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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


Vincent Lau

Ukanlos is an enormous flying wyvern who, similar to Akantor, has lost its wings in favor of being a huge, hulking beast capable of tearing everything around it to pieces. Notable for its huge shovel-like lower jaw and ability to wield ice breath, Ukanlos is king of the ice, a tyrant of winter. Ruthless and all-powerful, come well-prepared for a long fight. And bring Hot Drinks!


Polar Field


Ukanlos operates very similarly to Akantor, both being large, hulking flying wyverns who have traded off flight for size. While acting like a slow, bump-on-the-log most of the time, if Ukanlos starts moving, watch out. Ukanlos is more than capable of stripping you down from full HP to none just by breathing and also packs a sonic roar that it will use often. If you can, move back, its range where it will damage you is small. If not, heal yourself back up as soon as you can. Ukanlos’s roar hits for a hefty amount of damage.

Most of Ukanlos’s attacks are directed towards the front, meaning that the safest place for melee weapon users is behind the hind legs and hitting the long, impressive tail. Gunners, if you find yourself facing Ukanlos head-on, move somewhere else.

Running Charge: Like many other flying wyverns, Ukanlos will run towards you, and then come to a clumsy stop. Unlike other flying wyverns, however, Ukanlos’s entire body will become a hitbox minus the tail. If you see Ukanlos prepping a charge, stay away or target the tail.

Jump Charge: Ukanlos is surprisingly mobile for a hulking behemoth, and this shows it. Ukanlos will suddenly jump, almost to the other side of the stage. Don’t let it land on you. You can take damage from the liftoff part as well.

Tail Swing: Ukanlos will wind up by lifting its tail, then bring it around, swinging its body in the process. Unlike a double 180 tail swing, this is much slower, is done once, and still has a wide sweeping range. If it hits you, it will cause Iceblight.

Show Shovel: Ukanlos will dig its wide lower jaw into the ice, then violently jerk its head back up, sending chunks of ice flying. Ukanlos can perform this attack either to the front or it can step to the side and perform it to the side.

Sonic Roar: Ukanlos will perch on its hind legs and then roar. Get too close and like Tigrex, this roar can cause damage (bring some high grade earplugs to nullify this). Ukanlos likes to roar a lot, so be careful.

Belly Flop: Ukanlos will rear up on its hind legs and then come crashing down. This causes tremors in an extremely wide area, but the farther away you are, the shorter the tremor.

Swimming Charge: This is Ukanlos’s most dangerous attack because of how precise it is. It does not hit as hard as Ukanlos’s last attack, listed below, but it homes, and it homes to an absurd degree. Because of how slow it moves, diving will not save you. The attack can also hit multiple times, and smash through your stamina if you use a shield. Mega Dash Juices are highly recommended for this fight. The best advice I can give you for this attack is to run at a 45-degree angle towards Ukanlos, and then run in a tight circle. Ukanlos is very wide, but if you barely toe along the edge of its hitbox while running towards it , then circling back around, Ukanlos will not be able to make a curve tight enough. Ukanlos is fully capable of making 90-degree turns, however, within a short span of time. Prepare to get hit, and I hope you have potions and Nulberries!

Permafrost: This attack is easier to dodge but is basically guaranteed to one-shot you. Ukanlos will spit an ice laser, accompanied with flying chunks of ice around its body. This attack comes in three flavors. One hits to the front. One will sweep from left to right. And one will sweep from up to down. The third one is not as bad as Black Gravios’s, because Ukanlos is so long, so if you are at the tail you are safe. But the sweeping variant has a surprisingly wide angle, so be careful.

Breakable Parts

Tail: Tail can be severed and carved twice.

Front Leg: Each leg can be broken once. Claws are chipped.

Head: Head can be broken twice. Must be broken twice for rewards.

Back: Back fins are visibly chipped.


Elemental: Fire, Thunder

Status: Blast

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