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2-star Quests

Vincent Lau

Hooray, you’ve gotten past the tutorial phase…sort of! Still not too much going on, but don’t worry, big bad monsters are right around the corner. Sit tight, and let’s take care of these keys.

Quest Main Objective Location
Fungus Run Deliver 5 Unique Mushrooms Ancestral Steppe

Apparently it’s a tradition to send the hunter out collecting mushrooms. Mushroom gathering points can be found in areas 2, 6, 8 and 9. You might not always get a Unique Shroom, you might get other kinds of shrooms. So keep collecting until you have 5.

Quest Main Objective Location
Den Mothers Slay 5 Jaggia Ancestral Steppe

Hey, you get to kill monsters! Unfortunately, they’re just minions. Jaggi come in several shapes and sizes but universally they’re not very intelligent. The smallest are the nondominant males, and larger than them are the females. The females are the ones you’re after: they’re the Jaggia the quest mentions. They will spawn in areas 2, 4, and 8. Be sure to carve them for precious materials.

Once you complete the quest, it seems that the Caravaneer wants to talk to you. He’s been trying to get your name out to make you more well-known as a hunter, and has posted fliers saying that there’s a hunter in Val Habar who can help the town out! Good for him! And it seems those fliers are working, too. The Street Cook , a Chinese Felyne down the street from the Guildmarm, has a request for you.

Quest Main Objective Location
Kelbi Cure-All Deliver 3 Kelbi Horns Ancestral Steppe

This is the first time you’ll have a subquest attached to the quest. In this case, the subquest is to slay 8 Kelbi. By fulfilling a subquest, you’ll get additional money and more rewards, so it’s worth your while to fulfill them if you can whenever you can.

Kelbi will spawn in areas 2, 3 , and 8 mainly. They’re the small deer with a single horn. Males are green and females are blue, but both can be carved for horns.

Quest Main Objective Location
Chip off the Old Blockade Slay 8 Konchu Ancestral Steppe

Head to Area 7 and you will see an introductory cutscene. Konchu are invulnerable when they’re upright, so you’ll have to hit them once to flip them over. Once they’re on their backs, they will take damage . Carve them for important materials such as Monster Fluid and complete this quest! Konchu will spawn in area 4 as well.

More people have requests for you afterwards. Seems the Street Cook has been doing a good bit of advertising. Talk to a marketplace woman, who will submit a request for you to get her some Sushifish. A random customer NPC walking around will ask that you defeat some Jaggi. Finally, the man who can sell you armor and weapons will need you to deliver some Gargwa Eggs.

Quest Main Objective Location
Lair Scare Slay 8 Jaggi Ancestral Steppe

Feeling deja vu? This time you get to kill the smaller Jaggi! They’re in the usual areas in Ancestral Steppe, so circulate around and slay 8. The subquest is to slay 3 Jaggia so be sure to do that as well.

After you do this quest, the same customer will put in another quest request. Then chat with the Street Cook. He says that he can upgrade his kitchen for you! Marvelous, better food! …But a monster called Seltas is blocking the supply route. Time to hunt your first large monster!

Quest Main Objective Location
The Stinking Seltas Slay 1 Seltas Ancestral Steppe

Area 7 is where the Seltas awaits you. Remember to bring Paintballs because Seltas will fly. The subquest this time around is to break the Seltas’s horn. In order to break a monster part, you’ll have to deal enough damage to it. You cannot lock on to different areas of the body, so you will have to aim your attacks manually. Eventually, you will hear a breaking noise, and see visible damage done to the target part.

Quest Main Objective Location
Key Expedition Hunt 1 Velocidrome Everwood

When you return, the Caravaneer isn’t going to have any new quests. Instead, he’s going to suggest you try an Expedition. Expeditions are a new feature to 4 Ultimate. For more information, check out the Expedition section of this guide! Your current target is a new, Expedition-only monster called the Velocidrome. Go to your world map and poke the strange blue icon that indicates the Everwood , a place that changes every time you enter. Velocidrome, as a result, could show up anywhere. Once you have completed the hunt, simply keep traveling to the end and a wagon will pick you up.

