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Saint's Row

How to Dual Wield Weapons in Saints Row

Nathan Garvin

This page explains how to Dual Wield in Saints Row (2022), and includes details on unlocking the Dual Wield Perk, and what weapons can actually be dual wielded.

There’s not much reason to dual wield firearms, in fact, trying to do so is almost certainly going to be counterproductive… but this is video game, not reality, and the rule of cool… well, rules. That being the case, dual wielding small arms has been a feature in Saints Row for a long time, although it has often been an ability that you needed to earn. Saints Row (2022) doesn’t buck any trends when it comes to dual wielding, although it does make you wait quite a while and aside from a fortuitous loading screen, the game doesn’t tell you it’s even possible from the outset.

(1 of 2) Dual Wield is the 20th Perk in Saints Row,

Dual Wield is the 20th Perk in Saints Row, (left), meaning you have to complete 19 Challenges to unlock it. (right)

How to Unlock the Dual Wielding Perk

To dual wield in Saints Row, you must unlock the aptly named Dual Wield perk, which is the 20th Perk in the game. To unlock Perks you must complete Challenges. Completing a Challenge unlocks a Perk, and Perks are earned in a set, linear order, starting with the freebie Perk Tactical Training, which you’ll automatically obtain after completing [Making Rent].

That being the case, you’ll need to complete any nineteen Challenges to unlock Dual Wielding. Challenges will be covered in their own section, but as far as their relevance to Perks is concerned, note that you will need to complete all the objectives for each Challenge to complete said Challenge. For example, to complete the Challenge It’s a Living you must finish all three of its objectives:

  • Complete a Crime of Opportunity.
  • Rob an armored car.
  • Find something in a dumpster.

You can view what Challenges you have active by checking out the “Missions” menu of your phone, just look at your Missions list and press DualSense-R1 / Xbox-BumperRight to swap to the Challenges list. You’ll start out with nine Challenges you can attempt, which isn’t enough to unlock Dual Wielding - more Challenges will become available as you complete Missions and unlock new Side Hustles and Ventures.

In order to gain access to the required number of Challenges you’ll likely need to advance past the Mission [Take Me to Church], but note that all Challenges aren’t created equal - you might want more than the bare minimum number of Challenges so you can pick and choose the least tedious of the options available. Realistically, then, you may want to advance to [Aggressive Recruiting] or later, and be sure to complete one of each type of Side Hustle and establish new Ventures every time you can, as they often have associated Challenges.

Once Dual Wield is unlocked and equipped, you’ll effectively double your firepower with SMGs and Pistols.

Once you unlock Dual Wielding, you’ll need to free up a major Perk slot for it. You can have up to two major Perks equipped at a time, but you’ll need to pay money to open major Perk slots, $25,000 for the first one, and $100,000 for the second. Once done you merely need to equip Dual Wielding into a major Perk slot and every time you use an SMG or Pistol class weapon, you’ll automatically equip a second. Dual wielding SMGs and Pistols adds together the clips of two normal SMGs/Pistols and doubles your firepower, meaning you’ll reload about as often and as fast, and while you’ll burn through ammo more quickly, you’ll also dish out significantly more damage with these types of weapons.

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