced: Eternal Emperor Slay Shah Dalamandur Speartig Crag Wound Shah Dalamandur’s back
Advanced: Beyond Brawn Hunt a Rajang (Apex) Ancestral Steppe Break Rajang’s horns

After this you will earn your silver crown.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Advanced: Achy Brachy Heart Hunt a Brachydios (Raging) Ingle Isle Wound the Brachydios’s head
Advanced: Silver Cataclysm Slay an Ukanlos Polar Field Wound the Ukanlos’s chin
Advanced: Act of Gog Slay Gogmazios Battlequarters Sever Gogmazios’s tail
Advanced: A Final Cry Slay a Crimson Fatalis or repel it Ingle Isle none
Advanced: Monster Hunter! Hunt all large monsters (Brachydios, Tigrex, Zinogre, Gore Magala, Apex Seregios) Arena none

Clearing all of these quests will give you your gold crown and announce you as mightest of hunters!

In addition to those quests that will gradually get added to your docket above, you will also occasionally have Urgent Quests that involve slaying specific monsters who are supposedly about to attack Dundorma Village, and thus have been entrapped within the Battlequarters for you and your team to take on in relative safety (for the rest of the villagers, not for you). They will not rank you up or anything, besides giving you Hunter Rank points, but they are fun to do!

Quest Main Objective Subquest
Operation: Tongue Twister Slay a Chameleos or repel it Sever the Chameleos’s tail
Operation: Fire Extinguisher Slay a Teostra or repel it Wound the Teostra’s head
Operation: Windbreaker Slay a Kushala Daora or repel it none
Operation: Tigrex Tamer Hunt a Tigrex (Apex) Sever the Tigrex’s tail
Operation: Rust Remover Slay a Kushala Daora or repel it (Rusted) none
Operation: Swordbreaker Hunt a Seregios (Apex) Break the Seregios’s horn
Operation: Lionheart Hunt a Rajang (Apex) Wound the Rajang’s tail

In addition to all of those, you will have other G3 quests that you can complete that include fighting other, miscellaneous Elder Dragons, and a few other multimonster quests.

You’ve done it! You’ve reached the end!

…now go back and get all the achievements. Heh-heh.

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