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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


Vincent Lau

Rathian is the female counterpart to Rathalos, and prefers ground-based combat. When she does take to the skies, however, be very afraid. She has powerful poison attacks in her arsenal that, if they don’t outright kill you, will leave you with a sliver of your HP left that will rapidly vanish.

**Area** **Start** **Roam** **Rest**
Ancestral Steppe 3 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 5
Primal Forest 3 2, 4, 5, 6 8
Heaven’s Mount 6 1, 2, 3, 5 8
Dunes 2 1, 3, 4, 7, 10 5


Side Chomp: Rathian will jerk its head towards the right side, and her tail will go up to the left. It does almost no damage and will just trip you. Nothing to worry about

Charge: Rathian will charge, up to three times, in an attempt to simply just bowl you over. If you are attacking her hind legs and you’re in front of her knees, you will get run over still. Stay behind her hind legs and the charge will not affect you.

Fireball: Rathian, while on the ground, will breathe balls of fire at you. Sometimes, she does it in a pattern of three: one to the left, one center, and one to the right. Other times it’s just one fireball.

Fireblast: When enraged, Rathian will breathe fire and it will explode in a huge blast radius in front of her head. Steer clear, its range is larger it seems like it should be.

Tail Whip: Rathian has a long tail and will put it to good use by doing two 180 spins, whipping its tail through the air to send you flying. Stay between its legs or slightly in front to be safe.

Talon Strike: When in the air, Rathian will swoop down on you and maul you with her talons. It happens very quickly and can appear from nowhere, so be prepared to get hit and I hope you have Antidotes. Sometimes she will do this attack to pin you and if she succeeds she will then spit fire in your face. Swivel your joystick around rapidly to break out faster or toss a Dung Bomb to break out immediately.

Backflip: This is hands down Rathian’s most dangerous attack. When enraged, she can do it twice in a row. As Rathian takes off, she will backflip and smack you with her tail. She can also do this while in midair. This will deal enormous damage and leave you poisoned. If her tail is cut, the range will be smaller, but it will still poison you.

Aerial Charge: When in the air, Rathian will fly forward to try to run you over and then come to a screeching halt talons first in hopes of mauling you. Sometimes she will do a shorter version where she swoops rapidly from the left to the right and the lands.

Diving Claw: If in an area with a lot of dramatic ledges, such as in Heaven’s Mount and Ancestral Steppe, Rathian will dive down from the higher ledge and then end with a talon strike.

Breakable Parts

Head: Some of her jutting scales will be broken off, leaving her head looking less spiky and more smoothed out.

Wings: Each wing can be broken. The webbing will be tattered and the wing talons will be broken.

Tail: Rathian’s tail can be severed and carved

Back: Best broken by mounting and toppling Rathian successfully a few times. There will be light colored scars on her back.


Elemental: Dragon, Thunder

Status: Blast

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