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Vincent Lau

The flagship monster of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate triumphantly returns, this time with Slime renamed to Blast and no longer being unique to it. That doesn’t make Brachydios any less fearsome. It is known for its punch attacks that will coat the unlucky hunter in slime that will explode if not taken off by rolling 3 times or Deodorant.

**Area** **Start** **Roam** **Rest**
Frozen Seaway 3 6, 7, 9 4
Volcanic Hollow 2 6, 8 9


Unlike other Brute Wyverns that like to charge, Brachydios likes to punch with its slime-coated fists. When enraged, all of Brachydios’s attacks will detonate instantaneously. The safest area to attack Brachydios from is behind its hind legs.

One-Two-Punch: This is a fairly slow attack even when Brachydios is enraged, and is one of the few attacks that will not explode immediately when performed in rage mode. First, Brachydios will punch to the side, and then follow up with a punch to the ground.

Charging Punch: Brachydios will charge forward by punch the ground five times as he does so, leaving behind slime pools if he is not enraged and causing a string of explosions if he is enraged.

Ground Punch: A single-punch attack, Brachydios will do one punch towards the ground to flatten anyone underneath its fist. This will explode when Brachydios is enraged.

Slime Pool: When not enraged, Brachydios stomp forward and drive its horn into the ground for a short period of time and create a gigantic pool of slime that will expand for a few seconds before disappearing. Do not walk into it or else you will be afflicted with Blastblight.

Linear Explosion: When enraged, Brachydios’s slime pool attack changes to this. As it lunges forward to stab the ground with its horn, it will set off a string of explosions that move in a linear pattern forward from the head. The width of the explosions is much wider than Brachydios’s head, so run away perpendicular to the direction Brachydios is facing, or run towards his legs.

Corona Explosion: Only when enraged, Brachydios will drive its horn into the ground and hold it there, and around it the ground will begin to change color. This will indicate where an explosion is about to happen. Run as far away from Brachydios as you can.

Tail Whip: Like many Flying Wyverns and Deviljho, Brachydios will sometimes do one or two 180 tail swings. Because its tail is so short and so high off the ground, it is more of an opportunity to land in free hits than an attack to worry about. The end of Brachydios’s tail, however, is slightly lower than the rest of its tail and can clip you if you’re not careful. Cutting the tail makes this attack significantly weaker.

Jump Attack: Brachydios will also leap into the air and the land heavily on its fists, leaving two small slime pools in its wake if not enraged, or a huge explosion if enraged. This attack, once it happens, is easily dodged by simply running away from where Brachydios will land. But when Brachydios first jumps, if you are near its toes, you will still take full damage , just without the added Blastblight.

Breakable Parts

Horn: The tip will look like it got broken off. Even when broken, Brachydios can still use its horn to attack at full power.

Fists: Each fist can be broken once. Once broken, the slime will deplete from them markedly faster, resulting in Brachydios attacking more frequently without explosions or slime pools.

Tail: Brachydios’s tail tip can be severed and carved.


Elemental: Water, Ice


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