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8-star Quests

Vincent Lau

Welcome to 8-star! We’re entering the throes of High Rank now, so you’d better have your gear up to par!

At first it’ll seem like there’s not much to do in Dundorma, but go ahead and talk to everyone with yellow speech bubbles and you’ll soon receive two key quests. Complete either one (or both) to proceed.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Hide-and-Freak Hunt a Khezu Frozen Seaway Wound the Khezu’s head

Don’t forget Hot Drinks! If Deviljho, a.k.a. the giant pickle shows up, throw Dung Bombs and flee.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Take a Powderstone Deliver 1 Powderstone Volcanic Hollow Hunt an Iodrome

Powderstones are explosive versions of eggs. They are in Area 9 where you see what looks like rocks in a nest-like depression in the ground. If you are attacked, they will explode and damage you.

They are also hot and will continuously drain your health. If you can, drink a Dash Juice. Be careful when delivering. Thankfully, you only have to deliver one.

Afterwards, the Felyne Cook will have a quest for you. This is your next key quest.

He wanted to give a nice surprise to the Master of Defense who has just arrived but seems to have missed the memo about when he would arrive to Dundorma. Still, let’s go get him the ingredients.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
In the Pink Hunt a Pink Rathian Dunes (nighttime) Wound the Pink Rathian’s head

The dunes are night become very cold, so bring Hot Drinks instead of Cool Drinks. And bring Antidotes. Pink Rathian is no slouch! Head to Area 2 to meet the cherry blossom queen, and stay on your toes.

Completing this quest upgrades your ingredients, and helps fix up the Wyceum. Unfortunately, he can’t do anything yet, because his assistant has gone missing. It’s time for you to help find her.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Ladykiller Hunt a Seltas Queen Ancestral Steppe Wound the Seltas Queen’s head

High Rank Seltas Queen in your old stomping grounds! Remember to keep tabs on the Seltas as well.

After this quest, the Wyceum will be back in business in Dundorma, and you will receive your next key quest.

Quest Main Objective Location
Nocturnal Commission Capture a Rathian Dunes (nighttime)

Rathian will start off in Area 2. After you have hit her enough, she will move to Area 5. Go ahead and follow her and…what?! What is this monster that is attacking her? Looks like it’s a quest failure for you…

Back in Dundorma, you’ll find out that this monster is a new and incredibly dangerous flying wyvern known as the Seregios , whose dance-like battle movements inspire terror in the heart of even the most seasoned hunter.

Looks like you have your next urgent quest.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
URGENT: Dance of a Thousand Blades Hunt a Seregios Dunes (nighttime) Topple the monster while mounted.

Area 10 is where you will meet the fearsome Seregios. Seregios will inflict a new status called Laceration that can only be cured by crouching and not moving, eating a Mosswine Jerky, or eating a Well-done Steak.

The more you move, the more you will bleed. The best way to deal with this nasty status is to avoid getting hit in the first place. Mosswine Jerkies are highly recommended over Well-Done Steaks due to the short animation.

After this, Dundorma will be safe…for now. You’ve completed the 8-star quests! Here are the rest of the quests:

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Harvest Tour: Frozen Seaway Survive until time expires or deliver 1 Paw Pass Ticket Frozen Seaway Hunt a Red Khezu
Harvest Tour: Volcanic Hollow Survive until time expires or deliver 1 Paw Pass Ticket Volcanic Hollow Hunt an Iodrome
Harvest Tour: Dunes (nighttime) Survive until time expires or deliver 1 Paw Pass Ticket Dunes (nighttime) Hunt a Rathian
Primal Pests Hunt an Iodrome and a Seltas Primal Forest Break the Seltas’s horn
Desert Delinquents Slay 8 Remobras Dunes (daytime) Deliver 5 Tropical Berries
Snowbound Showdown Hunt a Lagombi and Red Khezu Frozen Seaway Wound the Lagombi’s head

Completing Snowbound Showdown will allow you to multiply Nectars at the Wycoon. Unfortunately, you can only multiply Nectars that enhance elemental power, making the feature almost useless.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Fin Finder Hunt a Zamtrios Frozen Seaway Wound the Zamtrios’s front leg
Hi Ho Silver Deliver 3 Silverfish Dunes (nighttime) Hunt a Cephadrome
The Hero and the Sandy Spear Capture a Monoblos Dunes (nighttime) Deliver 1 Silverfish
The Hero and the Fiery King Hunt a Rathalos Volcanic Hollow Deliver 2 Secret Stashes
Midnight Madness Hunt a Tigrex Dunes (nighttime) Slay 4 Apceros
Killer Queens Hunt 2 Rathian Heaven’s Mount Deliver 2 Fossilized Stones
Meteoric Prize Deliver 1 Meteor Chunk Dunes (nighttime) Slay 4 Delex

Area 8 is where you can gather up a Meteor Chunk. Then carefully hike it all the way back to Base Camp. Thankfully you only have to deliver one.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Hunt-a-thon: Zinogre Hunt 2 Zinogre before time expires or deliver 1 Paw Pass Ticket Heaven’s Mount Slay 5 Ioprey
Hunt-a-thon: Najarala Hunt 2 Najarala before time expires or deliver 1 Paw Pass Ticket Primal Forest Deliver 1 Large Wyvern Tear
Hunt-a-thon: Gravios Hunt 2 Gravios before time expires or deliver 1 Paw Pass Ticket Primal Forest Deliver 1 Large Wyvern Tear
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