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Vincent Lau

Basarios aren’t actually a unique species of monster. Instead, they are immature Gravios. Still, they are quite formidable on their own right and augment their power with extremely tough, rocky hide that can be hard to crack without a weapon of proper sharpness. Basarios are only found in the Everwood.

Areas: Everwood


Basarios, like Gravios, will present plenty of opportunities for you to attack because of how slow it moves. But when it does prepare an attack, watch out, it will hit you very hard. One of the more annoying aspects of Basarios is how freakishly long its roar is, and it will keep your hunter flinched for an excruciatingly long time. If you can, Earplugs will help you immensely.

When you first run into Basarios, it will be hiding in the ground, exposing only its rocks. Attack them if you wish, but shortly after Basarios will come exploding out of the ground and will hurt you, and send you flying. If you wish to draw Basarios out of the ground without getting hurt, toss a Paintball or something. Or set down some Bombs!

Poison Fart: Basarios will generate a poisonous gas from their bodies. Roll or run if you can, but you likely won’t be able to by the time you see it coming, given how the only part you can probably reach is his legs. Bring Antidotes.

Fire Fart: Like Gravios, Basarios can produce fiery gas that will inflict fireblight. Less painful, simply roll three times and it will come off.

Hipcheck: Watch out for this one. Not only does it hit for even more than his charge, but its hitbox is distinctly disjoined, and will hit you even if you’re on the opposite side of the attack.

Fire Breath: Basarios will occasionally shoot a fire laser or ball at you. It will not perform this attack as obnoxiously often as Gravios, but it is still there.

Barrel Roll: Basarios will fall on its side and roll over in an attempt to crush you. Pretty easy to see coming.

Charge: Basarios will spread its wings and roar, then charge forward. This attack, while it hits like a truck, is actually the least threatening because of how long it takes for Basarios to wind up, giving you plenty of time to see it coming and get out of the way. Basarios does not really change path as it charges very well, either.

Tail Waggle: Basarios, if it doesn’t feel like attacking you head on, will simply wiggle its tail back and forth a few times. Given now low to the ground its tail is, it can send you flying, so watch out.

Side Chomp: A classic attack most flying wyverns possess, and doesn’t really do much to you. Basarios will swing its head to the side like Rathian and Rathalos, and its tail will go up in the air in the other direction.

Tail Whip: Like most other flying wyverns, Basarios can do two 180 tail swings.

Breakable Parts

Back: When you crack the rocks, you will see glowing blue, as if they were geodes. Break the back by mounting or by attacking the back when Basarios is hiding in the ground

Belly: If you mount the belly or can hit it with a large range weapon, you will cause the armor to break off

Tail: The tail can be severed and carved.


Elemental: Dragon, Fire

Status: Basarios is actually very easy to successfully mount multiple times in a row.


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