Quest Main Objective Location
Key Expedition Hunt 1 Yian Kut-Ku Everwood

After hunting the Velocidrome, the Caravaneer will have yet another Expedition for you. You have to hunt another Expedition-exclusive monster, the Yian Kut-Ku. Practice makes perfect? He’ll also tell you that he’s recruited the Street Cook Felyne as the caravan’s cook! Fantastic!

Once you’re prepared, go onto your second Expedition quest. Complete it the same way you completed the Velocidrome hunt!

The Caravaneer will have actual story-related news once you return: He’s found the merchant he’s looking for, an odd guy known as the Wycoon. But in order to get him, we’re going to have to defeat a Kecha Wacha otherwise his path is blocked. So many monsters blocking all these random paths! Don’t people know how to go around? Ah, well. It’s for the sake of the plot. It’s time for you to do your first ever Urgent Quests. These are designed to test your skills. Are you ready?

Quest Main Objective Location
URGENT: Swing into Action Slay 1 Kecha Wacha Ancestral Steppe

Head to area 2 and meet the adorable Kecha Wacha! The subquest this time will give you some practice in terrain mastery. You must successfully mount and topple the Kecha Wacha. It’s a good skill to learn to speed things along.

Congratulations! You have cleared the 2* quests and the Wycoon has joined you!

When everybody’s ready to go, enjoy the cutscene!

In the meantime, you should check out these other quests. Yup yup. You should.

Quest Main Objective Location
Crystal Clearing Deliver 5 Sulfur Crystals Sunken Hollow

Welcome to Sunken Hollow! I hope you brought your Pickaxes. This place is full of mining nodes, but check in particular areas 2, 3, 8, and 9.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Bug Appetit Slay 1 Seltas Sunken Hollow Slay 5 Bnahabra

This quest is unstable. This means a guest monster , a monster not meant to be killed, might show up just to ruin your day. Bring Dung Bombs and throw them to send the monster away, or kill for more sweet materials. In this case, a Great Jaggi might show up.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Jaggi Alliance Slay 1 Great Jaggi Ancestral Steppe Wound the Great Jaggi’s frill.

Head to Area 6 and you’ll get the introductory cutscene of the Great Jaggi, the dominant male of a herd of Jaggi and Jaggia. He’s rough and tough and…well, not really. As one of the easier monsters in the game, Great Jaggi is a great 2* monster for you to practice on. This quest will, oddly enough, start you out on a mount, and is the tutorial quest that will teach you the basics of mounting.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Egg-straction: Gargwa Deliver 2 Gargwa Eggs Ancestral Steppe Deliver 1 Golden Gargwa Egg

Remember when I said you should always try to fulfill the subquest? This is one time where I’ll say unless you chance upon a Golden Gargwa Egg, forget it. This is one in a series of quite a few “Egg-straction” quests and they are absolute zero fun. Well, let’s get cracking.

Gargwa are in Area 6 , so head over there. In order to acquire a Gargwa egg, you’re going to have to make these big birds lay them. Sneak up on them from behind and then attack! If you do it correctly, they’ll drop an egg. Occasionally it will be a Golden Gargwa Egg instead of a regular egg, but they’re rare.

For your first egg, go through the fastest route: 6, 8, 3, then 1 . Drop off the egg and head back….and what is this? The exit to Area 3 leading to 8 has been blocked off. Oh, what a scramble. This game is hatching a most evil plan against you. You’ll have to go around. Scare another Gargwa and this time you will have to go this route: 6, 8, 4, 2, then 1 . Drop off the egg and congratulations, you get to finish this quest sunny side up!

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Sushifish SOS Deliver 5 Sushifish Ancestral Steppe Deliver 2 Small Goldenfish

The supply box will provide you with Sushifish bait. If you have your own, bring some nonetheless. And if you’re out to do that subquest, bring Goldenfish bait. Don’t worry if you run out though, you always have an infinite-use default fishing rod. The fishing area is in area 10 . Face the water and once your bait is in the item selection, press Y to use your specific bait, or for nonspecific bait simply press A when the question mark action icon appears. If you use fish-specific bait, only the targeted fish will appear and other fish will swim away. Now watch the water. Fish will slowly swim towards your bait. When your bait drops beneath the water with a ripple, press A repeatedly and you will have your fish. Repeat until all fish are in your hands.


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