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Yian Garuga

Vincent Lau

One of the more formidable Bird Wyverns, Yian Garuga behaves much more similarly to a Flying Wyvern, such as Rathian. Yian Garuga is very wily and cunning, and will avoid any Pitfall Traps you put down (Shock Traps are fair game, though). Yian Garuga possesses an arsenal of poison attacks using the spikes on its tail, and also has an incredibly loud, earsplitting roar, making it one of the few Bird Wyverns to have a roar that needs Earplugs.

Areas: Everwood


Yian Garuga basically attacks as the lovechild of a tyrannical Bird Wyvern and a watered down Rathian, but the tail is particularly potent. If anything related to the tail touches you, even if you cut the tail, you will be poisoned. Bring Negate Poison or a ton of Antidotes into this battle.

Side Chomp: A minor attack, nothing to worry about.

Quadruple Peck: Yian Garuga will perform the classic Bird Wyvern attack of pecking multiple times at you.

Fireball: Yian Garuga, while on the ground, will breathe balls of fire at you. Sometimes, it does it in a pattern of three: one to the left, one center, and one to the right. Other times it’s just one fireball.

Tail Whip: Yian Garuga has a long tail and will put it to good use by doing two 180 spins, whipping its tail through the air to send you flying. Getting hit by the tail will inflict poison on you, regardless of if it’s cut or not. Stay between its legs or slightly in front to be safe.

Backflip: This is hands down Yian Garuga’s most dangerous attack. As Yian Garuga takes off, it will backflip and smack you with it tail. Yian Garuga can also do this while in midair. This will deal enormous damage and leave you poisoned. If its tail is cut, the range will be smaller, but it will still poison you.

Retreating Roar: Yian Garuga hops back and unleashes a sonic roar. The wings will cause Wind tremor low, while the sonic roar will make your character cover their ears. This roar can be deadly if Yian Garuga chooses to combo it directly into a backflip, hitting you while you’re still stunned by the roar.

Lunging Double Peck: Yian Garuga lunges towards you and slams its beak into the ground left of you, then to the right. Does heavy damage and sends you flying.

Breakable Parts

Ear: Can be broken once. Right ear will be missing a huge chunk out of it.

Tail: The tail can be severed and carved once.

Beak: Can be broken once. Beak will be visibly cracked.

Talon: The talon looks chipped.

Back: A scar will appear across the back spines.


Elemental: Water

Status: Blast


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