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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

7-star Quests

Vincent Lau

Looks like this town needs some fixing up.

Welcome to the High Rank section of your solo journey into greatness! Now, High Rank has a few things that make it different, and more difficult, than Low Rank.

For starters, you are no longer guaranteed to start at the base camp anymore. It’s too dangerous, says the game. Instead, you’ll be dropped in a random location, which could include the base camp.

But even if you make it back, the blue supply box is empty.

Again, it’s very dangerous out there , so all you’ll find are a map and a torch. Between 5 – 15 minutes later, the rest of the supplies will be delivered, but don’t depend on them.

As a result, you should make sure you have a well-stocked item bag before you go out. Don’t rely on First-Aid Meds anymore. Bring Mega Potions, and then bring Potions and Honeys to make more!

Especially make sure you’re well stocked on Well-Done Steaks , because you will no longer receive Rations.

Monsters will also hit far harder, some may have new attacks, and will have higher health. They will also give you new, upgraded, high rank-only materials, such as scales+ , carapaces , rubies , etc.

These will be used to make high rank only weapons that will be necessary to defeat the monsters in a timely manner.

Speaking of equipment, you will need to make new armor. It’s like starting over, almost. All your little Low Rank armor is no longer going to cut it.

High Rank armor uses the new, upgraded materials and has much higher defense—more than double what Low Rank will give you. You can see which armors at the forge are high rank or not by their names.

High Rank armors will have the letter S after the name. For example, Jaggi Faulds is Low Rank, but Jaggi Faulds S is High Rank. Subspecies will have a U instead of an S.

Well, you can stop holding your breath. Enough with the talk. Let’s jump into High Rank! Welcome to Dundorma Village.

There’s actually not too much here. Talk to the Ace Commander to find out why.

Turns out, Dundorma Village was just attacked by a strange monster who destroyed many of the defenses, and there are predictions of another incoming attack from a mysterious Elder Dragon!

Unless Dundorma Village can fix itself back up, it will be wiped clean off the map. It’s up to you, hunter to fix up the village before this happens.

The first task is to fix up the Dragonseer , a giant ship that patrols the skies on the watch for Elder Dragons. Talk to the Ace Cadet, and he will send you in an urgent quest.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
URGENT: Skiff Scuttler Hunt a Daimyo Hermitaur Dunes (daytime) Break Daimyo Hermitaur’s claw.

Welcome to the new area, only in High Rank and G Rank! The Dunes have very extreme weather conditions. During the day, the Dunes are hot, so bring Cool Drinks.

At night, the Dunes become cold, so bring Hot Drinks. You’re probably not going to end up in base camp, and the supply box unfortunately is empty. Head to Area 3 for the cutscene introducing you to Daimyo Hermitaur.

Daimyo Hermitaur will probably hit you much harder than any other Low Rank monster, since it is a high rank monster and you haven’t collected together high rank gear.

Stay on your toes and heal liberally. Nothing to get crabby about!

As usual, when you return, many people will have requests for you. Take care of all of those yellow speech bubbles to fill out your quest docket.

Include the Ace Commander and the Ace Gunner in your talks to receive your next key, which will give the gas necessary to power up the Dragonseer.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Hot Air Buffoon Hunt an Emerald Congalala Sunken Hollow Deliver 1 Territorial Dung

Meet the Emerald Congalala, a subspecies of Congalala, in Area 8. Subspecies are often much tougher, hit harder, and are more aggressive than their normal counterparts, and can unleash new attacks on you.

I strongly recommend you get some high rank armor before you continue along your way. High Rank hits hard if you don’t have the proper gear.

After quest completion, the Ace Commander and Ace Lancer will have more key quests for you to do, to repair the Wyceum.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Hunt-a-thon: Nerscylla Hunt two Nerscylla before time expires or deliver 1 Paw Pass Ticket Primal Forest Deliver 1 Queen Substance

The wording is a bit deceiving here. In order to deliver a Paw Pass Ticket, you absolutely have to defeat two Nerscylla. At least two.

And then the Paw Pass Ticket shows up. Either deliver it or hunt Nerscylla until 50 minutes is up.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Facility Facilitation Hunt a Cephadrome Dunes (daytime) Slay 6 Cephalos

After completing the quest, the Wyceum will be repaired! And the Ace Hunters will inform you that a Monoblos has been spotted using the Dragonseer.

The Monoblos is an incredibly dangerous monster that could hurt Dundorma so you have to defeat it because you’re better than the Ace Hunters apparently.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
URGENT: Skiff Competition Hunt a Monoblos Dunes Break the Monoblos’s horn

Area 10 will introduce you to Monoblos. Don’t forget your Cool Drinks!

After completing this quest, you will have completed the 7-star quests! Here are all the rest. You should do them, really.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Harvest Tour: Ancestral Steppe Survive until time expires or deliver 1 Paw Pass Ticket Ancestral Steppe Hunt a Great Jaggi
Harvest Tour: Sunken Hollow Survive until time expires or deliver 1 Paw Pass Ticket Sunken Hollow Hunt a Seltas
Harvest Tour: Primal Forest Survive until time expires or deliver 1 Paw Pass Ticket Primal Forest Hunt a Gypceros.
Harvest Tour: Dunes Survive until time expires or deliver 1 Paw Pass Ticket Dunes (daytime) Hunt a Gendrome.
Hermit Grab Slay 8 Hermitaur Dunes (daytime) Deliver 2 Carapaceon Brains

Hermitaur are immature Daimyo Hermitaur derping around in the desert.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Dinner Guests Hunt a Great Jaggi and a Gendrome Dunes (daytime) Deliver 1 Wyvern Tear

I highly recommend you use this quest to make High Rank Jaggi armor.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Bnahabra Buffet Slay 12 Bnahabra Dunes (daytime) Slay 5 Kelbi
Singin’ the Blues Hunt a Blue Yian Kut-Ku Ancestral Steppe Wound the Blue Yian Kut-Ku’s head.
The Hero and the Captain’s Trap Hunt 2 Gendrome Everwood Slay 6 Velociprey
Purse Snatcher Hunt a Purple Gypceros Sunken Hollow Slay 5 Altaroth
Pungent Pairing Hunt a Gypceros and a Congalala Primal Forest Wound the Gypceros’s crest.
Hunt-a-thon: Kecha Wacha Hunt 2 Kecha Wacha before time expires or deliver 1 Paw Pass Ticket. Primal Forest Deliver 1 Beast Tear.

As usual, don’t pay attention to the deceiving words. You must hunt at least two Kecha Wacha.

Quest Main Objective Location Subquest
Hunt-a-thon: Tetsucabra Hunt 2 Tetsucabra before time expires or deliver 1 Paw Pass Ticket Sunken Hollow Deliver 1 Large Toad Tear
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